Season 9

Episode Guide

A Day In Port

S9 E1
Sep 29, 1985
A group of eight new dancers, called The Mermaids, join the cruise and Isaac falls for their choreographer (Phylicia Rashad), who also happens to be his ex-fiance. Meanwhile, Gopher helps solve a dispute among the ship's laundry workers, and Judy falls for a rich man with shady connections.

Temptations, Your Money or Your Wife, Joint Custody

S9 E2
Oct 6, 1985
Vicki is thrilled when The Temptations board the ship and tries to convince their manager to let them perform for the passengers. Also, a custody battle on board becomes a matter of kidnapping, and a loan shark tells an overdue customer he'll forgive the debt in exchange for a date with the man's wife.

Picture From the Past, Hidden Treasure, Ace's Salary

S9 E3
Oct 13, 1985
A passenger does all she can to stop Andy Warhol (guest starring as himself) from telling her husband she was in one of his films. Meanwhile, a married couple (Cloris Leachman and Andy Griffith) scour the boat in search of a rare stamp, and Ace leads the charge on pay raises for the crew.

Riviera Cruise: The Villa/The Racer's Edge/Love or Money/The Accident - Part 1

S9 E4
Nov 4, 1985
Doc is the target for a swindle by a lovely tourist guide and her deceitful brother, while the wife of a retired champion cyclist gives her husband an ultimatum if he returns for one more race. Plus, a financially strapped woman reunites with a former flame, and Ace is caught in the middle of two women who both hope to snag a rich husband.

Riviera Cruise: The Villa/The Racer's Edge/Love or Money/The Accident - Part 2

S9 E5
Nov 4, 1985
In "The Racer's Edge," written by Christopher Vane and Jill Baer, a championship racer (Coleman) on his honeymoon with his wife (Ms. Whelchel) goes against her wishes to help his former coach (Morgan) by competing in a bicycle race. Unfortunately, this decision could mean the end of the couple's short marriage.

Forties Fantasy

S9 E6
Nov 17, 1985
Gopher dreams that he's living in the 1940s, the cruise ship is a World War II troop carrier en route to France, and he has to outwit plotting Nazis.

Soap Star, The Iron Man, Good Time Girls

S9 E7
Nov 24, 1985
Three college girls try to put the moves on Ace, while Doc reveals a surprising diagnosis for a professional athlete in training. Then, Judy's soap-opera star aunt, Sylvia (Carol Channing), finds out her best friend (Betty White) is trying to go behind her back to get on the same daytime show.

Trouble in Paradise, No More Mister Nice Guy, The Mermaid and the Con

S9 E8
Dec 1, 1985
Former cruise director Julie returns when her marriage is in trouble. Meanwhile, a Mermaid dancer (Teri Hatcher) worries that a cop on board may recognize her from a past crime. Plus, Ace has to prove he's ready for more responsibility by firing two employees.

Roomates, Heartbreaker, Out of the Blue

S9 E9
Dec 8, 1985
While Vicki and Judy's friendship is put to the test when they become roommates, a professional golfer (Jeff Conaway) discovers a disheartening truth about the woman he loves. Meanwhile, a multimillionaire traveling aboard the Pacific Princess promises to make everyone's dreams come true.

Wedding Cruise: Father of the Bride/The Best Man/Members of the Wedding

S9 E10
Jan 12, 1986
A private wedding cruise takes over the ship and the bride-to-be has a history with Ace. At the same time, the bride's father faces bankruptcy, the best man falls for the bride's sister, and a wedding crasher is on the lookout for potential conquests.

Picture Me A Spy, Daredevil, Sleeper

S9 E11
Jan 19, 1986
When Ace meets a Russian girl who's traveling with her father, he's not sure whether to trust them or suspect them of spying. Also, an international daredevil (Peter Scolari) learns that his love interest (Courtney Cox) isn't impressed by his hijinks, and Doc discovers a senator's wife is a sleepwalker.

Frat Wars, Return of the Lambdas, Hippies and Yuppies

S9 E12
Jan 26, 1986
Two rival college fraternities wage war during a reunion held on the ship. At the same time, two old college buddies reunite and discover one of them hasn't moved beyond their hippie days.

Who's the Champ?, Miss Mon, Gopher's Delusion

S9 E13
Feb 2, 1986
As Hulk Hogan guest stars, two pro wrestlers vie for a spot in the ring, but things get out of hand when one of them romances the other's sister. Meanwhile, Gopher has been hypnotized to believe he's the captain. Finally, a woman has to decide whether she should tell the man she's dating that she recently become pregnant via artificial insemination.

