Season 8

Episode Guide

The 90 Minute Ladies Only Cruise

S8 E1
Sep 23, 1984
A bevy of beauties, including a stunning new cruise director (Patricia Klous), board the Pacific Princess for an all-woman voyage to Alaska. Then, two men get in touch with their feminine side to try and spy on the female festivities. Meanwhile, Doc rethinks his womanizing ways when he's forced to juggle too many stunners.

Copenhagen/Amsterdam Cruise/ Vicki and the fugitive - Part 1

S8 E2
Oct 1, 1984
Mystery abounds when a woman (Cloris Leachman) becomes friendly with a man she knew in a past life but he doesn't remember her. At the same time, Captain Stubing pursues a beautiful passenger who seems intent on avoiding him, while his daughter becomes interested in a young man with a big secret. Plus, vacation for a doctor and his wife turns comical when his mistress decides to join the fun.

Copenhagen/Amsterdam Cruise/ Vicki and the fugitive - Part 2

S8 E3
Oct 1, 1984
In "Vicki and the Fugitive," written by Jill Baer and Christopher Vane, the captain's daughter (Jill Whelan) meets a charming but mysterious young man (Patrick Cassidy). When Vicki finds out his true identity, it is a royal surprise that Vicki will never forget.

Only The Good Die Young/ Honey Beats The Odds/ The Light Of Another Day

S8 E4
Oct 15, 1984
Isaac tries to comfort a recent widow and her young son, while a blind woman is convinced another passenger is her former idol. A mild-mannered man befriends a woman to try and get information on her traveling companions.

Soap Gets In Your Eyes/ A Match Made In Heaven/ Tugs Of The Heart

S8 E5
Oct 21, 1984
Captain Stubing's neighbor joins the cruise to tell her friend she's dying, only to fall for a man with questions about the afterlife. Then, a woman from Gopher's past hopes he'll propose marriage, while an overprotective mother is concerned when an actor who plays a TV villain develops a crush on her daughter.

And One To Grow On/ Seems Like Old Times/ I'll Never Forget What's Her Name

S8 E6
Oct 28, 1984
On her 18th birthday, Vicki is surprised to learn that her father is a recovering alcoholic. Meanwhile, a widow hires a private detective to track down her college sweetheart. Plus, a man faking amnesia boards with his ex-fiancee who's trying to help him regain his memories.

Aerobic April/ The Wager/ Story Of The Century

S8 E7
Nov 4, 1984
April Lopez (Charo) returns and makes it her mission to get the crew in ship shape, while two wealthy brothers make wagers which one of them can avoid falling in love with a pair of fetching females. Plus, a reporter thinks he's on the trail of a career-making scoop.

The Last Heist/ Starting Over/ Watching The Master

S8 E8
Nov 12, 1984
Doc's romantic plans with a woman (Delta Burke) are ruined by his ex-wife's fiance. Meanwhile, Judy's divorced friend shares a secret after meeting a potential suitor, and a niece traveling with her uncle is shocked to find out what he really does for a profession.

By Hook Or By Crook/ Revenge With The Proper Stranger/ Don't Get Mad, Get Even

S8 E9
Nov 18, 1984
Gopher and Isaac are suspicious of Judy's new love interest. Meanwhile, a consumer advocate considers a new venture when his wife thinks about working for her best friend. Plus, a married woman accompanied by her husband insists on having an affair.

London-Paris Cruise/ My Mother, My Chaperone - Part 1

S8 E10
Nov 25, 1984
A renowned author disapproves of her daughter's affair with a married man, while a mother reveals to her son the truth about his famous father. Plus, a couple has their love tested by a blonde bombshell (Catherine Oxenberg) and the cruise director is surprised to discover her vindictive ex-husband is on board.

London-Paris Cruise/ My Mother, My Chaperone - Part 2

S8 E11
Nov 25, 1984
In "My Mother, My Chaperone" written by Hai Ackerman, a famous writer (Ms.Palmer) voices displeasure over her daughter (Ms. Alicia) having an affair with a married man (Stevens). In "The Death and Life of Sir Albert Demerest," written by Lan O'Kun, a son (Barton) suddenly learns from his mother (Ms.Dewhurst) that his father (Howard) is a famous actor who drinks too much.

Paying The Piper/ Baby Sister/ Help Wanted

S8 E12
Dec 2, 1984
A fed-up homemaker (Rue McClanahan) presents her unappreciative husband with a bill for services rendered, while a teen girl's infatuation with a young man leads to a revelation about her older sister. Then, Captain Stubing gives his friend's beautiful niece an internship aboard the Pacific Princess.

Country Blues/ A Matter Of Taste/ Frat Brothers Forever

S8 E13
Dec 10, 1984
Doc learns a former fraternity brother is gay, while two rival decorators compete to renovate the cruise ship. Plus, a business manager's plans for his big star backfire when an attractive young woman gets involved.

