Season 1

Episode Guide

Talking To The Dead

S1 E1
Jan 25, 2003
Series premiere. Debunking psychics and their method of "cold reading."

Alternative Medicine

S1 E2
Feb 1, 2003
Season 1. Exposing bogus claims about reflexology, magnet therapy and more.

Alien Abductions

S1 E3
Feb 8, 2003
Season 1. Probing alien abduction stories with a visit to a UFO convention.

End Of The World

S1 E4
Feb 15, 2003
Season 1. Searching for the root causes of apocalyptic beliefs.

Second Hand Smoke/Baby Bullshit

S1 E5
Feb 22, 2003
Season 1. The truth about secondhand smoke and bogus "smart baby" products.

Sex, Sex, Sex

S1 E6
Mar 1, 2003
Season 1. The business of sex, including gender-based enhancement products.

Feng Shui/Bottled Water

S1 E7
Mar 8, 2003
Season 1. Feng Shui consultants are tested; the truth about bottled water.


S1 E8
Mar 15, 2003
Season 1. Examining beliefs behind a Biblical interpretation of creation.


S1 E9
Mar 22, 2003
Season 1. A closer look at motivational speakers and their media products.


S1 E10
Mar 29, 2003
Season 1. Examining claims of extrasensory perception or "ESP" abilities.

Eat This!

S1 E11
Apr 5, 2003
Season 1. Debunking popular diet systems and "healthier" organic foods.

Ouija Boards/Near Death Experiences

S1 E12
Apr 12, 2003
Season 1. Explaining Ouija boards and the "tunnel of light" experience.

Environmental Hysteria

S1 E13
Apr 19, 2003
Season 1 finale. The truth about environmental myths such as acid rain.