Season 3

Episode Guide

Owl's Dillemma/School for Otters/Spring Cleaning

S3 E1
Nov 01, 2001
When Owl is having trouble sleeping Little Bear tries to find him a quiet place for a rest and discovers that the best place for Owl's much needed sleep is in Owl's own little house.

A Whale of a Tale/Mitzi Arrives/Granny's Old Flying Rug

S3 E2
Nov 02, 2001
While out on a fishing trip, Father Bear recounts to Little Bear how he met his whale friend, Mighty. Mitzi is a precocious little monkey. She meets Little Bear and the gang and, after a shaky start, they all become friends.

Little Bear Sings a Song/A House For Mitzi/Up A Tree

S3 E3
Nov 03, 2001
Little Bear and his friends make up a song and do the actions that go along with it. After Little Bear awakes to find Mitzi sleeping outside in a tree, he and his friends build her a tree house of her own.

The Big Bear Sitter/Top of the World/The Campfire Tale

S3 E4
Nov 04, 2001
Uncle Rusty is put through the "first time babysitter" antics of Little Bear and his friends. Father Bear, Uncle Rusty, and Little Bear go on a hiking expedition to the "top of the world."

Mitzi's Little Monster/Simon Says/Applesauce

S3 E5
Nov 05, 2001
Little Bear, Emily, and Mitzi put on a puppet show for their friends starring Lucy, Fisherman Bear, and Mitzi's Little Monster. The gang play an exciting game of Simon Says.

Father Bear's Nightshirt/How to Scare Ghosts/Search for Spring

S3 E6
Nov 06, 2001
The blowing wind brings Father Bear's nightshirt to life and Little Bear playfully chases it through the forest. Little Bear plays Father Bear's trumpet with a band of raccoon ghosts.

Out of Honey/Message in a Bottle/Little Bear's Sweet Tooth

S3 E7
Nov 07, 2001
Little Bear introduces Mitzi to the sweetness of honey. After many mishaps trying to collect honey by themselves, they are taught by Grandfather Bear the correct way to collect honey from the bees.

Where Lucy Went/Under the Covers/Monster Pudding

S3 E8
Nov 08, 2001
The gang loses Lucy and their imaginations go wild, creating a multitude of imagined horrors Lucy may be facing. Little Bear bravely rescues Lucy from the real horror of having fallen into a small, dark cave.

Gingerbread Cookies/Marbles/The Garden War

S3 E9
Nov 09, 2001
The gingerbread cookies that Emily, Granny, and Little Bear make come to life and run away to play in the snow. Duck, Cat, and Owl join Emily and Little Bear in rounding up the mischevious cookies.

The Red Thread/Princess Duck/Little Bear Meets Duck

S3 E10
Nov 10, 2001
Little Bear fantasizes about being small so he can follow a spool of Mother Bear's thread into the bushes. He has an interesting adventure being tiny, meeting insects, birds, and being rescued by No Feet.

Mother Nature/Dance Steps/Who Am I?

S3 E11
Nov 11, 2001
Emily and Little Bear collect a variety of natural wonders such as flowers and leaves for their nature collection. They show their collection to Mother Bear who teaches them more about the wonders of Mother Nature.

Emily's Birthday/The Great Race/Circus for Tutu

S3 E12
Nov 12, 2001
It's Emily's birthday but Little Bear isn't in a partying mood. He's unhappy because Emily is getting older, but is comforted by Emily who reminds him he'll be a year older, too.

Clever Cricket/Leaves/Big Bad Broom

S3 E13
Nov 13, 2001
A cricket is carried into the house with the firewood by Little Bear and Emily. The cricket gives everyone an excuse to have a little party, with Granny playing the squeezebox and everyone joining in and singing.