Season 4

Episode Guide

Scorpion, Part 2

S4 E1
Sep 4, 1997
Captain Janeway forges an unlikely alliance with the Borg.

The Gift

S4 E2
Sep 11, 1997
Seven Of Nine, the Borg drone that Voyager severed from the collective, tries to resist as her natural human physiology tries to regenerate.

Day Of Honor

S4 E3
Sep 18, 1997
The Klingon "Day of Honor" turns into a string of bad luck for B'Elanna.


S4 E4
Sep 25, 1997
When Chakotay is stranded on a planet that is in the middle of a major war, he violates the Prime Directive by helping the soldiers that discover him.


S4 E5
Oct 2, 1997
B'Elanna and The Doctor respond to a distress call and come to the aid of a malfunctioning hologram.

The Raven

S4 E6
Oct 9, 1997
As Janeway attempts to gain passage through alien territory, Seven of Nine believes that she is being contacted by the Borg.

Scientific Method

S4 E7
Oct 30, 1997
When the crew begins suffering from stranger illnesses with each passing hour, Seven of Nine is the only one who is able to expose the threat to the crew.

Year Of Hell, Part 1

S4 E8
Nov 6, 1997
The Krenim Imperium is attempting to return to its former glory by using a temporal weapon ship that can erase entire species of their enemies from existence.

Year Of Hell, Part 2

S4 E9
Nov 13, 1997
Working with only a skeleton crew, Captain Janeway desperately attempts to repair Voyager in order to stop Annorax.

Random Thoughts

S4 E10
Nov 20, 1997
While on shore leave on a planet of telepaths, B'Elanna is arrested for a murder that is blamed on her violent thoughts.

Concerning Flight

S4 E11
Nov 27, 1997
When pirates steal some of Voyager's technology, Janeway and Tuvok discover her holographic Leonardo Da Vinci who helps them in their search.

Mortal Coil

S4 E12
Dec 18, 1997
Neelix is killed during an away mission, but is revived using modified Borg technology.

Waking Moment's

S4 E13
Jan 15, 1998
The crew is "attacked" by a species of alien that live in the human dream state.

Message In A Bottle

S4 E14
Jan 22, 1998
When Voyager discovers an ancient communications relay that extends to the Alpha Quadrant, they send The Doctor to an experimental Federation ship, the Prometheus.


S4 E15
Feb 12, 1998
The Voyager crew face a new threat from a violent species of hunters called the Hirogen.


S4 E16
Feb 19, 1998
When Voyager beams aboard a wounded Hirogen aboard, they inadvertently allow aboard his prey, a member of Species 8472.


S4 E17
Feb 26, 1998
While re-fitting Voyager's systems with newly traded weapons, Seven of Nine claims to have been assaulted by Kovin, the weapons dealer.

Killing Game, The, Part 1

S4 E18
Mar 5, 1998
The Hirogen capture and board Voyager, and use the holodecks to "hunt" the crew in various scenarios.

Killing Game, The, Part 2

S4 E19
Mar 5, 1998
The crew must find a way to defeat the Hirogen and reclaim Voyager.

Vis A Vis

S4 E20
Apr 9, 1998
An alien test pilot who has the capability of switching bodies manages to take Tom's place aboard Voyager in order to escape the law.

The Omega Directive

S4 E21
Apr 16, 1998
Voyager is forced out of warp by the detection of a dangerous and powerful particle, called "Omega", that has the power to join subspace.


S4 E22
Apr 23, 1998
A mysterious but comely female alien claims to be in love with Chakotay, and requests asylum aboard Voyager.

Living Witness

S4 E23
Apr 30, 1998
An alien species claims that the "Warship Voyager" was responsible for war crimes committed against them.


S4 E24
May 7, 1998
Voyager lands on Demon-class planet in order to mine for deuterium to replenish the ship's dangerously low supply.


S4 E25
May 14, 1998
Seven must deal with almost complete solitude when the crew must go into protective stasis for a month in order to cross a dangerous nebula.

Hope And Fear

S4 E26
May 21, 1998
A mysterious alien with a knack for languages is able to repair a damaged message from Starfleet.