Season 3

Episode Guide

The Wedding/ Carol & Doug's Story/ Peter And Alicia's Story/ Buddy And Portia's Story/ Julie's Story

S3 E1
Sep 16, 1979
It's a special wedding-themed episode as the Pacific Princess is chartered for a nuptial cruise in Alaska. But a jealous girl tries to steal the groom, a snobby mom causes chaos, and all sorts of antics take place on the way to the altar.

Carol & Doug's Story/ Peter And Alicia's Story/ Buddy And Portia's Story/ Julie's Story - Part 2

S3 E2
Sep 17, 1979
Julie catches love fever on the high seas and is thinking of marriage when the Pacific Princess is chartered for a dazzling star-studded wedding cruise that takes Capt. Stubing, his crew and their guests on a beautiful scenic journey to Alaska.

Going My Way/ Dance With Me/ Doc, Be Patient

S3 E3
Sep 30, 1979
When Doc gets sick, his real fever is caused by the beautiful doctor who comes to his aid. Also on board is a prima ballerina who runs into her old partner and his new girlfriend and, at the same time, a jilted girl invites her cab driver to join her for the rest of the cruise.

The Audit Couple/ My Boyfriend's Back/ The Scoop

S3 E4
Oct 8, 1979
Guest star Phyllis Diller plays a strict IRS auditor who falls for the Captain, until she finds something that might tax the relationship. Meanwhile, a gossip reporter is hounding a big TV actress and a couple's honeymoon is interrupted by the bride's ex.

Crew Confessions/ Haven't I Seen You?/ The Reunion

S3 E5
Oct 22, 1979
A novelist rocks the boat when the crew learns he's written some racy tales about them. Also on board is a celebrity look-alike (played by Don Knotts) who enjoys the attention of his mistaken identity, and a husband and wife reunite after being separated during a war.

Cindy/ What's A Brother For?/ Play By Play

S3 E6
Oct 28, 1979
It's Halloween on The Love Boat, and a modern-day Cinderella story plays out in full costume. Meanwhile, rival sportscasters clash in a battle of the sexes, and opposing brothers are set straight by a new love interest.

A New Woman/ Trial Romance/ Never Say Goodbye

S3 E7
Nov 10, 1979
Capt. Stubing is in for a big surprise when he's reunited with his love child in this poignant episode. Meanwhile, an older woman tries to "get with it" (and falls for Doc), and a man and woman who argued during jury duty take their battle to the open sea.

Take My Boyfriend, Please/Rent A Family/ The Man In Her Life/ Critical Success/The Love Lamp Is Lit - Part 1

S3 E8
Nov 11, 1979
A two-hour episode is packed with guest stars, from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to Ginger Rogers, who plays a movie star who's forced to team up on a charity program with a drama critic who's never given her a good review. Meanwhile, a couple is out to recover diamonds they hid on a past cruise, and a team of cheerleaders keeps an eye on one of their own.

Take My Boyfriend, Please/Rent A Family/ The Man In Her Life/ Critical Success/ The Love Lamp Is Lit - Part 2

S3 E9
Nov 11, 1979
It's unforgettable voyage filled with dazzling entertainment, romance, fun - and the fluttering hearts of every man on board - when many of the amazing Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders set sail along with a star-studded cast, including Ginger Rogers, on a special gala two-hour presentation. Guest starring are 11 of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Brotherhood Of The Sea/ Daddy's Pride/ Letter To Babycakes

S3 E10
Nov 19, 1979
Cruise Director Julie is ready to join the ship's secret all-male club, until she discovers a shocking initiation ritual. Elsewhere on the ship, a lothario is caught when a sexy letter is found in his luggage. Plus, an Olympic champion meets a boy who helps her come to terms with her overprotective father.

They Tried To Tell Us We're Too Young/ Eleanor's Return/ Not Now, I'm Dying

S3 E11
Nov 25, 1979
When the teenage daughter of Capt. Stubing's boss tries to share the honeymoon suite with her beau, it's all hands on deck trying to keep the young couple apart. Meanwhile, the Captain is trying to pursue a romance of his own with a returning passenger, and then a swinging bachelor gets the shock of his life.

The Next Step/ Life Begins At 40/ The Stimulation Of Stephanie

S3 E12
Dec 3, 1979
A professor's experiment with love goes haywire, but at least it teaches him a lesson. Also learning some new tricks is a football player who discovers he may have a future as a baker. And elsewhere aboard, a woman approaching 40 decides to set up the wedding, reception, and honeymoon. Not present? Any prospective marriage partner.

The Spider Seranade/ Next Door Wife/ The Harder They Fall

S3 E13
Dec 9, 1979
Gopher finds his romance is on the rocks, while divorce paperwork complicates a fellow passenger's shot at new love. But the bigger fight is when two former boxers rekindle their rivalry and rope Capt. Stubing into being the referee.

