Season 7

Episode Guide

Monkey Business

S7 E1
Sep 16, 2002
Mary tries to conceal her May-December romance with a pilot (Grant Goodeve), until he shows up at the Camden home; Kevin introduces his attractive new partner (Rachel Blanchard) to Lucy with explosive results.

Monkey Business Deux

S7 E2
Sep 23, 2002
Cecilia reveals Simon's profitable dating service to Eric; Mary threatens to leave home over a dispute regarding her relationship with an older man (Grant Goodeve).

The Enemy Within

S7 E3
Sep 30, 2002
Capt. Jack Smith's father (Pat Boone) accuses Mary of seducing his son (Grant Goodeve); Ruthie lands in the principal's (Cindy Williams) office because of a dispute with a classmate over a monkey.

Bowling for Eric

S7 E4
Oct 07, 2002
Eric loses his nerve after calling a family meeting to tell everyone he must undergo double bypass surgery.

Heart of the Matter

S7 E5
Oct 14, 2002
While under anesthesia, Eric hallucinates he is Elvis Presley performing "Don't Be Cruel" and "Teddy Bear."

Regarding Eric

S7 E6
Oct 21, 2002
A friend with a developmental disability asks Lucy to persuade his parents to let him join a traveling troupe of puppeteers; to make Eric feel needed, Annie asks the children to go to him for advice on their problems.

Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn

S7 E7
Nov 04, 2002
The church hires a new pastor (Jeremy London) to help out while Eric recovers; a chain-smoking housekeeper (Phyllis Diller) tries to bring order to the Camden home.

Peer Pressure

S7 E8
Nov 11, 2002
Eric and Rabbi Glass (Richard Lewis) spy on the new associate pastor; Ruthie is caught slow-dancing with her boyfriend when she should be watching the twins.

Lost Souls

S7 E9
Nov 18, 2002
Eric makes a life-altering decision while recovering from surgery; Lucy turns to the new pastor for advice when she sees Kevin and Roxanne dancing at the pool hall.

A Cry for Help

S7 E10
Nov 25, 2002
While hosting a call-in show at a college radio station, Eric and his producer (Usher) field a call from a student threatening to kill himself.


S7 E11
Jan 06, 2003
Simon and Cecilia decide they are ready to have sex; Annie dismisses Eric's manuscript as smut; Lucy spies on Roxanne and Chandler.

Back in the Saddle Again

S7 E12
Jan 20, 2003
Eric agrees to see a therapist; Cecilia's father agrees to let Simon see her; Ruthie learns that her new friend (Katelyn Salmont) has cystic fibrosis.

It's Not Always About You

S7 E13
Jan 27, 2003
Annie panics when she is invited to attend one of Eric's therapy sessions; Chandler confesses his feelings for Roxanne after she is stabbed; Ruthie overhears her parents fighting and thinks they are getting a divorce.


S7 E14
Feb 03, 2003
Eric reaches out to Chandler after learning his father is dying of lung cancer; Lucy accepts a date with Chandler's chain-smoking twin brother (Jason London); Annie finds a pack of cigarettes in Simon's room.

I Love Lucy

S7 E15
Feb 10, 2003
Kevin invites everyone to be there when he proposes to Lucy on bended knee.

Stand Up

S7 E16
Feb 17, 2003
Lucy tells her father she will be heartbroken if he does not perform the wedding ceremony; Annie hijacks Lucy's wedding plans; Roxanne's father tries to bully Chandler.

High Anxiety

S7 E17
Feb 24, 2003
Eric and Annie counsel friends on their marital problems; Kevin threatens to call off the wedding; Simon and Cecilia are kicked out of a G-rated film; Roxanne decides to resign from the police force.

We Do

S7 E18
Apr 21, 2003
Guests scramble to the church when a storm threatens to postpone Lucy and Kevin's wedding; Chandler and Roxanne rush to pick up Ben and his mother, who are stranded at the airport.

That Touch of Bink

S7 E19
Apr 28, 2003
Eric and Chandler enlist the help of Mrs. Bink (Eileen Brennan) to raise money for the church's leaky roof; Peter mistrusts his mother's boyfriend (William R. Moses); Lucy confides intimate details about married life to Roxanne.


S7 E20
May 05, 2003
The Rev. Camden advises Peter and his soon-to-be stepfather (William R. Moses); Chandler counsels an engaged couple (Mayim Bialik, Bradley White) who do not seem compatible.

Life and Death

S7 E21
May 12, 2003
Eric tries to convince Chandler's dying father (Dan Lauria) to reconcile with his son; Matt and Sarah suspect she is pregnant; Lucy offers her classmate (Tara Lipinski) a place to live; Cecilia refuses to go to the prom with Simon.

Life and Death

S7 E22
May 19, 2003
Eric is unable to convince Chandler's father (Dan Lauria) to see his son before he dies; Kevin recognizes Lucy's house guest (Tara Lipinski) as a reputed prostitute; Lucy takes a home-pregnancy test without telling anyone.