Season 2

Episode Guide

Don't Take My Love Away

S2 E1
Sep 15, 1997
Eric and Annie (Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks) celebrate their anniversary; Matt's (Barry Watson) girlfriend goes away to school. With Andrea Ferrell.

See You in September

S2 E2
Sep 22, 1997
The first day of school is troublesome for the children, but more so for Eric who is called to help a 12-year-old boy contemplating suicide.

I Love You

S2 E3
Sep 29, 1997
The family believes Matt and Heather are married after reading a love letter; Lucy tries to help a classmate gain her mother's affections.

Who Knew?

S2 E4
Oct 06, 1997
Eric accuses Matt of doing drugs when he catches him with marijuana; Simon teaches Ruthie the art of doing laundry.

Says Who?

S2 E5
Oct 13, 1997
A woman asks Eric to investigate why her friend was moved to a retirement home; Lucy tries to get to the bottom of Shelby's eating disorder.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

S2 E6
Oct 20, 1997
Mary (Jessica Biel) breaks up with Wilson (guest star Andrew Keegan); Simon (David Gallagher) searches for a girlfriend; Matt (Barry Watson) receives bad news.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

S2 E7
Nov 03, 1997
Simon learns his best friend's sister is a gang member; Lucy dons makeup and a revealing wardrobe to meet guys at the mall.

Do Something

S2 E8
Nov 10, 1997
Against his father's advice, Matt takes a job caring for a terminally ill boy; Annie thinks she has found her calling in the muffin-baking business.

I Hate You

S2 E9
Nov 17, 1997
Simon invites a Holocaust survivor to talk to his classmates; Ruthie tells her mother that she hates her; Mary and Lucy decide to hate Matt's girlfriend.

Truth or Dare

S2 E10
Nov 24, 1997
Mary convinces Matt to get his friend Brian to ask her out; a surprised Lucy is invited to a sleepover party; Eric thinks he's fat.

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

S2 E11
Jan 12, 1998
Eric's military-man father shows up at the Camden house intending to straighten out several family problems of which Eric is unaware.

Rush to Judgment

S2 E12
Jan 19, 1998
Eric and Annie don't want to believe that the church treasurer is guilty when money is missing from the parish account.

Stuck in the Middle With You

S2 E13
Jan 26, 1998
Lucy must choose between a new flame and her ex-boyfriend; a visit from Annie's father causes trouble.

Red Tape

S2 E14
Feb 02, 1998
Eric tries to help a single mother convince the IRS that she isn't responsible for her ex-boyfriend's huge debt.


S2 E15
Feb 09, 1998
Mary is afraid of failing while staging a comeback in basketball; a class project causes Simon to lose his cool; Ruthie agonizes about a field trip.

It Takes a Village

S2 E16
Feb 26, 1998
When Eric helps a friend secretly meet up with his wife's ex-husband, the aftermath is shocking; Mary dates one of Lucy's classmates.

Nothing Endures But Change

S2 E17
Mar 02, 1998
Her family tries to console Lucy after a friend is killed in an automobile accident; Simon gets his own room.

My Kinda Guy

S2 E18
Apr 06, 1998
A con artist poses as a French exchange student and moves in with the Camdens; Eric and Annie begin an Internet romance.

Time to Leave the Nest

S2 E19
Apr 13, 1998
Eric tries to get the facts about a homeless girl Simon brings to stay with them; Matt can't wait to leave for college.

Like a Harlot

S2 E20
Apr 27, 1998
Eric asks Matt to take a friend's daughter to the prom without knowing her reputation; Mary and Lucy double-date; Simon learns the facts of life.


S2 E21
May 04, 1998
Mary and Wilson's reunion is too close for Annie; Lucy is troubled when former boyfriends follow Eric.

... and Girlfriends

S2 E22
May 11, 1998
The Camdens are shaken by word of a possible pregnancy and news that Matt (Barry Watson) may leave home very soon.