Season 5

Episode Guide

The Expedition/ The Mongala/ Julie's Replacement/ The Three R's/ Professor's Wife - Part 1

S5 E1
Oct 11, 1981
Capt. Stubing walks Julie down the aisie for her marriage to Tony (Anthony Andrews), the handsom: Australian doctor who proposed to her at the end of last season, as "The Love Boat' sails amidst the maest'e scenic beauty of Australia.

The Expedition/ The Mongala/ Julie's Replacement/ The Three R's/ Professor's Wife - Part 2

S5 E2
Oct 12, 1981
Capt. Stubing walks Julie down the aisle for her marriage to Tony. Plus, a professor makes an important evolutionary discovery, alongside his lonely wife, his two assistants, and an old colleague. Finally, a lovely schoolteacher vies for the affection of a wealthy man with a secret, while Doc and Gopher compete for the heart of a beautiful woman who has taken Julie's place as cruise director.

Two Grapes On A Vine/ Aunt Sylvia/ Deductible Divorce

S5 E3
Oct 18, 1981
Julie's eccentric show-business aunt (Carol Channing) and her friend (Betty White) vie for the affections of a wealthy man (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.). Meanwhile, two of the contestants find out they have a lot more in common than vino. Plus, a couple getting divorced for tax purposes (Tanya Tucker and Michael Goodwin) may come to a permanent separation when the woman's old flame joins the cruise.

The Incredible Hunk/ Isaac The Marriage Counselor/ Jewels And Jim

S5 E4
Oct 26, 1981
The ship shudders when an entertainer hired by Julie turns out to be an exotic dancer and he doesn't want his secret revealed. Meanwhile, Isaac finds himself in hot water when he learns that a former passenger misunderstood his advice and divorced his wife. Finally, an international jewel thief meets his match in a gorgeous woman while trying to pull a job on married couple.

Country Cousins Blues/ Daddy's Little Girl/ Jackpot

S5 E5
Nov 1, 1981
Gopher finds a sizable amount of money and has a hilarious dream in which he becomes an admiral and gives various orders to the other crew members. Meanwhile, a famous country singer (Florence Henderson) meets an old flame who has political aspirations and a jealous girlfriend. Plus, a beautiful girl's father ruins her romantic prospects with a handsome man.

Chef's Special/ Kleinschmidt/ Beginning Anew

S5 E6
Nov 2, 1981
A beautiful, fun-loving woman with a secret (Joan Fontaine) reunites with a former love (Richard Basehart) aboard the ship. Plus, an inept German detective almost turns the Pacific Princess upside down when his employer's jewels are stolen. Finally, the ship's temperamental chef quits when a new female cook appears to be more popular.

The Lady From Laramie/ Vicki Swings/ Phantom Bride

S5 E7
Nov 15, 1981
A provincial woman finds herself hopelessly in love with a paid escort, while Gopher sees the ghost of a man and wife still occupying a room aboard the ship. Meanwhile, the captain's young daughter, Vicki, pretends to be older to attract the eye of an 18-year-old boy who's smitten with another girl.

Farnsworths Fling/ I Remember Helen/ Merrill, Melanie, And Melanesia / Gopher - Part 1

S5 E8
Nov 22, 1981
Capt. Stubing and the crew play host to a billionaire who has gathered all his relatives on board to announce his new will. However, unbeknownst to the wealthy passenger, a recent chance meeting with a beautiful woman is part of scheme by his niece who has her eyes set on his fortune. Meanwhile, the captain makes plans to marry the daughter of his former love.

Farnsworths Fling/ I Remember Helen/ Merrill, Melanie, And Melanesia / Gopher - Part 2

S5 E9
Nov 22, 1981
"The Love Boat" sets sail amidst the majestic beauty of Australia and its scenic surroundings as Capt. Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) and his crew play host to a star-studded cast including a billionaire (Lloyd Bridges) who has gathered all his relatives on board to announce his new will, while the captain makes plans to marry the daughter of his former love.

