Season 2

Episode Guide

The Thirty Sevens

S2 E1
Aug 28, 1995
After discovering a 1936 Ford truck floating in space, Voyager follows an AM-band SOS call to a nearby planet.


S2 E2
Sep 04, 1995
A young Kazon trying to earn his name and place among his people kidnaps and tries to kill Chakotay.


S2 E3
Sep 11, 1995
When the Doctor is activated during a Red Alert, he learns that the ship has been abandoned, and that only B'Elanna Torres and an injured Captain Janeway are left on board.


S2 E4
Sep 18, 1995
When the crew of Voyager investigate a cluster of space-borne life forms, Kes prematurely enters a stage in her life known as the "Elogium." This is the only time in her life when she can conceive a child.

Non Sequitur

S2 E5
Sep 25, 1995
Harry Kim arises one morning to find he is back in San Francisco on Earth with his girlfriend Libby. He learns that in this reality, he never served aboard Voyager, but instead works in Starship Design at Starfleet Headquarters.


S2 E6
Oct 02, 1995
A spatial distortion ring puts the ship and crew at risk, as it begins to reconfigure the internal layout of Voyager.


S2 E7
Oct 09, 1995
After Neelix and Paris come to blows over Kes, they find themselves trapped together on a planet dubbed "Planet Hell" and become the unwilling parents of an infant alien.

Persistence Of Vision

S2 E8
Oct 30, 1995
Captain Janeway starts seeing characters and objects from her holo-novel around the ship.


S2 E9
Nov 06, 1995
Upon discovering a cultural symbol drawn in the ground on a planet that was used by his ancestors to "heal the land", Chakotay tries to contact the beings his tribe called the "Sky Spirits."

Cold Fire

S2 E10
Nov 13, 1995
The crew of Voyager make contact with the Caretaker's mate, Suspiria, and hope she will be able to send them home.


S2 E11
Nov 20, 1995
After Voyager detects a Federation probe, the Kazon-Nistrim attack and steal transporter technology. Chakotay interprets this as a personal attack, and is then captured.


S2 E12
Nov 27, 1995
Tuvok and B'Elanna are captured and imprisoned after an away mission goes wrong. Janeway is knocked unconscious and is rescued by a man who believes that she is his daughter.


S2 E13
Jan 15, 1996
After repairing a robot she found drifting in space, B'Elanna is abducted and forced to design a new prototype or Voyager will be destroyed.


S2 E14
Jan 22, 1996
In order to stop attacks from the Kazon, Captain Janeway finds herself being forced to make an alliance with the more powerful Kazon sects.


S2 E15
Jan 29, 1996
Tom Paris begins evolving into a higher organism after achieving warp 10 in an experimental shuttle.


S2 E16
Feb 05, 1996
When Ensign Lon Suder kills a crewmate, Tuvok performs a mind meld to help repress Suder's violent tendencies. However, soon after, Tuvok begins showing violent tendencies himself.


S2 E17
Feb 12, 1996
Voyager encounters a Cardassian missile ship, which Torres re-programmed while working for the Maquis. Now, B'Elanna must outsmart her own programming to disarm Dreadnought, before it destroys a planet and kills millions of innocent people.

Death Wish

S2 E18
Feb 19, 1996
A suicidal Q threatens the future of the Q-Continuum when he requests asylum aboard Voyager.


S2 E19
Feb 26, 1996
After receiving a Vidiian patient who is about to die from the phage, The Doctor transfers her consciousness into the ship's computer and creates a holographic body, and soon begins to develop romantic feelings for her.


S2 E20
Mar 13, 1996
After weeks of erratic behavior, Tom Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian convoy.


S2 E21
Mar 18, 1996
An accident in a plasma cloud creates a duplicate Voyager after they are attacked by the Vidiians.


S2 E22
Apr 08, 1996
When Tuvok crashes on a moon, he discovers three small children who believe they are about to die.

The Thaw

S2 E23
Apr 29, 1996
The crew of Voyager encounters a planet that has recently entered an ice age. They discover a series of stasis chambers where a small group of people are mentally connected to an artificial environment that turned horribly wrong.


S2 E24
May 06, 1996
A transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix into one person.


S2 E25
May 13, 1996
When Captain Janeway and Chakotay contract an incurable virus they are left on a planet which shields them from its effects. While Janeway searches for a cure, she begins to form a deeper relationship with her first officer.

Basics, Part 1

S2 E26
May 20, 1996
Seska lures Chakotay and Voyager to her, claiming that Maj Cullah is going to kill the baby she created using Chakotay's DNA, once he learns that it isn't his. Chakotay feels compelled to rescue his child, while all the time, he fears it could be a trap.