Season 4

Episode Guide

Sergeant Belouski/ Friends And Lovers?/ Miss Mother

S4 E1
Oct 26, 1980
Could Julie and Gopher be more than just friends? It sure looks that way when she helps him impress an old college buddy (played by Tom Hanks). Meanwhile, three ex-servicemen try to help their sergeant find love, and a single woman's romance turns rocky when she reveals that she's already pregnant.

Marriage-A-Thon Cruise / The Promoter - Part 1

S4 E2
Nov 3, 1980
This two-hour, star-studded episode centers on 25 engaged couples ready to tie the knot, win with loads of prizes ... and allow more antics to ensue! With meddling parents, a missing fiance, and Doc playing a trick on Gopher, the intrigue never slows down.

Marriage-A-Thon Cruise / The Promoter - Part 2

S4 E3
Nov 3, 1980
Romance and comic intrigue reign on the high seas as 25 engaged couples board the Pacific Princess to compete in a "Marriage-A-Thon Cruise" and contest that takes Capt. Stubing, his crev! and their guests on a beautiful scenic journey from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands through the Panama Canal to the Mexican Riviera for a star-studded mass wedding in a special two-hour episode.

The Major's Wife/ The Oil Man Cometh/ Target Gopher/ Strange Honeymoon

S4 E4
Nov 9, 1980
The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders return to perform for a Texas billionaire while Gopher gets fired in this wild 90-minute episode. Then, a man who ditched his fiancée brings his best man along on the honeymoon cruise he'd already booked. Finally, Julie tries to bridge some cultural confusion.

The Mallory Quest/ The Offer/ Julie, The Vamp - Part 1

S4 E5
Nov 16, 1980
A jam-packed two-hour episode features a famed mystery writer putting up $100k to find his missing nephew and, at the same time, a high-paying job offer has the Captain thinking about leaving for New York. Also, Julie is accused of trying to steal an engaged man, while Doc falls for a married woman.

The Mallory Quest/ The Offer/ Julie, The Vamp - Part 2

S4 E6
Nov 16, 1980
"The Love Boat" sails on a fantastic voyage to the most exciting ports in the Caribbean with a famed mystery writer (Pernell Roberts) who is willing to pay $100,000 to one of his hand-picked guests to solve the mystery of his missinn nephew; a wealthy man (Dick Van Patten) offers the captain a high paying job in New York that is too good to resist;

Gopher & Isaac Buy A Horse/ Julie's Decision/ The Horse Lover/ Secretary To The Stars

S4 E7
Nov 23, 1980
This 90-minute episode features a steeplechase horse race in Acapulco and a famous movie star gets more than she bargained for when she disguises herself as her own secretary. Also, Julie decides to marry a wealthy bachelor (played by Robert Stack), while a wife (played by Betty White) gets mad about her husband's horse-racing antics.

Tell Her She's Great/ Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two, The Baby Alarm

S4 E8
Nov 30, 1980
Isaac tries to boost his aunt's spirits, but the plan works a little too well. Meanwhile, two sets of parents attempt to play matchmaker with their children but, boy, are they in for a surprise. Finally, a single mother finds that her young child seems to have a built-in alarm system.

She Stole His Heart/ Return Of The Captain's Brother/ Swag And Mag

S4 E9
Dec 7, 1980
Capt. Stubing's brother (also played by star Gavin MacLeod) boards again, this time to marry his wealthy fiance ... only to rekindle a romance with his ex (played by Zsa Zsa Gabor). Also, Vicki is disappointed when an actor doesn't live up to his character, and then a kleptomaniac tries to steal a fellow passenger's heart.

Captian's Triangle/ Boomerang/ Out Of This World

S4 E10
Dec 15, 1980
Capt. Stubing is caught in a love triangle when his ex boards the ship with her husband, who also happens to be the former captain. Meanwhile, a beautiful model who pretended to be married has a change of heart when she meets a tempting bachelor, and a science-fiction buff is convinced one of the passengers is an alien.

The Captain's Bird/ That's My Dad/ Captive Audience

S4 E11
Dec 21, 1980
On a Christmas cruise, the ship's entertainer and his estranged father are reunited by their respective wives. Elsewhere, a stowaway latches onto a playboy, and Gopher panics when a parrot has some troubling words about Capt. Stubing.

Doc's Dismissal/ A Frugal Pair/ The Girl Next Door

S4 E12
Jan 4, 1981
A celebrity couple celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, but perhaps there's something they don't know about each other. Meanwhile, Doc's kindness puts his job in jeopardy, and a passenger convinces a fellow traveler that he's a CIA agent.

Isaac's Teacher/ Seal Of Approval/ The Successor

S4 E13
Jan 12, 1981
Isaac tries to impress his old high-school teacher with an assist from Gopher, while a man boards the ship with his pet seal. Also, a married woman (played by Florence Henderson) thinks she doesn't have long to live and tries to pick a future wife for her husband.

