Season 6

Episode Guide

Venetian Love Song - Part 1

S6 E1
Oct 4, 1982
While the Pacific Princess sails through the beautiful waters of Italy, a seemingly happy couple (Shelly Winters and Ernest Borgnine) reveals that their relationship is far from perfect. Then, a young Italian woman (Marie Osmond) falls in love with a fellow passenger while en route to meet her future husband. Finally, Gopher gets himself in trouble when he makes a move on the wrong woman.

Venetian Love Song - Part 2

S6 E2
Oct 5, 1982
Love, adventure and romantic hijinks are afloat when "The Love Boat" sails to the beautiful Eternal City of Rome and the sites of glorious Capri and Venice in a special two-hour premiere. Shelly Winters and Ernest Borgnine are a seemingly happy couple on board with their family to celebrate their anniversary.

The Anniversary Gift/ Honey Bee Mine/ Bewigged, Bothered And Bewildered

S6 E3
Oct 17, 1982
The captain's vanity emerges when decides to wearing a wig in order to hide his baldness from former classmate (Phyllis Diller). Then, a couple with grown children (Lynn Redgrave and Robert Mandan) encounter trouble when the woman thinks she may want another baby. Plus, Julie tries to get even with her backstabbing friend.

Same Wavelength/ Winning Isn't Everything/ A Honeymoon For Horace

S6 E4
Oct 25, 1982
A mindreader meets a man and uses the reading to improve her chances at getting his attention. Meanwhile, Capt. Stubing's friend brags about his son's accomplishments, but Vicki hears a totally different story. Plus, Julie finds herself in a compromising situation when she catches the eye of an older man.

Command Performance/ Sketchy Love/ Hyde And Seek

S6 E5
Nov 1, 1982
A mother and daughter are shocked to see the girl's long-lost father entertaining passengers as the cruise comedian. Plus, a teenager pursues Gopher and drastically changes her appearance to try and catch his eye. When a woman thinks she's found the perfect man, she learns an unexpected reason why they can't be together.

The Groupies/ The Audition/ Doc's Nephew

S6 E6
Nov 8, 1982
A female producer is adamant about not wanting to start a relationship with an actor, but the thespian has other plans. Meanwhile, a therapist goes on a cruise with his group (Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, Jerry Van Dyke, and Elaine Joyce), while Doc and his nephew compete for the affection of the same woman.

The Spoonmaker Diamond - Part 1

S6 E7
Nov 15, 1982
A famous diamond is stolen from a museum in Istanbul just as the Pacific Princess is sailing the Aegean Sea. Doc proposes marriage to a beautiful woman who is more interested in someone else. Meanwhile, the captain's daughter tries to help a gorgeous model reunite with her former lover.

The Spoonmaker Diamond - Part 2

S6 E8
Nov 16, 1982
Romance and intrigue combine with the mystery of a famous international jewel as The Love Boat sails amid the scenic beauty of the Aegean Sea - including the glorious sights of the Greek Islands and Turkey.

Too Many Dads/ Love Will Find A Way/ The Best Of Friends

S6 E9
Nov 22, 1982
A 10-year-old boy is torn between his biological father, who he hasn't seen since he was a baby, and the stepfather who raised him. Meanwhile, Elaine tries to tell her parents that her fiance is a paraplegic, and the crew members' observations about each other lead to bickering until the captain steps in.

The Man In The Iron Shorts/ The Victims/ Heavens To Betsy

S6 E10
Nov 28, 1982
While trying to impress a woman at a costume party, Gopher gets stuck inside a suit of armor. At the same time, a mother is at odds with her daughter over the young woman's romantic selection. Plus, two markedly different female passengers vie for the affections of a very down-to-earth clergyman.

The Tomorrow Lady/ Father, Dear Father/ Still Life

S6 E11
Dec 5, 1982
A woman's (Greer Garson) ability to see the future may hinder her relationship with an attractive man. Plus, a single mother "thinks" she meets a divorced man traveling with his daughter, but that's not exactly the case. Then, Isaac suffers hearing loss, which makes him angry at the world and threatens to end his latest romantic relationship.

Baby Talk/ My Friend, The Executrix/ Programmed For Love

S6 E12
Dec 12, 1982
A previously happy couple suddenly find themselves a world apart when they meet the surrogate mother of their child-to-be. Meanwhile, Julie's zany and extravagant Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing) is forced to start watching her pennies after her friend Betsy (Betty White) breaks the news that Sylvia is now broke. Plus, a lovely woman competes with a super-smart robot.

The Christmas Presence

S6 E13
Dec 20, 1982
Angelorum Dominicus (Mickey Rooney) suddenly appears aboard the Pacific Princess without a reservation and soon begins to spread love and happiness to everyone on the cruise, especially a little boy in need of an operation. Also traveling on the Pacific Princess is an attractive young couple (Donny Osmond and Maureen McCormick) and two con artists trying to pull a fast caper.

Paroled To Love/ First Impressions/ Love Finds Florence Nightingale

S6 E14
Jan 9, 1983
Julie organizes a celebrity cruise through two publicist friends (Marilyn Michaels and Debbie Reynolds). Meanwhile, a paroled convict falls in love with his lawyer, but their romance might not last after he makes a confession. Finally, Doc's ex-mother-in-law (Carol Cook) persuades him to let her be his nurse so she can practice for her role as Florence Nightingale.

The Captain's Replacement/ Sly As A Fox/ Here Comes The Bride -- Maybe

S6 E15
Jan 17, 1983
When Gopher suspects a skipper under Capt. Stubing's tutelage is trying to take his job, the crew jumps into action to protect their boss. Meanwhile, a lovely lady causes havoc when she boards with two men who are each after her hand. Plus, a woman tries to hide from her wealthy in-laws before they discover their son's wife works on the ship.

