Season 6

Episode Guide

War On Porn

S6 E1
Jun 20, 2008
Season 6 premiere. The duo examines the crusade to restrict pornography.

New Age Medicine

S6 E2
Jun 27, 2008
Season 6. Penn and Teller take a skeptical look at New Age medicine.


S6 E3
Jul 4, 2008
Season 6. A closer look at the wasteful, bureaucratic government agency.


S6 E4
Jul 11, 2008
Season 6. Exposing wacky New Age beliefs about the superiority of dolphins.

Sleep, Inc.

S6 E5
Jul 18, 2008
Season 6. The magicians probe the fast-growing sleep product industry.

Being Green

S6 E6
Jul 25, 2008
Season 6. Penn and Teller consider the popularity of the "green" lifestyle.

Sensitivity Training

S6 E7
Aug 1, 2008
Season 6. Sensitivity training courses...or suppressions of free speech?

Stranger Danger

S6 E8
Aug 8, 2008
Season 6. Questioning the misconception that modern childhood is dangerous.

World Peace

S6 E9
Aug 15, 2008
Season 6. Arguing that the ideal of "world peace" is dangerously naive.

Good Ol' Days

S6 E10
Aug 22, 2008
Season 6 finale. Examining the nostalgia for a past that never really was.