Doc's 'Ex' Change/ Making The Grade/ The Gift

S3 E14
Dec 16, 1979
One of Doc's ex-wives boards with some bad news about their divorce, while a couple debates what to do with an unexpected windfall that's not really theirs to keep. Also, a boy discovers that his teacher (who is flunking the student) is also on the ship and might has eyes for his mom!

Happy Ending/ We Three/ April's Love

S3 E15
Jan 14, 1980
An entertainer, played by Charo, doesn't appreciate the crew's opinions on her fiance, while married screenwriters struggle with the plot to their own relationship. Plus, a mother and daughter are in for a very strange family reunion.

Kin Folk, Sis & The Slicker/ Moonlight & Moonshine/ Too Close For Comfort/ The Affair- Part 1

S3 E16
Jan 20, 1980
A special two-hour episode features guest star Donny Osmond as a singer trying to break into show business by performing on the ship. Complications abound for the singer, as a talent agent pursues his sister, while a writer tries to exploit his grandfather. Plus, two married couples uncover an affair, and Capt. Stubing could use some shore leave when his cabin becomes shared quarters.

Kin Folk, Sis & The Slicker/ Moonlight & Moonshine/ Too Close For Comfort/ The Affair - Part 2

S3 E17
Jan 20, 1980
Danny blames his family when Steve fails to show for his performance, leading to a rift with his father and grandfather. Kitty considers leaving her family to marry Steve. The captain lays down the law to his annoying houseguests, who end up at each other's throats. Dave finds out about Frank and Cynthia's affair, which leaves the future of both marriages in doubt.

Rent A Romeo/ Matchmaker, Matchmaker/ Y'gotta Have Heart

S3 E18
Jan 27, 1980
When Doc can't get any alone time with his love interest, he gets a hand from a playboy (guest star Joe Namath), who distracts the girl's sister. Elsewhere, the Captain's daughter tries to help a boy reunite his divorced parents, and a man's post-surgery trip isn't the relaxing escape he'd been hoping for.

Captain's Ne'er Do Well Brother/ The Remake/ The Perfect Match

S3 E19
Feb 3, 1980
Capt. Stubing (played by Gavin MacLeod) has more family drama when his brother (ALSO played by Gavin MacLeod) boards and pursues a wealthy woman. Also on the cruise are a couple matched by computer (and little else) and a widow (played by Florence Henderson) who tries to make a man more like her former husband.

Haven't We Met Before/ Foreign Exchange/ Not So Fast, Gopher

S3 E20
Feb 10, 1980
Gopher's mom is aboard and ready for some fun, but has strange timing if you ask Gopher. At the same time, a group of young men pretend to be wealthy travelers but can't keep up with the jet-set lifestyle. And, finally, a reporter falls for a comic she's there to interview ... until she sees his act.

Another Time, Another Place/ Doctor Who/ Gopher's Engagement

S3 E21
Mar 2, 1980
First, an astronomer gets confused for a famous sex-book author (who also happens to be a fellow passenger); then, a nun without her habit runs into a former flame; and, finally, Gopher is engaged to a lovely girl with a status-conscious mother.

Dumb Luck/ Tres Amigos/ Hey, Jealous Lover

S3 E22
Mar 16, 1980
A nuclear physicist is having trouble meeting men, until Julie gives her a few tips. Meanwhile, the Captain's daughter encounters a wealthy family with a stowaway, and a passenger accuses different crew members of making passes at his wife.

Celebration/ Honeymoon Pressure/ Captain Papa

S3 E23
Mar 31, 1980
A bank guard attracts suspicion over his expensive tastes, while Capt. Stubing tries to convince a welfare worker that the ship is a great place to provide the man's daughter with a good education. Also, a set of newlyweds are surprised to find some friends in the stateroom next door.

The High Cost Of Loving/ Vicki's First Love/ Accident Prone

S3 E24
Apr 6, 1980
The Captain's daughter, Vicki, falls in love for the first time when she meets a singing sensation. Elsewhere, a clumsy beauty turns the ship upside down, and a man faces romantic temptations shortly after a costly lawsuit.

Invisible Maniac/ September Song/ Peekaboo

S3 E25
Apr 21, 1980
Isaac hatches a scheme with a beautiful former schoolmate, but gets more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, a younger man (played by David Hasselhoff) tries to woo an "older" woman, and a long-married couple try to spice up their humdrum lives.

The Caller/ Marriage Of Convenience/ No Girls For Doc

S3 E26
May 4, 1980
In this special 90-minute episode that guest stars theater icon Helen Hayes (and her real-life son), the actress' character navigates romance after becoming a widow. Also, a district attorney falls for the woman he has in protective custody, and Doc swears off his own romances for a while.