Season 5

Episode Guide

Here We Go Again

S5 E1
Oct 02, 2000
Mary postpones college in favor of soul-searching; Annie works to complete her teaching degree; Simon and Lucy continue high school; Matt considers studying medicine; Ruthie must spend another year with a despised teacher.


S5 E2
Oct 09, 2000
Mary struggles with unpaid bills after losing her job; Matt receives a failing grade; Simon assists Lucy with her campaign to become Homecoming Queen; Ruthie transfers to a private school.


S5 E3
Oct 16, 2000
Mary is tempted to drink and smoke one night after work; Matt forgets to pick up Simon; Lucy and a classmate take care of an egg.


S5 E4
Oct 23, 2000
Eric and Annie (Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks) watch helplessly as Mary (Jessica Biel) and her alarming new friends get into trouble with the law.


S5 E5
Oct 30, 2000
Tensions run high when Mary is caught with an open bottle of beer while baby-sitting; Eric and Annie clash with Mary's disreputable friends.


S5 E6
Nov 06, 2000
Eric and Annie fight about how to deal with Mary's self-destructive behavior; Mary's siblings break into the twins' piggy bank to help her pay her bills.


S5 E7
Nov 13, 2000
Eric and Annie gather everyone together to make the heartbreaking announcement that Mary will be sent to live with her grandparents in Buffalo, N.Y.


S5 E8
Nov 20, 2000
Ugly rumors spread about Mary's departure; Simon uses his sister's bad reputation to improve his image, and gets into trouble with identical twins.


S5 E9
Nov 27, 2000
Eric and Annie confront Simon about his newfound interest in rap music and somewhat misogynistic attitude toward women.


S5 E10
Dec 18, 2000
Eric reluctantly takes in Mary's ex-boyfriend Robbie after learning that he is homeless; Mary is dumbfounded when she calls home and hears Robbie's voice.


S5 E11
Jan 22, 2001
Mary's convinced that Robbie is dating Lucy and makes frantic calls to her siblings; Robbie's enthusiasm for housework makes the others feel unneeded.

One Hundred

S5 E12
Jan 29, 2001
Eric is shocked when he discovers that Mary has run away from the Colonel's, not realizing that she is coming home for his surprise birthday party.


S5 E13
Feb 05, 2001
Eric feels jealous when the children turn to Annie for advice; Annie feels slighted by the twins; Matt begrudges Robbie his place in the household.


S5 E14
Feb 12, 2001
Mary finds out that Robbie has a date for Valentine's Day; Lucy goes on a date with Jeremy; the others spend the holiday celebrating the twins' birthday.


S5 E15
Feb 19, 2001
Everyone is apprehensive about Mary's impending visit, especially Robbie; the guys come under scrutiny when a condom is found.


S5 E16
Feb 26, 2001
Robbie's deadbeat father convinces his son to leave the Camdens; Annie worries when Lucy hangs around her friend's unconventional mother.


S5 E17
Apr 16, 2001
Fear and self-doubt overcome Matt at the prospect of a psychological evaluation; Eric counsels a terminally ill patient.


S5 E18
Apr 23, 2001
The difficulties of long-distance dating surface when Mary encounters her ex-boyfriend (Andrew Keegan) in Buffalo.


S5 E19
Apr 30, 2001
Simon gets a new nickname when Annie tells the mother of his ex-girlfriend he is sexually inexperienced.


S5 E20
May 07, 2001
Annie learns she has a stepsister (Michelle Phillips); Ruthie protests the firing of a teacher, speculating that racial discrimination is involved.


S5 E21
May 14, 2001
Mary leaves Wilson behind in New York to spend the summer with her family and ex-boyfriend, Robbie, but her secret tags along.


S5 E22
May 21, 2001
Mary faces a dilemma after Wilson arrives to proclaim his love; Lucy shocks her parents when she announces her engagement to Jeremy and her plans to attend college in New York.