Season 1

Episode Guide

Welcome to Harlem, U.S.A.

S1 E1
Jan 7, 2013
On the corner of 113th and Lennox, in the heart of Harlem, you'll find the Black Ink Crew and all of their crazy antics.

Oh S**t!

S1 E2
Jan 14, 2013
Ceaser is fed up with O'S**t's unprofessionalism and makes a decision that will send the Black Ink Crew spinning out of control. Puma receives shocking news while at a strip club and is forced to consider tough changes ahead.

You got served, son!

S1 E3
Jan 21, 2013
Sassy contemplates leaving the chaos of the shop for more stability. Puma discovers O'S**t's life has spiraled out of control since being fired. Alex's feelings for Ted come at the cost of her friendship with Dutchess and Sassy.

Baby Mama Drama

S1 E4
Jan 28, 2013
Dutchess drives Ceaser to court where he may end up serving time in jail for owing back child support. Sassy takes a terrified Puma to get a new tooth.

Mixxxy Madness

S1 E5
Feb 4, 2013
Black Ink throws a birthday party for Sassy that turns into an out of control Mixxxy bash and all hell breaks loose. Dutchess goes ballistic after Alex hits on Ceaser.

What Happens in Vegas...

S1 E6
Feb 11, 2013
The Black Ink Crew is heading to Vegas to be part of the biggest tattoo convention in the world. Alex has gone M.I.A. and the crew wonders if she is going to show up at all.

This, That, and the Third

S1 E7
Feb 18, 2013
O'S**t is put in charge of the shop while Ceaser goes down South with Dutchess to meet her parents. When Alex finally arrives back at Black Ink, Dutchess has a few things to say to her.

In the Dirty, Dirty

S1 E8
Feb 25, 2013
Down in North Carolina, Ceaser meets Dutchess's entire family and faces questions about marriage and kids. While there, Cease gets a call from Harlem and is surprised to hear that O'S**t's reign has come to an abrupt end.

So Much on My Biscuit

S1 E9
Mar 4, 2013
Ceaser and Dutchess cut their trip short to pick up O'S**t from "The Barge," the New York City prison he has been locked up in for days. Alex and O'S**t face eachother for the first time since the night he went to jail.

Krazy with a "K"

S1 E10
Mar 11, 2013
When the Black Ink Crew decide to host a charity art show for local kids, Puma and Dutchess bump heads while planning the event. Ceaser sides with Dutchess, leaving the guys in the shop to question his loyalty and business sense

Judgment Day

S1 E11
Mar 18, 2013
Dutchess reveals a secret to Ceaser that she has kept to herself for weeks. Puma shocks Sassy with big news about him and Quanni. Ted drops a bomb on Ceaser about a pregnant mixxxy.

Dropping the "M" Bomb

S1 E12
Mar 25, 2013
Dutchess makes a peace offering at the shop, apologizing for her bad behavior and fills everyone in on her heart condition. Alex confides in her old tattoo artist about her frustrations with the Black Ink crew.

Family First

S1 E13
Mar 25, 2013
When the woman who brought Ceaser up in the tattoo world visits the shop for a memorial tattoo from Cease, she has some strong opinions about his relationship with Dutchess. Alex and Dutchess finally meet face to face.