The Christmas Show

S8 E14
Dec 16, 1984
On a Christmas cruise, Captain Stubing discovers the crew has hired too many Santas, while a struggling comedian gets a new lease on life. Plus, Ace is enlisted as a passenger's fake fiance when she tries to impress her mother.

Instinct/ Unmade For Each Other/ Bos

S8 E15
Jan 6, 1985
Isaac distracts the crew when he adopts a passenger's self-help philosophies. Meanwhile, two men use a computer dating service to find love and meet an unusual woman (Janet Leigh). Plus, a young woman is hilariously pursued by a bold young man.

Ace Takes The Test/ The Counterfeit Couple/ The Odd Triple

S8 E16
Jan 13, 1985
Ace considers becoming a donor to a childless couple, while a mother and daughter compete for the affections of Gopher. Plus, two young single people pose as a married couple.

Ace Meets The Champ/ Why Johnny Can't Read/ Call Me A Doctor

S8 E17
Jan 20, 1985
Isaac, Gopher, and Ace face off in the ring with a boxing champ, while a tutor discovers that her student is dyslexic. Plus, a mother causes trouble for her daughter when she tries to play matchmaker.

Love In A Vacuum/ Don't Call Me Gopher/ Her Honor The Mayor

S8 E18
Jan 28, 1985
A shy woman pursues her selfish boss (Cesar Romero), while Gopher becomes self-conscious about his name when he runs into an ex-girlfriend. Then, a female mayor gets involved with her defeated opponent, which makes her campaign manager jealous.

Scandinavia Cruise: Girl of the Midnight Sun - Part 1

S8 E19
Feb 4, 1985
An American woman pretends to be Swedish when she meets an executive who's searching for a company spokesperson. Meanwhile, a woman mistakenly believes a man (Jack Klugman) has undergone a sex change. Plus, an untrustworthy scientist (Terry Savalas) uses an actress (Janet Jackson) in a scheme to stage a heist. Finally, Gopher finds romance with an affluent socialite.

Scandinavia Cruise: Girl of the Midnight Sun - Part 2

S8 E20
Feb 4, 1985
In "Girl of the Midnight Sun", written by Ray Jessel and Cynthia Thompson, an American (Ms. Norris) pretends to be Swedish in order to become a spokeswoman for an American executive (Davidson).

Ace Takes A Holiday/ The Runaway/ The Courier

S8 E21
Feb 11, 1985
Ace suffers an injury that leads to a romance with a pretty passenger, while Gopher attempts to fill Ace's shoes as a photographer. At the same time, a young woman frets over telling her mother (Florence Henderson) that her stepdad is a womanizer. Plus, a courier has his loyalties tested by an attractive woman.

Getting Started/ Daughter's Dilemma/The Captain Wears Pantyhose

S8 E22
Feb 17, 1985
Two inexperienced friends mistake a pretty young woman for a sexy seductress, while a businessman happens to fall in love with someone whom his daughter disapproves of. Meanwhile, Captain Stubing mysteriously rejects a qualified woman who wants to be a ship's captain.

Vicki's Gentleman Caller/ Partners To The End/ The Perfect Arrangement

S8 E23
Feb 25, 1985
When an older man gives Vicki attention, she thinks it's a sign of potential romance, but his advances aren't actually a sign of affection. Meanwhile, a bi-coastal couple learns that their relationship only works long distance. Then, a woman unintentionally comes between two business partners who are plotting an insurance scam.

Judy Hits A Low Note/ Love Times Two/ The Problem With Papa

S8 E24
Mar 24, 1985
A TV producer casts Judy in a singing commercial, unaware that she can't sing. Then, a husband tries to reconcile with his wife on a cruise, but finds himself attracted to her best friend instead. Plus, a caring daughter (Jessica Walter) worries her father is becoming senile.

Charmed, I'm Sure/ Ashes To Ashes/ No Dad Of Mine

S8 E25
Mar 31, 1985
Ace has a bittersweet reunion with a free-spirited young woman in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, a married couple tries their hardest to quit smoking. Plus, a father and daughter disguise their real relationship in an attempt to get another woman's attention.

Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go - Part 1

S8 E26
May 4, 1985
An aggressive woman (Lana Turner) causes confusion when she's sets her sights on the chaperone of a musical group (Menudo). At the same time, a young woman changes her appearance to get the attention of the man who wouldn't hire her. Plus, a romantic reunion between Doc and one of his ex-wives sends mixed signals to another married couple.

Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go - Part 2

S8 E27
May 5, 1985
A very proper and stiff British ex-military officer is put in charge of the fun-loving and energy-filled Menudo group; a young couple is confouded because Doc seems very much in love with his visiting ex-wife, a fact Doc attributes to the fact that he is divorced; Vicki falls for a young man who is continually coddled by his mother, who seems not to want to let him grow up.