Season 4

Episode Guide

The Tattle Tale Heart

S4 E1
Sep 20, 1999
Eric prepares to tell his parents of his sister's (Deborah Raffin) pregnancy and marriage to Dr. Hastings (Ed Begley Jr.).

Life Is Too Beautiful

S4 E2
Sep 27, 1999
Eric develops a childlike fascination with life during a vacation; Matt grows uncomfortable with a blossoming friendship between his girlfriend and roommate.

Yak Sada

S4 E3
Oct 04, 1999
Each of the Camdens learns about equality; Eric counsels a couple about the importance of sexual equality in marriage; Simon considers dropping a cooking class in which he is the only boy; Ruthie aspires to play on the football team.

Come Drive With Me

S4 E4
Oct 11, 1999
Eric's annual raise is in jeopardy when the church board gets the wrong idea about the Camden's financial situation.

With Honors

S4 E5
Oct 18, 1999
Mary makes a stand when a friend's (Alicia Willis) academic award is revoked because she is a teenage mother.

Just You Wait and See

S4 E6
Oct 19, 1999
Eric intervenes to prevent his pregnant sister (Deborah Raffin) and her husband (Ed Begley Jr.) from separating.

Sin ...

S4 E7
Oct 25, 1999
Mary leads a revolt when the basketball coach imposes a lockout on the team because of the girls' poor academic performance.

... And Expiation

S4 E8
Nov 08, 1999
The Camdens rally around Mary after she is arrested for vandalizing the gym, while Eric and Annie try to forestall possible jail time for her.

Dirty Laundry

S4 E9
Nov 22, 1999
Eric receives a $20,000 check from a Japanese-American woman who was confined in a camp during World War II; Ruthie tries to bribe a classmate.

Who Nose

S4 E10
Nov 29, 1999
Simon's new friends intentionally inhale paint fumes while working on a mural; Mary falls for a guy she meets while doing community service.

Forget Me Not

S4 E11
Dec 13, 1999
Annie wrestles with the news that her father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease; Ruthie worries about Y2K; Lucy blows off volunteer work.

All by Myself

S4 E12
Jan 24, 2000
Annie takes a solo trip to the beach, leaving Eric in charge of the household; Matt says goodbye to Shana; Mary waits impatiently for Robbie's call.

Who Do You Trust?

S4 E13
Jan 31, 2000
Eric and Annie reluctantly allow Mary to go on a date; Simon and a friend buy cigarettes for a class project.


S4 E14
Feb 07, 2000
Eric finds an ally in Simon when he tries to help a boy with Tourette's syndrome; Annie battles Ruthie's teacher over insensitive remarks.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

S4 E15
Feb 14, 2000
On St. Valentine's Day, the Camdens throw a party for the twins' first birthday; Mary spends a romantic dinner with Robbie.

Say a Little Prayer for Me

S4 E16
Feb 21, 2000
Eric expounds on the power of prayer after he receives an anonymous letter from a victim of abuse; Lucy is mistaken for a teenage mother.

Twelve Angry People

S4 E17
Feb 28, 2000
Eric helps the other members of a hung jury regain their faith in the law; Mary accidentally gives Lucy a black eye; Matt finds his voice.

Hoop Dreams

S4 E18
Apr 10, 2000
Mary has a dream about playing basketball with the L.A. Lakers; Simon and Lucy are overheard deriding their parents' career choices.

Talk to Me

S4 E19
May 01, 2000
The Rev. Camden counsels a sexually molested woman to help her express emotions she has been hiding from her family.

Liar, Liar

S4 E20
May 08, 2000
A reporter profiles the Camden family for a newspaper article; a classmate plagiarizes one of Ruthie's stories for a competition.

Love Stinks

S4 E21
May 15, 2000
Eric and Annie are dismayed when Mary decides to reunite with Robbie; Heather tells Matt that she still loves him; Simon gets dumped.

Love Stinks

S4 E22
May 22, 2000
Eric and Annie counsel their children on matters of the heart; Mary announces that she is engaged to Robbie; Matt leaves Shana to pursue a relationship with Heather.