Love, Honor And Obey/ Gladys And Agnes/ Radioactive Isaac

S5 E10
Nov 29, 1981
As widow tries to set up her spinster sister with an English lord, Isaac's overtures to a beautiful girl fall apart when his new tooth filling starts receiving strange transmissions. Plus, a husband and wife (Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara), onboard to celebrate a wedding anniversary and renew their vows, discover that a difference of opinion may lead to divorce.

Teach Me Tonight/ Zeke And Zelda/ He's My Brother

S5 E11
Dec 6, 1981
While Doc has a bittersweet reunion with his brother and sister-in-law, two former vaudeville performers (Martha Raye and Milton Berle) pretend they are other passengers to try to hide a secret. Meanwhile, a very restrained schoolteacher finds romance with a writer who pens naughty novels.

Take A Letter Vicky/ The Floating Bridge Game/ The Joy Of Celibacy

S5 E12
Dec 13, 1981
An emotionally cold woman finds herself falling for a Romeo with hot ideas. Meanwhile, a widow's romance with an attractive dentist is hindered by her nosy, card-playing companions (Rose Marie, Jan Clayton, and Lucille Benson). And, Vicki drives her father and the crew up the passageways with her over-zealous attempts at efficiency.

Doc Takes The Fifth/ Safety Last/ A Business Affair

S5 E13
Jan 3, 1982
Doc gets married for the fifth time, but soon faces heartache. Then, a safety inspector wreaks hilarious havoc when he falls literally for a gorgeous gal, and a sexy executive is followed on board by her stuffy boss, who learns she quit her job romantic rumors about them swirled at work.

Good Neighbors/ Captain's Portrait/ Familiar Faces

S5 E14
Jan 11, 1982
Capt. Stubing develops an unusual relationship with a lovely woman who is tasked with painting his portrait. Meanwhile, a persistent passenger tries to win over a reluctant neighbor, and a newly married couple finds their relationship on the rocks when they meet up with a man from the groom's past.

I Don't Play Anymore/ Gopher's Roommate/ Crazy For You

S5 E15
Jan 25, 1982
Gopher is shocked when he finds his old college roommate is different than he remembers. At the same time, an embittered and retired pianist agrees to perform again in order to pay for a handicapped woman's surgery. Finally, a man faking a quirky mental disorder falls for the fetching female doctor who suspects his ruse.

Green, But Not Jolly/ Past Perfect Love/ Instant Family

S5 E16
Jan 31, 1982
A man falls in love with a beautiful woman who believe the couple was married in a past life 100 years earlier. The crew's amusement at Julie's new hairstyle creates pandemonium, and a man learns more about love when he shares a secret with a gorgeous lady and her son (Corey Feldman).

The Return Of The Captain's Lady/ Love Ain't Illegal/ The Irresistible Man

S5 E17
Feb 8, 1982
Capt. Stubing considers getting remarried while an unscrupulous businessman leaves his girlfriend on the ship with his shy partner. Plus, a man wreaks havoc while trying to attract the attention of a woman, much to the chagrin of another female passenger.

His Girl Friday/ A Wife For Wilfred/ The Girl Who Stood Still

S5 E18
Feb 15, 1982
Crew members become matchmakers when a man offers a handsome reward to anyone who can find him a good woman. Plus, a teen girl traveling with her mother faces potential humiliation when she runs into a former boyfriend. Finally, a man who's traveling with his dowdy secretary becomes romantically involved with a voluptuous blonde.

New York A.C./ Live It Up/ All's Affair In Love And War

S5 E19
Feb 21, 1982
Three different men, who belong to an anti-marriage club, find they have lots of things in common when they meet a beautiful woman. Meanwhile, the captain has an abrupt change of personality, and a man gets the heave-ho from his gorgeous mistress.

