Season 8

Episode Guide

Cease is 50

S8 E1
Aug 14, 2019
After mending fences with Puma, Cease makes him a partner at 113th only to have his decision be questioned during his 40th birthday celebration. Bae struggles to keep her marriage together, while Sky confronts her son Des, about his recent behavior.


S8 E2
Aug 21, 2019
Walt brings his new girlfriend by the shop, which causes Donna to catch a flashback. Young Bae and Rob face difficulties in their marriage. Sky is at a crossroads with her relationship with Des.

Tinkerbell Just Escaped Jail

S8 E3
Aug 28, 2019
Kit's mom passes away in D.C and the news rocks the shop. Donna and Walt duke it out over Jessica. Puma hires new girl London and Bae thinks he has a shady, ulterior motive.

Don't Mess with Taxes

S8 E4
Sep 4, 2019
Puma hires London to cover for Kitty which disrupts the precarious balance in the shop. Tati has a run in with the law and Donna faces a major financial setback. Puma tries to bring a little kumbaya to 113 but no good deed goes unpunished.

Chop Suey Out the Booty

S8 E5
Sep 11, 2019
In an effort to support Miss Kitty, Ceaser and the crew head down to Memphis, Tennessee so she can reconnect with her mother's roots. Krystal confronts Donna about her behavior during the lock-in. And Walt makes a serious go at standup comedy.

Black Ink Blues

S8 E6
Sep 18, 2019
The crew continues their stay in Memphis to pay their respects to Kitty's mom. London decides to throw a house party to promote the brand down south. Walt prepares to take his relationship with Jessica to the next step.

Moneymakers, Bootyshakers and Dealbreakers

S8 E7
Sep 25, 2019
Ceaser has a new opportunity to expand Black Ink but not everyone is happy with the deal, leaving him to question where loyalties lie. Donna plans a girls' night that's full of rowdy surprises. Walt and Jess can't see eye to eye.

Peanut Butter in Your Timbs

S8 E8
Oct 2, 2019
An unexpected drug test has Tati freaking out. Sky announces a huge surprise. Quani makes a decision that shocks Puma. Rok airs out his dirty laundry - literally. And problems with the Brooklyn shop puts Ceaser on a collision course with the police.

Big Daddy Got Back

S8 E9
Oct 9, 2019
Ceaser deals with the fallout of his arrest, and what it means for the Brooklyn shop. Alex and Donna try to get their mojo back in the bedroom. Bae confronts a shocking diagnosis. And Sky embarks a new ventue.

Nice Day For A Shotgun Wedding

S8 E10
Oct 16, 2019
Donna brings up people in Brooklyn talking trash about the upcoming Black Ink, which sets Ceaser off on a spiral through the past. Walt tries to make amends with Jessica. Sky embarks on a new business adventure. And Bae receives a welcome surprise.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

S8 E11
Oct 23, 2019
After missing for a couple of weeks, Ted comes clean to Ceaser and Puma about why he's been so absent. Mike finally receives his long-awaited paternity test results. Jessica brings her son Xavier to meet Walt. Mike has a medical emergency.

Jaw Dropped

S8 E12
Oct 30, 2019
The Brooklyn shop is finally open and Ceaser throws a block party to celebrate the grand opening. After Donna gives Alex an ultimatum, things don't go as expected. Crystal has a new jaw and a new attitude. Bae finds out Tati is hiding a big secret.

Basic and Predictable

S8 E13
Nov 6, 2019
After opening the Brooklyn shop, rumors swirl about the altercation between Crystal and Miss Kitty. Sky struggles with the future of her Miami shop. News that Tati is dating a new man causes issues for Ted. Puma courts Rich for a return to the shop.

Fake Slim Shady

S8 E14
Nov 13, 2019
The crew heads to Cleveland for the first stop on Walt's comedy tour and to see Donna's hometown, but there are fireworks right off the bat. Alex finally meets Donna's dad and things don't go as planned.

Lawyer Up!

S8 E15
Nov 20, 2019
Walt headlines his first comedy show tour in Cleveland. Kitty threatens to sue Ceaser while Alex tries to win Donna's dad over.

Black Ink Prom

S8 E16
Nov 27, 2019
When Sky announces a Black Ink Prom, the competition for who will be King and Queen gets fierce. Q works with Crystal to get Ceaser back. One of Donna's tattoo clients sends a threatening letter to the shop.

The Problem With Torture Is Everybody Confesses

S8 E17
Feb 26, 2020
The crew is still reeling from the disastrous prom when Ceaser's most prized possession turns up missing. He launches an investigation into the potential thief which leads to some surprising decisions. Sky's son Des tries to track down his mom.

You're Not Being Nice, Apprent-Nice

S8 E18
Mar 4, 2020
The news of Sky's suspension rocks the crew while Donna can't accept her apprentice demotion. Ceaser gets political and organizes a voter drive while Q faces a reckoning when his mom visits. Ceaser declares war on Ryan from 9MAG.

Dogs are More Loyal than Kits

S8 E19
Mar 11, 2020
Ceaser fumes over the video with Ryan and Kitty and plots revenge. Donna attempts to get her job back. Bae gets set up by a matchmaker and finds an unlikely bond with Rok. Walt and Jess' engagement party goes wheels off.

Mr. Robinson If You're Nasty

S8 E20
Mar 18, 2020
After a disastrous engagement party, Walt and Jess attend premarital counseling while the rest of the crew encourage Bae to face her biggest fear - confronting her abusive father.

My Name is Earl

S8 E21
Mar 25, 2020
Ceaser and the 113th crew travel to Philly for a tattoo convention and run into some frenemies. Jess has second thoughts about the wedding and Bae meets with her father one last time.

Moving Too Funny for Me

S8 E22
Apr 1, 2020
Ceaser fires his shot at Ryan and the two confront each other in a showdown. Relationship issues continue to worry Donna and Alex, while Walt has his own tale of woe. Ceaser receives news that could threaten the very existence of Black Ink New York.

Black Ink Matters

S8 E23
Apr 8, 2020
Ceaser and the crew are still reeling from the news that the landlord wants them out of 113th in 30 days. Ceaser decides to do everything in his power to save the shop. Meanwhile, Donna has an uncomfortable chat with Tati, and Walt hits rock bottom.

Niko's Going to Have a Cousin?

S8 E24
Apr 15, 2020
Walt and Jess decide on a destination wedding but when nobody responds to their invite they reach out to other friends from their past. Ceaser continues to deal with the prospect of losing 113th and the crew discovers Ted might have a wife.

Ka Mate

S8 E25
Apr 22, 2020
Walt and Jess have a destination wedding in Hawaii. The 113th crew surprise the couple on the island but Ceaser gets the biggest surprise of all. Alex plans a big surprise of his own for Donna but Tati's secrets threaten to blow up everything.

It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

S8 E26
Apr 29, 2020
On the season finale, the crew attempts to keep it together for another day in paradise while Cease refuses a surprise reuniting with loathed O*hit. Kit defies pressure from Donna and Tati to leave the island. Alex finally pops the question to Donna.