Season 6

Episode Guide

Ceaser A.D. (After Dutchess)

S6 E1
Dec 6, 2017
The 113th shop is in shambles when a single Ceaser becomes more interested in chasing women. Donna receives a threatening phone call. Black Ink Atlanta's anniversary party turns into chaos. Dutchess delivers an explosive low blow to Sky.

This Makes My Boricua Come Out, Mami

S6 E2
Dec 13, 2017
Teddy is on edge as his brother faces life in prison. Sky makes a phone call that will change her life forever. A letter from the IRS could mean financial ruin for Melody. A brawl breaks out at Black Ink when Donna's ex-husband's sister shows up.

Texas Here I Come!

S6 E3
Dec 20, 2017
Ceaser receives alarming news from his doctor and resolves to change his ways. Melody is shocked by Lalo's solution to their financial issues. And Sky heads to Texas to reunite with the children she gave up for adoption 15 years ago.

A Thief Among Us

S6 E4
Dec 27, 2017
When $10,000 is stolen from the shop, Ceaser tasks Sky to find the culprit. Bae freaks out when Rob wants to take their relationship to the next level. And Melody has a break down when Donna publicly attacks her artistry and questions her character.

Help Me Howard

S6 E5
Jan 3, 2018
Sky loses her cool when Ceaser puts her in charge of 113. Kevin musters the courage to come out to his homophobic father. After an STD scare, Ceaser is forced to break up with his side chicks. Donna's ex-roommate trashes her on the news.

Ceaser for Mayor

S6 E6
Jan 10, 2018
Donna seeks revenge on her ex-roommate. Bae is worried for her mom's safety after she receives death threats from her father. Alex's freedom hangs in the balance.

The Return Of O'S**t

S6 E7
Jan 17, 2018
Ceaser rushes to NYC to bail out Alex, while Walt finally scores a date with Jadah. A tattooathon turns ugly when a new manager-in-training crosses the line. The crew is shocked when an OG Black Ink artist returns to the shop.

The Lingerie Soiree

S6 E8
Jan 24, 2018
The crew hopes a flash mob apology will get Melody to come back to the shop. Sky gets emotional over her tense relationship with her son Genesis. And Walt flips out after Jadah makes him look like a fool.

Seoul Searching

S6 E9
Jan 31, 2018
The crew heads to Korea to find Bae's mom. Sky goes on the attack after hearing a rumor about Ted and Kitty. Bae fears the worst when the search for her mom hits a dead end. And Donna is shocked by the results of a pregnancy test.

See Ya, Korea

S6 E10
Feb 21, 2018
Bae continues the search in Korea for her missing mom while struggling to deal with her pregnancy. O'Sh*t clashes with Alex over a client. And Sky becomes unhinged as she begins to question Bae's past.

Kim Jong Sky

S6 E11
Feb 28, 2018
The crew calls Sky out for her behavior in Korea. Nikki drops a bomb on O'Sh**t. Bae is shocked by Rob's reaction to the news that she's pregnant. And Ceaser and Kitty rekindle their romance, while Jadah attempts to play matchmaker for Walt.

The Book of Genesis

S6 E12
Mar 7, 2018
O'S**t rushes to Atlanta for the birth of his fourth child. Sky freaks out when Ceaser contacts her son, Genesis. Bae wants a shotgun wedding, but Rob has other plans. And Ceaser has an emotional meeting with Sky's son.

Project Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

S6 E13
Mar 14, 2018
Melody meets her father's estranged family for the first time while the rest of crew heads to the slopes. Ceaser plans some grand romantic gestures for Kitty. Sky loses her cool when Teddy hooks up with a fellow Black Ink employee.

C and C Forever

S6 E14
Mar 21, 2018
The crew turns up at Bae's bachelorette party. Sky spreads a rumor about Jadah. Donna is in hot water after Alex posts a scandalous video. Sky attempts to repair her relationship with the son she gave up for adoption 15 years ago.

Migos And Oprah And Horses And Rainbows

S6 E15
Mar 28, 2018
Donna is rushed to the emergency room. Sky embarks on a spiritual journey with one of O'S**t's baby mamas. The Fat Jewish stops by the shop for a tattoo chosen by his Instagram followers. And Ted throws a launch party for his new sneaker line.

Baby Making Factory

S6 E16
Apr 4, 2018
O'S**t tries to bring the mothers of his children together. Sky decides she's ready to have a baby and enlists Ceaser to help. Walt hits rock bottom and must send his kids to live with their mom. Jadah goes ballistic when Donna tells her she's moving

His Dog's Baby Mother

S6 E17
Apr 11, 2018
The crew decides to secretly perform a paternity test on O'S**t's new baby. Ted and Sky go on a date that has a surprising outcome. Donna campaigns to be Bae's doula. Walt works hard to get his kids back home. Alex confronts his dad about past abuse.

It's Not a Puma

S6 E18
Apr 18, 2018
Donna is caught trying to steal Mel's client, but O'S**t commits the ultimate betrayal when he seeks a job with Ceaser's biggest enemy. A woman who claims Black Ink gave her an infected tattoo tries to take down Ceaser

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Donna

S6 E19
Apr 25, 2018
Sky throws a party that has everybody gagging. A video of Donna getting intimate with a coworker goes viral. Walt puts on an exhibition hoping to get his finances on track. Ceaser's apartment is invaded by his daughter.

Dirty Donna

S6 E20
May 2, 2018
Ceaser and the crew crash Sky's vacation in Miami. Kitty launches an attack on Ceaser. Alex reveals his true feelings to Donna and an unexpected guest shows up seeking revenge.

Haitian Twerk Fest

S6 E21
May 9, 2018
The crew continues to turn up on South Beach. Alex is rushed to the emergency room after he collapses on the beach. Jadah and Tati come to blows. Ceaser throws a Scarfaced-themed party to impress a girl and Donna confesses her feelings to Alex.