Season 2

Episode Guide


S2 E1
Sep 23, 2013
O'S**t's visit to court brings his baby mamas together for a family gathering that ends in broken promises. Ceaser and Puma's 15-year friendship comes to a shocking end when Puma oversteps his boundaries.

Dutchess Ink

S2 E2
Sep 30, 2013
Ceaser and Dutchess are missing in action and the lights are out (literally) at Black Ink! O'S**t gets some tough love from his bail bondsmen on his legal troubles. Sassy hears a rumor and makes a major decision that affects the future of Black Ink.

No Structure to the Madness

S2 E3
Oct 7, 2013
In the wake of Sassy's dramatic departure, Ceaser is left to wonder if the joke has gone too far. Alex uncovers scandalous information about Dutchess online. Ceaser goes to family court to speak about visitation rights with his daughter.

These are Minions!

S2 E4
Oct 14, 2013
O'S**t catches up with his Baby Mama #1, Kathy. Puma gives Alex some news that could lead to civil war within Black Ink. Sassy gives Dutchess information that could change the relationship between Ceaser and Puma.

The Year of the Puma

S2 E5
Oct 28, 2013
Dutchess tells Ceaser the news about Puma's new tattoo shop. Puma receives a civic award and announces his big news. Ceaser tattoos Jadakiss. Ratchetness rules at what could be O S**t's last birthday as a free man.

You're a Wreck!

S2 E6
Nov 4, 2013
AIDS activist Maria Davis visits Dutchess for an HIV/AIDS Awareness tattoo. Puma defends Sassy and ends up getting in a fight. Ceaser decides to have a sit down with Puma. Alex makes a dramatic departure from a photo shoot gone wrong.

I Did Not Sleep With That Women!

S2 E7
Nov 11, 2013
When Dutchess and Ceaser are late for a photo shoot, the editor of the magazine rips them a new one. Ted and Ceaser decide to take a trip across town to surprise Puma. Ceaser confronts Walt about his drinking.

Something in the Water

S2 E8
Nov 18, 2013
O'S**t has another child on the way and has to break the news to his baby mama, Kathy. Dutchess is thrilled when Kid Ink asked her to design a tattoo for him. Walt's new baby mama, Zenobia, confronts him about his levels of commitment.

Have Several Seats

S2 E9
Nov 25, 2013
In the wake of Dutchess and Ceaser's fight, Ceaser escapes to Puma's bachelor party. Puma and Ceaser attempt mend fences while Ted must decide between mixxxies, Ashley and Skye. Kathy comes to Black Ink for a tattoo, attempting to get some closure.

You Got Some Stupid Ears

S2 E10
Dec 2, 2013
Puma decides to invite Ceaser to his wedding on the condition that he leaves Dutchess at home. Walt's frustrating search comes to an end when a letter arrives at the shop with information about his father.

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

S2 E11
Dec 9, 2013
Coley and Kathy face each other for the first time since their violent encounter; Ceaser is torn between his friends and his woman; Dutchess reacts negatively to not being invited to Puma's wedding.

S**t Happens

S2 E12
Dec 16, 2013
Walt confronts O'S... about friendship and responsibility; Dutchess flees Ceaser in Jamaica, collapsing in the parking lot.

From Wedlock to Headlock

S2 E13
Dec 23, 2013
The crew are having the time of their lives in Jamaica but are shocked when Ceaser suddenly sends Dutchess packing! At the wedding he crew is left wondering if this Black Ink love story will have an unhappy ending. Presented by VH1.

Cease and Desist

S2 E14
Mar 31, 2014
The crew is back in Harlem, making money and wilin' out. All is back to normal, except for one Dutchess. Meanwhile, on the other side of Harlem, Puma throws a grand opening party for his new shop, Ink 124. Presented by VH1.

We All Got Problems

S2 E15
Apr 7, 2014
O'S**t goes to court, where he learns some unsettling information about his case. Dutchess and Puma attempt to make amends. While Dutch tattoos DJ Whoo Kidd at the shop, Ceaser makes a decision that is bound to change everything. Presented by VH1.

The Break-Up

S2 E16
Apr 14, 2014
Ceaser got caught cheating on Dutchess and he needs his brother Ty's help getting his things from her apartment. Dutch confides in Sky, putting Sky's loyalty to Ceaser to the test. O S**t asks Puma to accompany him ring shopping. Presented by VH1.

Baby Mama Role Call

S2 E17
Apr 21, 2014
Ceaser faces Dutchess for the first time since she kicked him out of the apartment. Dutchess decides to see a plastic surgeon about breast implants. O'S**t decides it's time to get all three of his baby mamas together for a dinner. Presented by VH1.


S2 E18
Apr 28, 2014
O'S**t's past has come back to haunt him when a mystery woman turns up at the shop. While Dutch reconnects with everyone but Ceaser. During the party, Cease and Puma have an idea that has the potential to change Black Ink's future. Presented by VH1.