Season 2

Episode Guide

Marooned, The Search, Isaac's Holiday - Part 1

S2 E1
Sep 17, 1978
A hurricane devastates the tropical island where a shore party of Capt. Stubing, his crew members, and passengers are held captive by a strange hermit. Meanwhile, the Pacific Princess totters under the command of a bumbling deputy captain, forcing Isaac to take matters into his own hands. At the same time, an adopted young woman tries to confront her biological mother.

Marooned, The Search, Isaac's Holiday - Part 2

S2 E2
Sep 17, 1978
A hurricane devastates the tropical island where a shore party of Capt. Stubing, his crew members, and passengers are held captive by a strange hermit. Meanwhile, the Pacific Princess totters under the command of a bumbling deputy captain, forcing Isaac to take matters into his own hands. At the same time, an adopted young woman tries to confront her biological mother.

Rocky/ Julie's Dilemma/ Who's Who

S2 E3
Sep 24, 1978
Julie is stunned when her parents announce mid-cruise that they are getting a divorce. Then, a 13-year-old tomboy develops a crush and experiences the initial joy of love. Finally, two prudish passengers fall madly in love while sharing the same cabin.

A Different Girl/ Man Who Loved Women/ Oh, My Aching Brother

S2 E4
Oct 1, 1978
A charming bachelor falls genuinely in love with three women at the same time. Then, a young married couple, who've been separated for two years because of military service, discover they've both changed, while two conmen stage a phony accident and plan to sue.

Julie's Aunt/ Where Is It Written?/ The Big Deal

S2 E5
Oct 15, 1978
Captain Stubing's uncle tries to put the moves on Julie but, luckily, someone intercedes. Then, a businessman uses his daughter as bait to close a deal, plus a neglected wife tries to romance a passenger as a way to find inspiration for the book she's writing.

The Kissing Bandit/ The Witness/ Mike And Ike

S2 E6
Oct 22, 1978
A masked bandit (Billy Crystal) thrills and chills the ladies while stalking the decks at night, while a busy businessman learns what's really important in life through his son. Plus, a witness in a gangland crime finds love when he takes the cruise to avoid testifying in court.

Ship Of Ghouls

S2 E7
Oct 30, 1978
The world's greatest illusionist (Vincent Price), who has been hired to entertain on Halloween. Meanwhile, Doc and Gopher chase after a beautiful model. Then, a boy who cried wolf one too many times finds out what happens when you don't tell the truth.

Accidental Cruise/ The Song Is Ended/ A Time For Everything (90 Minutes)

S2 E8
Nov 5, 1978
A stuffy executive loosens up and falls in love with his secretary, while a songwriter helps to rekindle a wife's love for her husband. Plus, Captain Stubing takes charge of his former love's orphaned child and Doc melts the heart of a stern Russian cruise director.

Chubs/ Locked Away/ Till Death Do Us Part -- Maybe

S2 E9
Nov 12, 1978
A ghost visits his widow in an attempt to help her find love again. Meanwhile, Gopher's sister reappears all grown up and interested in Doc. Plus, while seeing their daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her husband off, a divorced couple (Conrad Bain and Janet Leigh) is accidentally trapped on the cruise together.

Tony's Family/ The Minister & The Stripper/ Her Own Two Feet

S2 E10
Nov 19, 1978
Sympathetic crew members stow away the ship engineer's family after he cancels vacation plans to work a Thanksgiving cruise. A minister falls in love with an exotic dancer under the disapproving eye of a church member, and a loving couple tries to adjust to the wife's advancing blindness.

Heads Or Tails/ The Little People/ Mona Of The Movies

S2 E11
Nov 26, 1978
Two swingers vie for cruise director Julie's affections, while a stunning female passenger falls in love with a stockbroker whose parents are little people. Plus, an auto-repair shop owner feels outclassed when he meets a movie star who happens to be one of his idols.

The Folks From Home/ The Captain's Cup/ Legal Eagle

S2 E12
Dec 3, 1978
Doc befriends an older married couple, but is then confronted with having to perform critical surgery on the woman. Then, a member of the crew who's smitten with a public relations officer is recruited to impersonate a missing dignitary and present Capt. Stubing with a trophy. Meanwhile, an attractive woman chooses Gopher over Doc, and a divorced man falls for his ex-wife's attorney.

El Kid/The Last Hundred Bucks/Isoceles Triangle

S2 E13
Dec 10, 1978
While Capt. Stubing and Doc fight over a gorgeous girl, a surprised couple is sent a seven-year-old streetwise orphan for adoption instead of the infant they expected. Then, an unemployed executive falls in love with a successful businesswoman.

