Season 3

Episode Guide

Basics, Part 2

S3 E1
Sep 04, 1996
With the crew stranded on a barren planet, and the ship controlled by the Kazon, it's up to Tom Paris, Lon Suder, and The Doctor to retake Voyager and rescue their crewmates.


S3 E2
Sep 11, 1996
After falling ill to what appears to be a repressed memory Tuvok must perform a mind-meld with Captain Janeway in order to survive. The meld takes them back to when Tuvok was a junior science officer aboard the USS Excelsior under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu.

The Chute

S3 E3
Sep 18, 1996
Paris and Kim are sent to an Akritian prison after being accused of a terrorist bombing, where they are thrown in among hardened killers.

The Swarm

S3 E4
Sep 25, 1996
Voyager must find a way to cross a region of space owned by a mysterious race of hostile aliens without being detected.

False Profits

S3 E5
Oct 02, 1996
Voyager discovers a pair of Ferengi, who arrived in the Delta Quadrant via the Barzan Wormhole, masquerading as gods to a primitive culture. The crew must find a way to put an end to this exploitation, while trying to use the same wormhole to get them home.


S3 E6
Oct 09, 1996
After Voyager encounters a telepathic species, B'Elanna starts having powerful dreams that depict the life of a woman and her lover in a time of great political and social upheaval.

Sacred Ground

S3 E7
Oct 30, 1996
Kes accidentally intrudes on a religious shrine and is almost killed by a strange energy beam. Told there is nothing that can medically be done to save her, Captain Janeway undergoes a spiritual quest to ask the "spirits" to spare Kes's life.

Future's End, Part 1

S3 E8
Nov 06, 1996
Both Voyager and a 29th century Federation Timeship, the Aeon, are pulled back in time to Earth in the late 20th century.

Future's End, Part 2

S3 E9
Nov 13, 1996
Voyager must find a way to stop Starling, before his attempted use of the timeship destroys Earth's Solar System.


S3 E10
Nov 20, 1996
An injured alien named Tieran transfers his consciousness into Kes' mind moments before he dies. He then gains control over her and uses her abilities to steal a shuttlecraft and return to his home world to attempt a political coup.

The Q And The Grey

S3 E11
Nov 27, 1996
Voyager encounters several supernova in a small region of space. Q soon appears and reveals that they are the after-effects of a civil war within the Q-Continuum.


S3 E12
Dec 11, 1996
Janeway and Neelix return from an away mission to find Voyager adrift in space and the crew barely alive. They soon learn that the ship has been overrun by viral life forms that are rapidly growing in size.

Fair Trade

S3 E13
Jan 08, 1997
Voyager encounters a region of space named the Nekrit Expanse. Since Neelix has no knowledge about the space after this point, he tries to make himself useful to the crew by trying to obtain a map from an old friend named Wixiban, who in exchange, asks for Neelix's help with some less-than-reputable dealings.

Alter Ego

S3 E14
Jan 15, 1997
Ensign Kim asks Tuvok to teach him Vulcan emotional control techniques when he falls in love with a holodeck character named Marayna.


S3 E15
Jan 29, 1997
Captain Janeway repeatedly dies after she and Chakotay crash into a planet in what appears to be a time loop. Soon, her deceased father appears and tells her that she is dead and must accept her situation and move on.

Blood Fever

S3 E16
Feb 05, 1997
Ensign Vorik expresses his desire to mate with B'Elanna during his Pon-Farr. After they get in a brawl over the matter, Torres begins showing signs of the Pon-Farr herself.


S3 E17
Feb 12, 1997
Chakotay responds to a distress call, and discovers a group of different species, many of which originate from the Alpha Quadrant, living on a planet stricken by conflict.


S3 E18
Feb 19, 1997
The Doctor tries to improve his programming by incorporating traits from famous and historical people, but is soon overwhelmed by the dark sides of their personalities.


S3 E19
Feb 26, 1997
While on an away mission to help a planet being bombarded with asteroids, Neelix comes up with a dangerous plan to re-establish communication with Voyager. However, he is pushed to the limit when Tuvok's negative attitude toward him becomes too much to bear.

Favorite Son

S3 E20
Mar 19, 1997
Harry Kim experiences strong senses of deja vu in an unknown region of space. He soon learns that he is native to this region and that he is T'Karian, not human.

Before And After

S3 E21
Apr 09, 1997
Kes begins traveling backwards through time from the moment of her death. With each shift, she comes closer to a solution but she also grows months and years younger at a time.

Real Life

S3 E22
Apr 23, 1997
The Doctor decides he should create a holographic family in order to expand himself. When B'Elanna is disgusted by its unrealistic perfectionism, she alters the program to include random events and outcomes with interesting and devastating results.

Distant Origin

S3 E23
Apr 30, 1997
An alien palaeontologist discovers a common ancestral link between his people and humans.


S3 E24
May 07, 1997
One by one, the crew of Voyager go missing and are replaced by strangers who claim they have no idea how they arrived. Soon, nearly the whole crew is gone, and there is no way of stopping the strangers from appearing and overrunning the ship.

Worst Case Scenario

S3 E25
May 14, 1997
A holo-novel is discovered in the computer banks, in which Chakotay raises a Maquis mutiny on Voyager. Then, when Paris and Tuvok discover that the program has been altered, they and the Voyager crew must race to stay one step ahead of a holographic Seska.

Scorpion, Part 1

S3 E26
May 21, 1997
The inevitable finally happens, as Voyager enters Borg space. However, they soon encounter a new threat, in a species even more powerful and dangerous than the Borg.