Season 6

Episode Guide

Equinox, Part 2

S6 E1
Sep 22, 1999
Starfleet honor is tested when two captains fight a battle of wills.

Survival Instinct

S6 E2
Sep 29, 1999
Visitors from the past present Seven with an opportunity to right a wrong.

Barge Of The Dead

S6 E3
Oct 6, 1999
B'Elanna struggles with questions of the afterlife and her Klingon heritage.

Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

S6 E4
Oct 13, 1999
The Doctor's overactive imagination leads Voyager into real trouble.


S6 E5
Oct 20, 1999
Tom's latest shuttle acquisition blurs the line between man and machine.


S6 E6
Nov 3, 1999
The crew discovers a new side of Tuvok when an enemy attack leaves him stripped of his Vulcan sensibilities.

Dragon's Teeth

S6 E7
Nov 11, 1999
Mysterious corridors in space lead to the discovery of an ancient civilization.

One Small Step

S6 E8
Nov 18, 1999
A subspace anomaly leads to the discovery of a 21st century space shuttle lost on a mission to Mars.

The Voyager Conspiracy

S6 E9
Nov 25, 1999
Seven uncovers a conspiracy to keep Voyager stranded in the Delta Quadrant.


S6 E10
Dec 2, 1999
Voyager receives a special message from Starfleet Command.

Fair Haven

S6 E11
Jan 13, 2000
Janeway's holographic love interest becomes more than just a way to pass the time.

Blink Of An Eye

S6 E12
Jan 20, 2000
Voyager becomes the unwitting focus of a planet's entire civilization.


S6 E13
Jan 27, 2000
The Doctor's passion for music spills over into his personal life.


S6 E14
Feb 3, 2000
The crew is haunted by vivid images of a battle they don't remember fighting.


S6 E15
Feb 10, 2000
Killing for sport becomes Seven's only means of survival when she is abducted into a ring of fisticuffs.


S6 E16
Feb 17, 2000
Seven becomes a mentor to five young drones abandoned by the Collective.

Spirit Folk

S6 E17
Feb 24, 2000
The Voyager crew makes first contact with a holodeck program.

Ashes To Ashes

S6 E18
Mar 2, 2000
Claiming to be a long-dead crew member, an alien requests asylum on Voyager.

Child's Play

S6 E19
Mar 9, 2000
The Voyager crew must rescue a young boy being used as a weapon of destruction against the Borg.

Good Shepherd

S6 E20
Mar 16, 2000
Janeway must tend to her flock when she finds three misfit crew members need some special attention.

Live Fast And Prosper

S6 E21
Apr 19, 2000
Impostors jeopardize Voyager's good reputation in the Delta Quadrant.

The Muse

S6 E22
Apr 26, 2000
Stranded during an away mission, B'Elanna finds herself the inspiration for a young poet's art.


S6 E23
May 3, 2000
An old friend returns with a decidedly unfriendly plot to destroy Voyager.

Life Line

S6 E24
May 10, 2000
The Doctor seizes the opportunity to save the life of the man who created him.

The Haunting Of Deck Twelve

S6 E25
May 17, 2000
Neelix recounts the harrowing tale of Voyager's newest uninvited guest.

Unimatrix Zero, Part 1

S6 E26
May 24, 2000
Captain Janeway faces her biggest battle yet against the Borg - assimilation.