Season 2

Episode Guide

Little Bear the Magician/Doctor Little Bear/Bigger Little Bear

S2 E1
Oct 01, 2001
Little Bear, having made his lunch disappear, decides that he is a magician and performs various lucky magic tricks like making his friends disappear to his house for some of Mother Bear's chocolate cake.

Little Bear's Trip to the Stars/Little Bear's Surprise/Little Bear and the North Pole

S2 E2
Oct 02, 2001
Little Bear joins Father Bear for a night on his boat and learns about the stars and constellations. Falling asleep, Little Bear dreams of playing in the stars as the constellations come alive.

Little Bear Meets No Feet/The Campout/Emily's Balloon

S2 E3
Oct 03, 2001
While working in the garden with Mother Bear, Little Bear meets No Feet, a sweet snake with a friendly face.

Cat's Short Cut/Little Bear's Bad Day/Captain Little Bear

S2 E4
Oct 04, 2001
After picking berries for Mother Bear's pie, Little Bear and Owl take a shortcut of Cat's and get lost, but Cat saves the day by showing the way home.

Building A House For Emily/Emily Returns/Little Sherlock Bear

S2 E5
Oct 05, 2001
Anticipating Emily's arrival for the summer, Little Bear, Father Bear, and Grandfather Bear build Emily a log house with the help of Father Bear's brother -- Uncle Rusty.

Little Bear's Tooth/Little Red Riding Hood/Little Bear and the Cupcakes

S2 E6
Oct 06, 2001
When Little Bear's first tooth comes loose Little Bear's friends suggest ways to extract the tooth in order to speed the visit from the tooth fairy.

The Snowball Fight/Winter Solstice/Snowbound

S2 E7
Oct 07, 2001
Noticing Little Bear's cabin fever and Father Bear's frustration at working on a budget, Mother Bear sends them out for a walk in the snow which turns into a giant snowball fight.

Little Bear's Garden/Prince Little Bear/A Painting for Emily

S2 E8
Oct 08, 2001
Inspired by Mother Bear's garden, Little Bear plants sunflowers and imagines a garden of giant vegetables that he and No Feet visit. Little Bear goes on a quest for his royal title so that he may marry Princess Emily.

Follow the Leader/Little Scarecrow Bear/Little Bear and the Baby

S2 E9
Oct 09, 2001
In order to get his hot, tired friends to the pond for a dip, Little Bear starts a game of follow the leader, imagining themselves climbing mountains, crawling through caves, riding a sea serpent, and flying like butterflies.

Rafting on the River/Little Bear's Kite/The Night of the Full Moon

S2 E10
Oct 10, 2001
Little Bear and friends race to see who's faster -- the landlubbers or the sailors on a raft. Arriving at the finish line in one group, Little Bear decides that they've all won the race.

Auntie Hen/Play Ball/Lucy's Okay

S2 E11
Oct 11, 2001
Little Bear comes to Hen's aid when her nieces and nephews wreak havoc in her tidy house as she prepares to have guests for Lunch.

Between Friends/The Blueberry Picnic/Lucy Needs a Friend

S2 E12
Oct 12, 2001
When Little Bear and Emily get the mumps they cheer each other up by making a book that recounts their fun times together. Little Bear and friends put on a play to celebrate the annual blueberry harvest.

Picnic at Pudding Hill/Little Bear's Walkabout/Secret Friend

S2 E13
Oct 13, 2001
Little Bear and friends travel to the top of Pudding Hill for a picnic. Little Bear explores the woods and paints pictures of the mysterious creatures he meets. Little Bear befriends a whale and keeps him a secret.