Season 7

Episode Guide


S7 E1
Jun 26, 2009
Season 7 premiere. The magicians examine the ultimate erotic experience.


S7 E2
Jul 3, 2009
Season 7. Penn and Teller follow two astrologers as they dole out advice.

Video Games

S7 E3
Jul 10, 2009
Season 7. The duo debunks the theory that video games incite teen violence.

The Apocalypse

S7 E4
Jul 17, 2009
Season 7. Penn and Teller probe the mysterious, doomsday "Mayan Prophecy."

Lie Detectors

S7 E5
Jul 24, 2009
Season 7. Penn and Teller examine the reliability of lie-detector results.

Organic Foods

S7 E6
Jul 31, 2009
Season 7. The magicians test the organic food industry's healthful claims.


S7 E7
Aug 7, 2009
Season 7. An attempt to visit Congress for a conversation about taxes.


S7 E8
Aug 14, 2009
Season 7. Penn and Teller dig up the rather unsettling truth about lawns.


S7 E9
Aug 21, 2009
Season 7. A skeptical look at stress and the modern goal of "curing" it.