Egyptian Cruise - Part 1

S9 E14
Feb 10, 1986
The captain reminisces with a dear friend's widow, while Doc gets an Egyptian souvenir that may turn out to be extremely valuable. Then, a woman leans on a former student when she loses patience for her inattentive husband, and an actress matches wits with a reporter.

Egyptian Cruise - Part 2

S9 E15
Feb 10, 1986
!n "Egypt," written by Duane Poole and Tom Swale, the captain (Gavin MacLeod) has a bittersweet reunion with the widow (Jean Stapleton) of one of his dearest friends. She is trying to get over her spouse's demise, and Stubing and another man (Campanella) make life more meaningful for her.

Hello, Emily, The Tour Guide, The Winning Number

S9 E16
Feb 16, 1986
A widow named Emily Haywood (Marion Ross) grows fond of Captain Stubing but doesn't handle rejection well. Meanwhile, a tour guide gets so distracted, she loses her tour group in Acapulco. Finally, a recent lottery winner lets newfound wealth go to his head.

The Second Time Around - Runaway, Go Home - Hello, Spencer

S9 E17
Feb 23, 1986
Captain Stubing welcomes back Emily Haywood (Marion Ross) and, this time, he might be more receptive to romance. Meanwhile, The Gatlin Brothers play themselves as they hide a 16-year-old runaway. Plus, a comedian is crushed to find he hasn't actually been booked to perform on the ship.

The Art Lover, Couples, Made For Each Other

S9 E18
Mar 2, 1986
Gopher accidentally breaks a passenger's ancient statue, while Judy helps a newlywed couple acknowledge their marital problems. Then, Ace takes a picture of two lovebirds that tells a different story about who is attracted to who.

What Goes Around Comes Around, The Prodigy, Second Banana

S9 E19
Mar 9, 1986
A passenger gives one last show with his performing orangutan before the ape retires, while Capt. Stubing helps a passenger overcome a gambling addiction. Then, Doc works with a radio talk-show psychologist to help her overcome her own personal problems.

Whatever Happened to Crazy Joe Flash, Gothic Romance, We'll Meet Again

S9 E20
Mar 15, 1986
A rockstar goes incognito while on vacation aboard the cruise, but falls for a woman who fantasizes about being romantically involved with his alter ego. Then, Ace is at the center of a romance novelist's fantasies, while a couple celebrates their 10th anniversary... just not with either of their spouses.

The Prediction, The Will, Deja Vu

S9 E21
Mar 23, 1986
A psychic passenger (Eva Gabor) predicts the end of the world is near and the premonition spooks Gopher. Meanwhile, a widowed passenger learns her late husband planned a cruise for her, and an amnesiac meets someone important from the life he'd forgotten.

Spain Cruise: The Matadors/Mrs. Jameson Comes Out/Love's Labors Found/Marry Me, Marry Me - Part 1

S9 E22
May 4, 1986
A famous bullfighter (Cesar Romero) finds out his son (Lorenzo Lamas) wants to be a writer instead of following in his father's footsteps. Plus, Captain Stubing helps a woman recently released from prison connect with her daughter, while Isaac spots a pregnant and unmarried stowaway. Finally, an attractive passenger attempts to date both Vicki and Judy at the same time.

Spain Cruise: The Matadors/Mrs. Jameson Comes Out/Love's Labors Found/Marry Me, Marry Me - Part 2

S9 E23
May 4, 1986
In "The Matadors," written by Michael Grace, a famous former bullfighter (Romero) receives a lesson in understanding when he finds out that his grandson (Lamas) does not wish to carry on the family tradition. The drama is heightened when the young man meets a woman (Ms. Crosby) who is to interview the grandfather.

My Stepmother, Myself - Cornerback Sneak - Almost Roommates

S9 E24
May 18, 1986
Vicki isn't happy with her father's plans to marry Emily Haywood (Marion Ross), while an aging football star meets the team's new owner and tries to avoid being cut. Then, a crew member is in a pickle when he brings his girlfriend aboard only to discover they don't have a cabin to themselves.

Happily Ever After, Mr. Smith Goes to Minikula, Have I Got A Job For You

S9 E25
May 25, 1986
Captain Stubing gets cold feet as his wedding to Emily Haywood (Marion Ross) nears. At the same time, Gopher is indecisive about accepting a job offer at a tropical resort, while Ace gets his hopes up about becoming Gopher's replacement on the Pacific Princess.