Doc's Big Case/ Senior Sinners/ Abooming Romance

S6 E16
Jan 24, 1983
When a former medical-school friend (James Noble) becomes the center of attention, Doc wonders if he made the right career decision. Meanwhile, a reticent computer genius tries to win the affection of a woman (Holland Taylor) who has eyes for another man (Adam West). Plus, an older couple that've been cohabiting together must break the news of their arrangement to their children.

Gopher's Daisy/ Our Son, The Lawyer/ Salvaged Romance

S6 E17
Jan 30, 1983
A woman's (Joan Rivers) shyness around men is exacerbated by her recent mastectomy that is, until she meets an understanding man. Meanwhile, when a married couple contemplates divorce, it's their son, who's also a lawyer, that gets caught in the middle. Then, Gopher is involved in a misunderstanding involving his new exercise machine and a gorgeous stowaway.

2 Hour Greek Island Cruise - Part 1

S6 E18
Feb 6, 1983
The graduating class of Stubing's alma mater boards ship and sets sail for Greece. First, the captain tries to stop his daughter from marrying a 16-year-old genius. Then, a snobby young man and his fiancee seeks out his wealthy aunt (Eva Marie Saint) for financial support, only to receive a shock! Finally, Isaac falls in love with a gorgeous woman (Debbie Allen).

2 Hour Greek Island Cruise - Part 2

S6 E19
Feb 6, 1983
The episode is a graduation cruise to Greece. A principal is attracted to a teacher who is attracted by his refusal to allow a student a make-up test to graduate. The valedictorian meets his aunt in Greece.

The Zinging Valentine/ The Very Temporary Secretary/ Final Score

S6 E20
Feb 13, 1983
The owner of a temp agency takes on the role of assistant to a woman boarding the ship, and ends up falling for her. Then, a handsome former football player tries to romance an English professor, but can't seem to find success. Plus, a woman who delivers singing telegrams winds up stuck on board and forms a bond with her most recent listener.

The Captain's Crush/ Out Of My Hair/ Off-Course Romance

S6 E21
Feb 21, 1983
When Stubing meets a gorgeous movie queen (Joan Collins), who recently shed her ninth husband, he is fascinated by her charm and beauty. Then, a man decides to prioritize golf over his wife, so the neglected woman decides to play ball with an old friend. Plus, a handsome hairdresser tries to break up the engagement of his former girlfriend (Delta Burke) and her stuffy fiancé (Jeffrey Tambor).

Abby's Maiden Voyage/ He Ain't Heavy/ I Like To Be In America

S6 E22
Feb 27, 1983
When April (Charo) tells the crew she's worried about passing a citizenship test, the crew members tutor her with the help of a judge traveling on the ship. Meanwhile, a young man (Michael J. Fox) boards the Pacific Princess with his folks (Barbara Billingsley and Don Porter). Then, a delightful young woman meets the man who she wants to be the first man she sleeps with.

Discount Romance/ Vicky's Dilemma/ Loser, And Still Champ

S6 E23
Mar 6, 1983
The captain's daughter is put in a tough situation she is accused of stealing "supplements" from Doc's office. Then, Gopher's uncle (Red Button) falls in love with the lady who runs the ship's gift shop. Plus, a man traveling with his girlfriend must face the fact that anything he can do, she can do better.

So Help Me, Hannah/ C.P.R., I.O.U/ The Maid Cleans Up

S6 E24
Mar 13, 1983
When a female passenger is intent on giving unsolicited advice, she ends up irritating Doc and a number of fellow passengers. Meanwhile, a man finds himself in an uncomfortable position when he tries to navigate his maid's romantic advances under the watchful eye of his girlfriend. Finally, Gopher saves a retiree's life.

90 Minute Dog Show Cruise

S6 E25
Mar 27, 1983
The Pacific Princess hosts passengers and their pooches for the Honeycutt $10k Dog Show competition. First, a mail boy gets star treatment when he's mistaken for the dog show's sponsor. Then, Gopher and Isaac buys a dog for the competition, but eventually try to unload the pooch. Finally, a man finds himself barking up the wrong tree when he clashes with a beautiful woman.

The Professor Has Class/ When The Magic Disappears/ We, The Jury

S6 E26
Apr 3, 1983
A sarcastic woman (Anne Meara) goes on a rampage when she finds out she's on a cruise with the same man she's suing (Jerry Stiller) for damages. Meanwhile, a famous professor meets a former student who is hired to replace his mentor, and a well-known magician tries to prevent his daughter from getting involved with a fellow magician who he suspects of having ulterior motives.

2 Hour Country Music Cruise - Part 1

S6 E27
May 1, 1983
As the Pacific Princess plays host to a Country Music Jamboree cruise, the marriage of a famous singer (Jessica Walter) and her songwriter husband (Mel Tillis) may've hit its last chord. Meanwhile, the crew forms a country jug band, and Dottie West, who plays herself, boards the ship for a relaxing ride but that's hardly the case when she runs into Gopher.

2 Hour Country Music Cruise - Part 2

S6 E28
May 1, 1983
A country star traveling with her "adopted" children has to choose between the kids and her boyfriend; a popular songwriter secretly writes better songs for his former lover than for his wife, both performers; Doc deals with a country folk doctor who insists on practicing medicine on board, while at the same time chasing her beautiful daughter.

Fountain Of Youth/ Bad Luck Cabin/ Uncle Daddy

S6 E29
May 9, 1983
When an elderly man's granddaughter falls for one of his fresh-faced friends, the man seeks out some of the youth potion for himself. Meanwhile, things start moving a little too fast for Isaac and the woman he's dating, and a happy honeymoon goes awry when the couple is assigned to what the crew has nicknamed the "Bad Luck Cabin."