Season 7

Episode Guide

Ain't No Block Party Like a Harlem Block Party

S7 E1
Sep 19, 2018
Donna is jealous when Ceaser doesn't choose her to help open a new shop in NOLA (which drives a wedge between her and Alex), and Young Bae becomes a citizen and a mother.

The Joke of New Orleans

S7 E2
Sep 20, 2018
Donna catches Alex partying with strippers, Sky's son makes a shocking announcement about his post-graduation plans, and Melody reaches out to her mom's estranged family.

Rummy in Your Tummy

S7 E3
Sep 26, 2018
An old feud flares up when Jadah arrives in New Orleans, Walt confronts Ceaser about calling him a drunk, and Melody's estranged cousin stands her up.

Three Losers With Diced Tomatoes

S7 E4
Oct 3, 2018
Jadah shares big news, Miss Kitty asks Young Bae for a favor, Sky faces off with Herb, and the staff is shocked when the New Orleans shop is vandalized on opening day.

Hot Dog Water and Abandoned Buildings

S7 E5
Oct 10, 2018
Ceaser fumes after discovering a New Orleans employee is a mole, Puma and O'S**t take advantage of Young Bae to wreck the 113th shop, and Alex's dad faces a risky surgery.

My Favorite Smurf

S7 E6
Oct 17, 2018
Ceaser reconnects with his daughter Cheyenne, Young Bae hires a new receptionist who has to prove herself to the crew, and Alex starts to notice some relationship red flags.

The Power of the Headbands

S7 E7
Oct 24, 2018
Tokie loses it during the crew's team-building retreat, Donna tries to make up with Alex, Young Bae's mom meets Rob for the first time, and Jadah copes with a family tragedy.

Two Grapes on Pool Tables

S7 E8
Oct 31, 2018
Sky gets news about her son Des, Young Bae's mom proves to be a handful for Rob, Tokie tries to work through issues from her past, and Donna issues Ceaser an ultimatum.

Signature Not Required

S7 E9
Nov 7, 2018
Melody's relationship with Lalo begins to fall apart, Ceaser hires Sky's son as an intern to keep him out of trouble, and Donna crashes the shop paint party to apologize.

Your Dog's Sister

S7 E10
Nov 14, 2018
Ceaser freaks out when Sky decides to open her own side business in Miami, Melody struggles to keep her family together, and Jadah gets revenge on Teddy for dating Tati.

Always Kill Donna!

S7 E11
Nov 28, 2018
Sky goes behind Ceaser's back to open her boutique in Miami, Young Bae's mom pressures her daughter to get married in two weeks, and Donna's twin sister disapproves of Alex.

Sky Priority

S7 E12
Dec 5, 2018
The shop is divided over Ceaser's choice to replace Sky, Young Bae and Rob receive devastating news, and Teddy flips when Tati gets wasted and goes home with another guy.

My Big Fat Black Ink Wedding

S7 E13
Dec 12, 2018
The crew parties in bougie Westchester, NY, before Bae's wedding, "father-of-the-bride" Ceaser is pissed to learn O'S**t is invited, and Tati tries to mend things with Teddy.

The Black Ink Survivor's Club

S7 E14
Dec 19, 2018
Sky's vengeful return and an emergency involving Rob throw Bae's wedding into chaos, Teddy and Tati make it official, and the fired employees of Black Ink come together.

While On Duty, You Can Get Booty

S7 E15
Mar 13, 2019
Sky has a run-in with an enemy, Alex faces a medical emergency, Ceaser gets protective when his daughter goes on her first date, and a violent act leads to chaos at the shop.

I Love Shopping! I Love America!

S7 E16
Mar 20, 2019
An act of violence against the shop leaves the crew concerned, Black Ink gets a new receptionist, Teddy questions Tatiana's loyalty, and Alex receives heartbreaking news.

Ocean's 113

S7 E17
Mar 27, 2019
The crew helps Walt raise funds at a casino, Alex explores his legal options, Sky travels to Miami to look after her shop, and Ted and Tatiana's relationship hits a roadblock.

Always Bet on Black Ink

S7 E18
Apr 3, 2019
Donna teams up with Ceaser's enemy to take him down, the crew bets big to help Walt, and Sky's son Des meets his biological father, despite his mom's initial disapproval.

Peace Out, America!

S7 E19
Apr 10, 2019
The crew throws a going-away party for Mama Bae, Alex moves into Donna's place, Ceaser receives devastating news, and Sky hosts the grand opening of her shop in Miami.

Purification Vacation

S7 E20
Apr 17, 2019
Sky enlists the crew to help with her fashion show in L.A., Miss Kitty and Young Bae talk about their fight, Alex surprises Donna, and Tatiana reaches her breaking point.

Runner Up For Mother Teresa Number 2

S7 E21
Apr 24, 2019
Ceaser reunites with an enemy, Krystal has a much-needed talk with her father, and Sky's twerk fashion show includes a surprise that sends Ceaser over the edge.

Free Coats

S7 E22
May 1, 2019
Free jackets get in the way of Ceaser squashing his beef with Alex, Tokie refuses to accept peace between Tati and Krystal, and Sky plows ahead with Operation Mend Fences.