Season 8

Episode Guide


S8 E1
Jun 11, 2010
Season 8 premiere. The dark side of the profitable but dangerous sport.

Fast Food

S8 E2
Jun 18, 2010
Season 8. Is the war on fast food really necessary to ensure public health?

Martial Arts

S8 E3
Jun 25, 2010
Season 8. A skeptical look at martial arts: are they spiritual or silly?

Teen Sex

S8 E4
Jul 2, 2010
Season 8. A looks at the drastic measures adults take to prevent teen sex.

Easy Money

S8 E5
Jul 9, 2010
Season 8. Penn & Teller reveal the truth about multilevel marketing.

Area 51

S8 E6
Jul 16, 2010
Season 8. Follow a team of UFO hunters to the mysterious Area 51.

Criminal Justice

S8 E7
Jul 23, 2010
Season 8. The bad science and corruption behind America's war on crime.

Old People

S8 E8
Jul 30, 2010
Season 8. Ongoing, offensive stereotypes about old people are debunked.


S8 E9
Aug 6, 2010
Season 8. The persistent but erroneous belief in "self esteem building."


S8 E10
Aug 13, 2010
Season 8 finale. A gullible public continues debating vaccination's merits.