Season 5

Episode Guide


S5 E1
Oct 14, 1998
Crew morale hits an all-time low when Voyager must spend two years crossing an expanse devoid of any stars or signs of life.


S5 E2
Oct 21, 1998
An accident merges Seven's Borg nanoprobes with The Doctor's mobile emitter and an ensign's DNA to create a 29th Century Borg drone.

Extreme Risk

S5 E3
Oct 28, 1998
In order to retrieve a probe stuck in a hazardous atmosphere, Tom Paris designs a new type of shuttlecraft.

In The Flesh

S5 E4
Nov 04, 1998
The crew of Voyager discover a simulation of Starfleet Headquarters being run by Species 8472.

Once Upon A Time

S5 E5
Nov 11, 1998
Neelix is caring for Naomi Wildman while her mother is on an away mission.


S5 E6
Nov 18, 1998
When Voyager uses new quantum slipstream technology in an attempt to get home, a miscalculation causes the ship to crash into an ice planet.

Infinite Regress

S5 E7
Nov 25, 1998
Seven of Nine begins exhibiting the personalities of people that she assimilated as a member of the collective.

Nothing Human

S5 E8
Dec 02, 1998
When an alien attaches itself to B'Elanna's nervous system, the Doctor enlists the help of a holographic recreation of an expert.

Thirty Days

S5 E9
Dec 09, 1998
Paris defies a direct order when he insists on helping a people whose maritime planet is in danger of becoming uninhabitable.


S5 E10
Dec 16, 1998
Janeway must find a way to hide her telepathic officers, as well as twelve telepathic refugees.

Latent Image

S5 E11
Jan 20, 1999
When The Doctor discovers that his short-term memory has been tampered with, he launches an investigation.

Bride Of Chaotica!

S5 E12
Jan 27, 1999
Photonic life forms mistake the characters in Tom's holonovel for real people, which leads to a war with the holodeck characters.


S5 E13
Feb 03, 1999
When Tuvok, Paris and The Doctor's shuttle crashes on a barren planet, they befriend a female alien who had also crashed there years earlier.


S5 E14
Feb 10, 1999
The crew is elated to discover a wormhole that appears to lead directly to Earth.

Dark Frontier

S5 E15
Feb 17, 1999
After defeating a Borg ship, Captain Janeway decides to launch an attack on another damaged Sphere to steal a trans-warp coil.

The Disease

S5 E16
Feb 24, 1999
Without medical clearance, Kim becomes involved in a love affair with a member of the Varo species.

Course: Oblivion

S5 E17
Mar 03, 1999
After Paris and Torres tie the knot, the ship and its crew start to disintegrate on the molecular level.

The Fight

S5 E18
Mar 24, 1999
Voyager becomes trapped in an area of "chaotic space", where the laws of physics are in constant flux.

Think Tank

S5 E19
Mar 31, 1999
Voyager is ambushed by a race known as the Hazari with no way of escape.


S5 E20
Apr 26, 1999
After encountering a damaged Malon freighter, a repair crew from Voyager tries to contain a toxic chemical leak that threatens a nearby inhabited planet.

Someone To Watch Over Me

S5 E21
Apr 28, 1999
The Doctor tries to introduce Seven of Nine to the concept of dating.

Eleven Fifty-Nine

S5 E22
May 05, 1999
Captain Janeway relates the story of her distant ancestor, and her involvement in the construction of Earth's "Millennium Gate".


S5 E23
May 12, 1999
Seven is recruited by Captain Braxton of the 29th century timeship Relativity to go back in time and stop an unknown culprit from destroying Voyager.


S5 E24
May 19, 1999
An alien missile with artificial intelligence takes over The Doctor's systems, and insists that it be allowed to complete its mission of mass destruction.

Equinox, Part 1

S5 E25
May 26, 1999
Voyager comes to the aid of the Equinox - another Federation starship also abducted by the Caretaker.