Julie Falls Hard/ Double Wedding/ The Dummies

S2 E14
Dec 18, 1978
Identical twin sisters secretly switch fiances on the eve of their marriage ceremonies. Meanwhile, a man and wife ventriloquist team, recently separated and performing for the last time, begin to solve their marital problems through dummies dialogue. Plus, Julie falls in love with a widowed father who proposes marriage.

Second Time Around/ The Now Marriage/ My Sister, Irene

S2 E15
Jan 14, 1979
One of Doc's ex-wives travels with a new fiancé (Lyle Waggoner) in an attempt to make him jealous. Plus, an older woman panics and pretends to be someone else.

Gopher's Opportunity/ Home Sweet Home/ The Switch

S2 E16
Jan 21, 1979
While Gopher gets an enticing job offer, a widow moves aboard the ship for an extended stay and begins planning out the crew member's lives. Then, a magician convince his brother to perform his act so he can avoid confronting his lovesick assistant.

Like Father, Like Son/ Don't Push Me/ Second Chance

S2 E17
Jan 28, 1979
A charming widower and his son fall in love with the same woman, while an easy-going bachelor (Roddy McDowall) dances around the idea of marrying his girlfriend. Then, Isaac and an influential passenger help out a former petty criminal.

Disco Baby/ Alas, Poot Dwyer/ After The War/ Ticket To Ride/ Itsy Bitsy

S2 E18
Feb 4, 1979
During a voyage filled with all kinds of surprises, romance, comedy, and a disco bar, cruise director Julie's high-school class holds its 10-year reunion aboard the Pacific Princess.

Dream Boat/ Best Of Friends/ Aftermath

S2 E19
Feb 12, 1979
Captain Stubing is offered command of the world's finest luxury liner and considers leaving the Pacific Princess. Meanwhile, a young man gets cold feet before his wedding and unwittingly dates his fiancée's best friend. Plus, Doc helps a surgeon and his wife repair their broken relationship.

Tug Of War/ A Good And Faithful Servant/ The Secret Life Of Burl Smith, The Designated Lover

S2 E20
Feb 18, 1979
A vacationing chauffeur and his wealthy employer fall in love, while a love-stricken Gopher imagines himself as a variety of colorful heroes to impress a famous model (Hayley Mills). Plus, a separated couple battle for their son's affection while baseball star Reggie Jackson tries to convince other passengers it's really him!

Funny Valentine/ The Wallflower/ A Home Is Not A Home

S2 E21
Feb 21, 1979
Captain Stubing is pursued by a young, free-spirited fortune teller, while Gopher helps his timid neighbor find love with another shy passenger. Plus, an older couple try to elope before being caught by their overprotective kids.

The Decision/ Poor Little Rich Girl/ Love Me, Love My Dog

S2 E22
Feb 25, 1979
Isaac falls for a woman who is struggling with a life changing decision, while a wealthy heiress refuses to believe men are interested in anything other than her money. Plus, a romance between two passengers is upended when a dog gets involved.

Ages Of Man/ Families/ Bo 'N Sam

S2 E23
Mar 11, 1979
Julie falls for an older passenger but then finds herself the object of a teenager's crush. Meanwhile, young lovers are caught in the middle of their parents' feud. Plus, a bumbling duo go to great lengths to deliver a surprise to Captain Stubing.

Super Mom/ I'll See You Again/ April's Return

S2 E24
Mar 13, 1979
A wife (Anne Meara) puts the relationship with her husband (Jerry Stiller) in jeopardy by being overly dedicated to their kids. Meanwhile, a World War II veteran reconnects with the USO singer he fell in love with during the service, and a former stowaway (Charo) returns as the ship's headlining entertainer.

Sounds Of Silence/ Cyrano De Bricker/ Murder On The High Seas

S2 E25
Mar 18, 1979
A famous rockstar (Sonny Bono) falls in love with a deaf passenger, while Doc helps a gambler win a lady's heart. Plus, the crew mistakenly suspects that a couple is plotting to murder Captain Stubing.

Third Wheel/ Grandmother's Day/ Second String Mom

S2 E26
May 13, 1979
Gopher's dad feels left out when his wife (Ethel Merman) and their son have fun without him on a Mother's Day cruise. Meanwhile, a middle-aged couple are surprised to learn they're having a baby, and a recent bride tries to cope with her new teenage step-daughters.

The Grass Is Always Greener/ Three Stages Of Love/ Oldies, But Goodies

S2 E27
Sep 23, 1979
A woman is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship becomes complicated when his aide doesn't approve. Meanwhile, Julie rethinks her career when she reconnects with an old friend. Plus, a man discovers that his theories about relationships don't hold water.

One Rose A Day/ Gopher's Greatest Vacation/ The Vacation

S2 E28
Oct 14, 1979
Gopher thinks he's destined for stardom when he fills in as the ship's lounge singer, while a man suspects his wife of having an affair after learning details of her past. Plus, a widow receives a romantic surprise.