Season 9

Episode Guide

Dropping Trou

S9 E1
Sep 13, 2004
Eric and Annie suspect that Simon and his new girlfriend are having sex; Kevin worries that Lucy may be in denial about her pregnancy when she refuses to go shopping for maternity clothes.

The Best Laid Plans

S9 E2
Sep 20, 2004
Simon admits that he and Georgia are having sex and that he's on academic probation for cutting classes; Eric asks Lucy to lead a class at the church on the importance of abstinence.

The Song of Lucy

S9 E3
Sep 27, 2004
Eric tells Lucy she is the associate pastor and will soon give her first sermon; Simon confesses that he has been using his relationship with Georgia to block his guilt for the fatal traffic accident.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do

S9 E4
Oct 04, 2004
Eric and Annie attempt to help a pregnant woman find a family to adopt her baby, until she has a change of heart.


S9 E5
Oct 11, 2004
Martin's knowledge of world politics inspires Ruthie to develop her own opinions about politics as the entire Camden clan fixates on voting.


S9 E6
Oct 18, 2004
A new father confesses to Eric that he doesn't feel ready for the responsibility; Lucy and Kevin argue over which doctor they prefer, and Ben takes sides; Ruthie has ulterior motives for hanging out with Martin and his best friend.

Regret to Inform

S9 E7
Oct 25, 2004
Kevin leads a young woman to believe that Martin is a rookie cop, and when Martin learns her father is serving overseas, he finds it hard to come clean; Eric and Annie ask Kevin to help Martin deal with the young woman, which results in rumors.

Why Not Me?

S9 E8
Nov 01, 2004
Eric and Annie encourage the congregation to become the licensed foster parents of Christina, one of Simon's school friends, and her three younger siblings.


S9 E9
Nov 15, 2004
When Annie learns that Matt and Sarah will not be home for Thanksgiving, she begins to act strangely, which worries Eric and the kids, who fear it may get worse when she hears that others have made alternate plans.


S9 E10
Nov 22, 2004
When Simon's ex-girlfriend, Georgia, thinks she is pregnant, the two cannot agree on how to break the news to Eric and Annie.

Wayne's World

S9 E11
Nov 29, 2004
The Camden household suffers the consequences of Lucy's foul mood when she is placed on bed rest after her hospital scare; Ruthie discovers a disheartening e-mail on Martin's computer that may explain his uncharacteristic behavior.

Paper or Plastic

S9 E12
Jan 24, 2005
Lucy convinces Matt to take her shopping and then goes into labor while they are stuck in an elevator, forcing Matt to test his medical skills.

The Fine Art of Parenting

S9 E13
Jan 31, 2005
When Lucy invites guests to see the baby, Annie fears she doesn't understand the health risks of exposing a newborn to strangers; Lucy's determination to prove that she has parenting under control leaves Kevin doubting his role as a father.

First Date

S9 E14
Feb 07, 2005
The whole family gets involved when Ruthie goes on her first official date.

Red Socks

S9 E15
Feb 14, 2005
St. Valentine's Day inspires the Camden family, and everyone breaks into song.

Brotherly Love

S9 E16
Feb 21, 2005
When Simon asks Matt to prescribe birth control pills to his girlfriend, a rumor spreads through the house that she is pregnant.

Tangled Web We Weaved

S9 E17
Feb 28, 2005
When Simon's current girlfriend, Sandra (Olivia Allen), confesses to him that she has an STD, he panics.

Honor Thy Mother

S9 E18
Apr 25, 2005
Annie and Ruthie find themselves at odds over a special family dinner; a woman (Melissa Gilbert) asks Eric to convince her mother to move to a nursing home; Kevin must invite his mother (Bo Derek) and her husband for a visit.


S9 E19
May 02, 2005
Zoe (Katie Cassidy) confides in Ruthie, but when Martin ends their relationship, she thinks Ruthie betrayed her confidence; Eric and Annie suspect that Sam and David are feigning illness so they can stay up late and eat sweets.

Leaps of Faith

S9 E20
May 09, 2005
An extremely nervous Simon comes home to Glenoak to await the results of his STD test; Eric helps a woman caring for her two daughters with sickle cell anemia.

Mi Familia

S9 E21
May 16, 2005
When Matt learns that Mary has filed for divorce and signed away custody of her son, he does not know how to tell Eric and Annie.

Mi Familia

S9 E22
May 23, 2005
Simon and his new girlfriend (Sarah Thompson) make an unexpected visit to Glenoak to meet their respective parents, leading Annie to suspect their relationship is on the fast track.