Season 8

Episode Guide

The Long Bad Summer

S8 E1
Sep 15, 2003
Someone finds out she's pregnant; a fatal accident drastically changes the Camdens' lives, especially one member of the family.

An Early Fall

S8 E2
Sep 22, 2003
Mary returns home with some unexpected news; Lucy and Kevin adjust to married life; Chandler breaks up with Roxanne after discovering she is not comfortable with the prospect of being a preacher's wife.


S8 E3
Sep 29, 2003
Eric accompanies Simon when he sees the Board of Education to discuss early graduation; Lucy catches Chandler kissing a beautiful blonde at church and agonizes over whether or not to tell Roxanne.

I Wasn't Expecting That!

S8 E4
Oct 06, 2003
A mysterious stranger (Tyler Hoechlin) wanders into the Camden home and spends the day with the family; Rabbi Glass (Richard Lewis) confides in Eric that he caught his wife (Laraine Newman) kissing another man.

The Kid Is Out of the Picture

S8 E5
Oct 13, 2003
Simon talks about his family in a video essay for his college application, then dwells on the anguish he feels about his role in a fatal car accident.

Charity Begins at Home

S8 E6
Oct 20, 2003
Eric's sermon inspires everyone to help someone in need; Eric invites his new son-in-law to fly out for a family dinner; Ruthie befriends a shy schoolmate with a secret; Annie is jealous of the time Cecilia spends with the twins.

Getting to Know You

S8 E7
Nov 03, 2003
Eric is disappointed when his neighbors spurn a Muslim family; Cecilia's house is robbed while she attends a Neighborhood Watch meeting; Roxanne mentors a troubled teenager; Chandler is attracted to Peter's mother.


S8 E8
Nov 10, 2003
Eric arranges for Peter and his dog to visit a drug rehab center to cheer up the patients; Chandler receives a letter from Roxanne just before his first date with Paris.

Go Ask Alice

S8 E9
Nov 17, 2003
School board asks Eric to look into the high-school principal's (Meredith Baxter) questionable behavior.

The One Thing

S8 E10
Nov 24, 2003
Matt (Barry Watson) and Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison) begin their student rotation in the ER but get off to a bad start by arriving late.

When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People

S8 E11
Jan 05, 2004
Matt returns home, wanting to drop out of medical school; Kevin doesn't know what to do about Lucy when his ex-wife (Mindy Burbano) comes to town.

The Prodigal Father

S8 E12
Jan 12, 2004
The Rev. Camden tries to heal the rift between Peter and his father, a recovering alcoholic who abandoned his family three years earlier.

Major League

S8 E13
Jan 19, 2004
Eric intervenes when Martin considers dropping out of school to become a professional ballplayer; Chandler's mother (Concetta Tomei) pays an unwelcome visit after he becomes executor of his father's estate.

Healing Old Wounds

S8 E14
Jan 26, 2004
Martin's father tries to help his son decide whether to choose a career in baseball or college; Chandler and Paris re-evaluate their relationship; Roxanne and Martin's aunt fight over their differing views on the war.

Don't Speak Ill of the Dead or the Living

S8 E15
Feb 09, 2004
Annie's half-sister Lilly shows up with important family news; Cecilia tries to play matchmaker with Martin's friend Mac; Ruthie and Peter's school project gets them in trouble.

The Anniversary

S8 E16
Feb 16, 2004
Matt causes a stir when he returns to visit Ruthie but avoids the rest of the family, then Martin shares with Cecilia, and Annie tells nurse Kelly (Debi Mazar) about Matt and Sarah's marriage.

Two Weddings, an Engagement, and a Funeral

S8 E17
Feb 23, 2004
Annie's half-sister (Michelle Phillips) wants their ailing father to walk her down the aisle; Fred's mother accuses Mrs. Bink of being a gold digger; a couple object to the marriage of their mentally impaired son.


S8 E18
Mar 01, 2004
Annie's joy in the wake of her father's death becomes contagious; following Eric's advice, Chandler meets with a lawyer (Randy Spelling) about adoption.

There's No Place Like It

S8 E19
Apr 19, 2004
Lucy and Kevin get into a bidding war with Chandler for a house; Eric and Annie decide to use their savings to buy their house from the church.

High and Dry

S8 E20
Apr 26, 2004
Lucy and Kevin celebrate their anniversary and think about starting a family; Eric and Vic find Peter drinking alcohol with his friends.

Lost and Found

S8 E21
May 03, 2004
Two Sudanese refugees take in Ruthie and Peter after they accidentally miss their bus during a school field trip.

Little White Lies

S8 E22
May 10, 2004
Matt (Barry Watson) and Sarah have marital problems; Simon (David Gallagher) returns home, complicating Cecilia's relationship with Martin.

Little White Lies

S8 E23
May 17, 2004
Matt tries to salvage his marriage while questioning his feelings for Heather; Simon's return to Glenoak has Cecilia torn between him and her current boyfriend; Eric and Annie head for New York.