• The Love Boat Season 1

    S1 E6: Joker Is Wild/ First Time Out/ Take My Granddaughter, Please

    50M OCT 29, 1977 TV-PG

    S1 E6: A washed-up comedian has no shame as he tries to make a comeback, while a doting grandmother tries to play matchmaker between Doc and her granddaughter. Also, fraternity brothers try to help one of their own find romance.

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The Love Boat
"The Loooooove Boat " is the familiar refrain that greets viewers at the start of each episode of this long-running series. The romantic-sounding Love Boat promises — and delivers — something for everyone. Specifically, it promises a cavalcade of famous guest stars (including many film stars making rare TV appearances), breezy plots, stories of love and plenty of laughs. Join the members of the Pacific Princess crew, headed by Capt. Stubing (Gavin MacLeod), as they greet passengers for the trip of a lifetime. Three made-for-TV movies were made before the series premiered in 1977.
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The Love Boat