Season 1

Episode Guide

What Will Little Bear Wear?/Hide and Seek/Little Bear Goes to the Moon

S1 E1
Sep 11, 2001
Little Bear would like to play in the snow. He asks Mother Bear to make him a hat, pants and coat to keep him warm. He finally decides what he needs is his fur coat.

Birthday Soup/Polar Bear/Gone Fishing

S1 E2
Sep 12, 2001
It's Little Bear's birthday and Mother Bear is nowhere to be found, so he makes Birthday Soup for his friends.

Up All Night

S1 E3
Sep 13, 2001
Little Bear decides that he will stay up all night to see the sunrise. Little Bear doesn't feel well. Mother Bear tells him that he must stay in bed to feel better.

Father Bear Comes Home/Little Bear's Bath/Fishing With Father Bear

S1 E4
Sep 14, 2001
Little Bear tells his friends that Father Bear is coming home with a present for him. His friends think that Little Bear will have a mermaid at his house.

Little Bear's Wish

S1 E5
Sep 15, 2001
Little Bear tells Mother Bear three wishes to prolong going to bed. They are: flying on a cloud, being a Viking, and visiting a princess who has chocolate cake to share.

To Grandmother's House/Grandfather Bear/Mother Bear's Robin

S1 E6
Sep 16, 2001
Little Bear prepares for his trip to Grandmother's House by carefully packing jam, soup and cookies between pine boughs.

Hiccups/Date With Father Bear/

S1 E7
Sep 17, 2001
Little Bear has invited his friends over to play but they must be quiet because Father Bear is reading the paper.

Little Bear's Mermaid/Father F

S1 E8
Sep 18, 2001
When Little Bear's family goes on a picnic by the lake, Little Bear meets a mermaid. Little Bear and his father surprise Mother Bear with a breakfast of Father's famous flying flapjacks.

Family Portrait/Little Bear's New Friend/The Visit

S1 E9
Sep 19, 2001
Little Bear and his friends prepare for a family portrait by taking lots of funny pictures. Little Bear meets Emily, a young girl, who is camping nearby. They share cookies as they take the shortcut to the campground.

Duck, Babysitter/Little Bear's

S1 E10
Sep 20, 2001
As Duck is babysitting the ducklings, one wanders off. Little Bear and his friends work together to find the lost duckling. Little Bear and his friends put together a band to play at his grandparent's golden anniversary.

Little Bear & The Wind/Goblin/

S1 E11
Sep 21, 2001
When Little Bear is awakened by the wind's howling, Mother Bear tells him a story. While picking berries, Grandfather Bear tells Little Bear a story about a goblin.

Grandfather's Attic/Little Bear's Egg/Party at Owl's House

S1 E12
Sep 22, 2001
While looking through Grandfather's things in the attic, Grandfather Bear and Little Bear pretend that they are in the circus. Little Bear and Emily find an egg in the woods and try to find the birds who lost it.

The Rain Dance Play/Falling Leaves/Your Friend, Little Bear

S1 E13
Sep 23, 2001
Little Bear and his friends perform a play about rain. While raking leaves, Little Bear imagines playing with Emily and his friends throughout the seasons. Little Bear writes to Emily during the school year.