Season 10

Episode Guide

It's Late

S10 E1
Sep 19, 2005
Eric tries to avoid telling his parents about Mary's divorce; Simon's fiancee wants him to move up the wedding date; Lucy learns the difficulties of being an associate pastor.

Home Run

S10 E2
Sep 26, 2005
Martin learns that he may be the father of Sandy's unborn child; Simon feels responsible for Martin's dilemma because he introduced him to Sandy.

Mama's Gonna Buy You a Diamond Ring

S10 E3
Oct 03, 2005
Simon and Rose decide to make changes in their relationship, leading Eric and Annie to think they are breaking up; Sandy attends Lucy's church social to confront Martin, who has been avoiding her calls.

Ring Around the Rosie

S10 E4
Oct 10, 2005
Eric and Annie learn that Simon and Rose are living together; Lucy's difficulty counseling a young pregnant woman leads her to doubt her abilities as an associate pastor.

The Rat's Out of the Bag

S10 E5
Oct 17, 2005
When Lucy tells Kevin and Matt that she is going to visit Simon at college, the skeptical guys follow her and learn that the real reason behind her visit is to counsel Sandy about her pregnancy.


S10 E6
Oct 31, 2005
Sandy asks Simon to take her to the hospital for what she thinks are labor pains, and she admits that she slept with Martin only to make Simon jealous.

Soup's On

S10 E7
Nov 07, 2005
When Sandy's father approaches Eric and Lucy about helping his daughter, they are suspicious of the large amount of money he leaves with them.

Chicken Noodle Heads

S10 E8
Nov 14, 2005
Eric gains a new perspective on Sandy's pregnancy when he learns that his own mother was pregnant with him before she and his father were married.


S10 E9
Nov 21, 2005
The demands of Simon's school and work keep him from celebrating Thanksgiving with the family; Meredith's sister spreads a rumor that Ruthie is pregnant with Martin's baby and that she caused Martin and Meredith to break up.

Apple Pie

S10 E10
Nov 28, 2005
After discovering Rose may be keeping secrets from him, Simon begins to wonder whether his parents were right to discourage him from marrying her.


S10 E11
Dec 12, 2005
The entire family takes part in a living nativity scene at the church; Eric dresses as Santa and helps a convalescent home.

Got MLK?

S10 E12
Jan 23, 2006
When Martin advises a friend not to write an essay on Martin Luther King Jr., others misunderstand and vandalize his car.

And Baby Makes Three

S10 E13
Jan 30, 2006
When Sandy goes into labor, Simon wants to go to the hospital to support her, but Rose refuses, prompting Simon to acknowledge that he is not sure he still wants to marry Rose.

The Magic of Gershwin

S10 E14
Feb 06, 2006
When Ruthie gets detention for being late to class, she has a great time with the teacher, who introduces her to the music of Gershwin.

Love and Obsession

S10 E15
Feb 13, 2006
Rose tells Simon she does not want to get married in a church; Kevin organizes a Valentine's Day dinner at the hotel where he and Lucy were engaged.

Moving Ahead

S10 E16
Feb 27, 2006
Lucy secretly goes to see a doctor to find out if she is pregnant; Rose is still angry that Simon neglected to tell her that he slept with Sandy.

Highway to Cell

S10 E17
Apr 03, 2006
Simon thinks Rose still has feelings for her ex-fiance; Ruthie gets a new cell phone, but has no one to call her.

Invitation to Disaster

S10 E18
Apr 10, 2006
Problems arise when Eric and Annie realize Simon and Rose's wedding falls on the same day as Matt and Sarah's graduation ceremony.


S10 E19
Apr 17, 2006
The developing bond between Rose and Annie causes Ruthie and Lucy to become jealous; Sam and David try to get family members to divulge their secrets.

And More Secrets

S10 E20
Apr 24, 2006
Kevin loses his wedding ring in a most inconvenient manner; Simon and Rose have a serious argument; Annie gets upset.

Goodbye ...

S10 E21
May 01, 2006
The Camdens reminisce about simpler days when the children were little; Simon becomes more conflicted about his upcoming marriage to Rose; Ruthie meets a Scottish boy.

... And Thank You

S10 E22
May 08, 2006
On Simon's wedding day, Matt and Sarah make a surprise announcement, as do Kevin and Lucy.