First Voyage, Last Voyage/ The Loan Arranger/ April The Ninny

S4 E14
Jan 18, 1981
The ship's entertainer (played by Charo) considers leaving show business when she is offered a new job opportunity with a family on the cruise. Meanwhile, romance develops between a debt collector and a gambler, plus a set of parents debate keeping a big secret from their daughter.

From Here To Maternity/ Jealousy/ The Trigamist

S4 E15
Jan 19, 1981
A judge has feelings for a man she put on probation ... for being married to three women at once! Elsewhere on the ship, Vicky gets jealous when her father pays more attention to a budding romance, and Doc's love life suffers when a man thinks his wife is ready to give birth a bit early.

Gopher's Bride/ Workaholic/ On Second Thought

S4 E16
Jan 26, 1981
Doc's prank backfires when he writes love letters under Gopher's name, only to discover the female pen pal is a true beauty. Meanwhile, a man tries to salvage his relationship with his workaholic wife by avoiding temptation, and an innocent woman gets back at a man with less-than-innocent intentions.

Lose One, Win One/ For The Record/ Mind My Wife

S4 E17
Feb 1, 1981
When Doc tries to entertain his best friend's wife, he finds himself the subject of some unexpected advances. Meanwhile, an engagement may be on the rocks when a passenger encounters an old flame, and an escapading playboy may have finally found true love.

Humpty Dumpty/ Aquaphobiac/ Isaac And The Mermaids

S4 E18
Feb 9, 1981
Isaac tries to break into show business with help from some dynamic women (who happen to be played by The Pointer Sisters). Then, Julie has a bittersweet reunion with her college sweetheart (played by David Hasselhoff), while a passenger complicates things on the ship while confronting his fear of water.

Return Of The Ninny/ Split Personality/ Touchdown Twins

S4 E19
Feb 15, 1981
Now done with show business, Charo's character returns to the ship as a nanny who works for a family on board. Meanwhile, a woman finds out her son's best friend is in love with her, and a young man gets more than he bargained for when he discovers he's been wooing his employer's daughter.

Bugged/ Eye Of The Beholder/ Lady From Sunshine Gardens

S4 E20
Feb 22, 1981
A nudist has no interest wearing in clothes while on board and enlists an attorney to help her stay disrobed. Also on board, a woman is skeptical of her pursuer's intentions, and a divorced man thinks his room has been bugged.

Hometown Doc/ Clothes Make The Girl/ Black Sheep

S4 E21
Mar 1, 1981
Isaac's stuck in the middle when his con-artist uncle is involved in a counterfeiting scheme. Meanwhile, Doc is concerned about an engaged young doctor, and a mother places a high premium on keeping appearances.

Sally's Paradise/ I Love You Too, Smith

S4 E22
Mar 8, 1981
Gopher strikes up romance with an anticipated adversary, a hard-nosed customer agent. Elsewhere, a meddling mother tries to douse a new flame, and the ship's boutique manager is joined by her fiances. All THREE of them.

Two For Julie/ Aunt Hilly/ The Duel

S4 E23
Mar 15, 1981
The Captain's aunt comes aboard and tries to take his daughter Vicki away to become a "jet setter." Then, Doc is challenged to a duel by a beautiful woman's jealous lover. And Julie is stuck in the middle when two ambitious passengers try to make her choose between them.

Love With A Skinny Stranger/ Vicki And The Gambler/ That Old Gang Of Mine

S4 E24
Apr 12, 1981
When his daughter starts to admire a gambler, Capt. Stubing is worried she'll start to pick up his high-risk habits. Meanwhile, a handsome man discovers his new look is making his girlfriend jealous, and a band of bank robbers reunites to go after the ship's vault.

The Model Marriage/ Too Clothes For Comfort/ Original Sin/ This Year's Model/ Vogue Rogue - Part 1

S4 E25
May 4, 1981
Four of America's most-famous, real-life clothing designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie, and Gloria Vanderbilt guest star as themselves in this special two-hour episode. Then, just because there are models on board doesn't mean there's model behavior, as all sorts of fashionable shenanigans ensue.

The Model Marriage/ Too Clothes For Comfort/ Original Sin/ This Year's Model/ Vogue Rogue - Part 2

S4 E26
May 4, 1981
Dazzling high fashion, romance, intrigue and comedy reign on beautiful seas as the Love Boat sails with a star-studded guest cast on a thrilling cruise to Acapulco for a glamorous festival highlighted by a fashion show featuring four of America's most famous clothing designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Cloria Vanderbilt-- guest starring as themselves, in a special two-hour episode.

Lost And Found/ Then There Were Two/ Maid For Each Other

S4 E27
May 11, 1981
Gopher's wealthy aunt tries to hide a secret from her new love interest, while a ship employee abandons his infant child in the captain's quarters. Also on board are two fun-loving bachelors (played by Joe Namath and Fred Willard) who learn money isn't everything.

Tony And Julie/ Separate Beds/ America's Sweetheart

S4 E28
May 18, 1981
Julie falls head-over-heels for a veterinarian and must make a big decision. Meanwhile, a divorced couple is forced to share a room, and Vicki gets to be a stand-in for a bratty TV star.