Season 1

Episode Guide

Anything You Want

S1 E1
Aug 26, 1996
Eric tries to stop 16-year-old Matt from smoking; Eric and Annie field Simon's nonstop requests for a pet dog; Mary asks Matt for advice about kissing boys.

Family Secrets

S1 E2
Sep 23, 1996
The Camdens are shocked to meet Matt's secret girlfriend; Lucy has a secret crush on a classmate; Annie tells Matt the surprising truth about his grandmother.

In the Blink of an Eye

S1 E3
Sep 30, 1996
Matt, Mary and Lucy (Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell) learn the art of dating; Annie's parents (Graham Jarvis, Alice Hirson) move into the Camden home. With Catherine Hicks and Stephen Collins.

No Funerals and a Wedding

S1 E4
Oct 07, 1996
Annie's spirits are dampened by her mother's funeral and her father's sudden disappearance; Eric counsels a couple with marital problems.

The Color of God

S1 E5
Oct 14, 1996
A church burning causes the Camdens to invite the Rev. Morgan Hamilton's family to move in with them.


S1 E6
Nov 04, 1996
Despite warnings from her family, Lucy tries to learn the truth about Mike "The Mutant" Mitchell, a mysterious recluse accused of murder.


S1 E7
Nov 06, 1996
Mary does not want the family to come to her big basketball game; the Camdens are in a frenzy when Ruthie and Simon are lost.

What Will People Say?

S1 E8
Nov 11, 1996
The family suspects the worst upon seeing Eric and Abby Morris at a motel; Simon has a crush on a classmate.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

S1 E9
Nov 18, 1996
When Matt and Annie are carjacked, Eric is determined to help them get over the trauma; Lucy runs against her boyfriend for class president.

Last Call for Aunt Julie

S1 E10
Nov 25, 1996
The Camden family's traditional Thanksgiving is jeopardized when the children want to spend the holiday away from home and Eric's sister reveals a tragic secret.

Now You See Me

S1 E11
Dec 16, 1996
The Camdens are suspicious of Matt's new girlfriend; Lucy's cheerleading tryout brings out the worst in Mary.

With a Little Help From My Friends

S1 E12
Jan 13, 1997
Eric tries to help a homeless family; Matt helps old Mrs. Bink around the house; Lucy is depressed about her birthday; Happy has puppies.

America's Most Wanted

S1 E13
Feb 03, 1997
Matt takes the blame for something Mary did, complicating the rift between Matt and Eric; Lucy takes credit for a paper Mary wrote.

America's Most Wanted

S1 E14
Feb 04, 1997
Matt takes the blame for something Mary did, complicating the rift between Matt and Eric; Lucy takes credit for a paper Mary wrote.

Happy's Valentine

S1 E15
Feb 10, 1997
Happy gets hit by a car when Matt is left in charge of the household; Lucy attempts to celebrate her first Valentine's Day with Jimmy.

Brave New World

S1 E16
Feb 17, 1997
Lucy asks Eric to investigate her friend's lies; Matt intervenes when Mary is harassed; Simon is jealous of Ruthie's friend.


S1 E17
Apr 14, 1997
Mary goes to a party with a girl she met in detention; Eric and Annie counsel a cleric who has a secret.

Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line

S1 E18
Apr 21, 1997
Eric meets with opposition when he wants to hire an ex-convict as the church's new organist and office manager.

It's About George ...

S1 E19
Apr 28, 1997
The father of George, the boy Eric's parents adopted, returns and demands custody; Eric's sister is released from the rehabilitation center.

Say Goodbye

S1 E20
May 05, 1997
Matt becomes uncomfortable when Annie's friend makes a pass at him; Mary makes her singing debut; Lucy loses her best friend.

Dangerous Liaisons

S1 E21
May 12, 1997
Annie's father brings his new girlfriend to visit, which makes Annie uncomfortable; Matt is smitten with a girl who is hearing impaired.

Dangerous Liaisons

S1 E22
May 19, 1997
Mary is afraid her parents won't accept her new boyfriend; Eric tries to help Annie deal with her father's new relationship.