Season 4

Episode Guide

Pillow Hill/Diva Hen/Father Bear's Little Helper

S4 E1
Dec 01, 2001
Little Bear is disappointed when he catches a cold and has to stay in bed. Father Bear cheers him up with a poem which leads them on an imaginary journey through magnificent mountains and valleys.

I'll Be you, You'll Be Me/Frog In My Throat/The Puddle Jumper

S4 E2
Dec 02, 2001
Little Bear and Duck decide to trade places for a day - Little Bear paddles around the pond while Duck goes to Little bear's house. In the end Little Bear decides to be himself again so that he can have his Mother Bear back!

Family Bath Time/Winter Wonderland/Mitzi's Mess

S4 E3
Dec 03, 2001
Family Bath Time Father BearÆs bath time is interrupted when Little Bar jumps in with all of his toys. When Father Bear pulls Mother Bear in to the tub, the fun just gets better.

Moonlight Serenade/Caterpillars/Goblin Night

S4 E4
Dec 04, 2001
Little Bear dances under a Harvest Moon with a scarecrow, a family of pumpkins and a set of garden tools. When Little Bear and scarecrow get launched to the moon, he wakes up and discovers that it was only a dream...or was it?

Sleep Over/Sand Castle/Happy Anniversary

S4 E5
Dec 05, 2001
Little Bear has his first sleep over and his friends want to play more and more games. Father Bear becomes part of the sleepover and coaxes them in to bed with an active rendition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The April Fool/Balloon Heads/Mother Bear's Button

S4 E6
Dec 06, 2001
Little Bear finds out it's not so easy to play an April Fool's trick on Mother and Father Bear! Little Bear's friends are envious when they see him blowing big, pink, bubble gum bubbles.

Little Bear And The Ice Boat/Baby Deer/The Invisible Little Bear

S4 E7
Dec 07, 2001
Little Bear helps Grandfather Bear celebrate his birthday by building an ice boat. They ride the boat across a frozen lake and Grandfather Bear thanks Little Bear for his best birthday ever.

Valentine's Day/Thinking of Mother Bear/I Spy

S4 E8
Dec 08, 2001
Little Bear tries to find the secret admirer who sent him an anonymous valentine. After Little Bear has asked all his friends who sent him his valentine, Mother Bear admits she's Little Bear's admirer.

Blue Feather/Thunder Monster/Duck Soup

S4 E9
Dec 09, 2001
While picking blueberries for Mother Bear's pie, Little Bear meets Blue Feather, a baby Black bear. When Big Bear, Blue Feather's older brother shows up, the three play a spirited game of hide and seek.

The Little White Skunk/Mother'

S4 E10
Dec 10, 2001
Little Bear and Owl find marshmallow, a white baby skunk who's lost. The pair become her adopted parents for the day until she's returned to her family.

Rainy Day Friends/Little Goblin Bear/Picnic On The Moon

S4 E11
Dec 11, 2001
Using Grandfather Bear's toy train, Little Bear's imagination takes him on a fanciful railroad adventure when a group of toys come to life.

Little Bear And The Sea Monster/The Hat Parade/Finding Fisherman Bear

S4 E12
Dec 12, 2001
Little Bear and owl are fishing when a fog rolls in. They accidentally catch a huge sea monster who drags them out to sea. Fortunately, Little Bear's friend Mermaid comes to help them unhook the monster and returns them back.

The Painting/The Kiss/The Wedding

S4 E13
Dec 13, 2001
Mr. Skunk is sad - he thinks that no one will ever want to kiss him because he's a skunk. Little Bear remedies this by getting Mr. Skunk to take a picture he painted to Mother Bear for him. She in turn, gives Mr. Skunk a kiss