The Love Boat Musical - Part 1

S5 E20
Feb 28, 1982
The crew puts on the First Annual Cruise Show, which includes the combined musical talents of Gopher's mother (Ethel Merman), who rekindles a romance with a former movie star (Van Johnson); one of Doc's former in-laws (Ann Miller), who tries to steal the show; Isaac's mom (Della Reese), who is being chased by an ardent suitor (Cab Calloway); and Julie's eccentric Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing).

The Love Boat Musical - Part 2

S5 E21
Feb 28, 1982
Capt. Stubing and his crew kick up their heels in a special two-hour musical extravaganza, ''The Love Boat Follies," a campy tribute to the "let's put on a show" movie musicals of yesteryear, with guest stars Cab Calloway, Carol Channing, Van Johnson, Ethel Merman, Ann Miller and Della Reese. These headliners - and all the series regulars.

Love Boat - Pride Of The Pacific/ The Viking's Son/ Separate Vacations/ The Experiment - Part 1

S5 E22
Mar 7, 1982
It's a battle of luxury cruise ships when Capt. Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) and his sailing adversary (Ted Knight of ABC's "Too Close for Comfort") pit their respective crews against each other in wild sporting events that start in Vancouver, B.C., and wind up in a tense match of wits and action when the two find themselves competing against each other in Alaska.

Love Boat - Pride Of The Pacific/ The Viking's Son/ Separate Vacations/ The Experiment - Part 2

S5 E23
Mar 8, 1982
Capt. Stubing and his sailing adversary pit their crews against each other in the Klondike Carnival Cruise Competition. Plus, a newly separated couple finds the man falling for a Swedish bombshell and the woman flipping for Doc. Meanwhile, a scientist obsesses over his recipe for a love potion, which drives his neglected girlfriend into the arms of another man.

Isaac Gets Physical/ She Brought Her Mother Along/ Cold Feet

S5 E24
Mar 22, 1982
A female doctor's temperature rises when she meets Isaac, who tries to avoid his physical exam so he can hide a congenital condition. Meanwhile a young woman and her mother learn devastating truths about each other when they meet the daughter's fiance. Plus, Julie's cousin tries to dump his square girlfriend.

Burl Of My Dreams/ Meet The Author/ Rhymes, Riddles And Romance

S5 E25
Mar 28, 1982
While the captain's daughter falls for Gopher, a book publisher flips a page in the book of love when trying to sign a burly author who happens to be accompanied by his attractive niece. Plus, an unusual couple looks for treasure.

Pali-Mony-O-Mine/ Does Father Know Best?/ An 'A' For Gopher

S5 E26
Apr 11, 1982
A doctor and his lawyer girlfriend find their relationship on trial when he meets an old friend. Meanwhile, Gopher flips for his former schoolteacher, and a young man tries to impress his father when he meets two women.

April In Boston/ Saving Grace/ Breaks Of Life

S5 E27
May 2, 1982
April Lopez (Charo) returns with a modest new image after becoming an interpreter for a man who has no idea she's actually a sexy entertainer. Meanwhile, a beautiful widow meets a stranger claiming to be her guardian angel. Plus, a separated couple runs into each other on board the ship, and chaos ensues.

A Dress To Remember

S5 E28
May 9, 1982
An expensive dress ties all the stories together in this episode. First, the captain helps reunite a poor woman with her daughter, who happens to be traveling aboard the Pacific Princess with her fiance. Then, a doctor is out to prove his new diet works. And, a man dons an unusual disguise to win back his ex-wife, who is accompanied by her father, who hates her former husband.

Mothers Don't Do That/ Marrying For Money/ Substitute Lover

S5 E29
May 17, 1982
The captain and his crew suspect that a beautiful woman is trying to kill her millionaire husband, while a glamorous divorcee (Eva Gabor) tries to get reacquainted with her son, who prefers the company of his father. Plus, Julie's friend (Eddie Mekka) attempts to impersonate a female passenger's pen pal.