Season 3

Episode Guide


S3 E1
Apr 26, 2005
Season 3 premiere. The magicians examine the pros and cons of circumcision.

Family Values

S3 E2
May 3, 2005
Season 3. Examining the hysteria over 'saving' the traditional family.

Conspiracy Theories

S3 E3
May 10, 2005
Season 3. A look at the thriving underground of wild conspiracy theories.

Life Coaching

S3 E4
May 17, 2005
Season 3. The magicians examine motivational and mental-health gurus.


S3 E5
May 31, 2005
Season 3. A hard look at college, a $400 billion industry fueled by fear.

Big Brother

S3 E6
Jun 14, 2005
Season 3. How America has been transformed into a surveillance society.

Gun Control

S3 E7
Jun 28, 2005
Season 3. The facts, the stats, and the truth about the gun control issue.

Signs From Heaven

S3 E8
Jul 26, 2005
Season 3. An analysis of divine mysticism; the creation of a bogus miracle.


S3 E9
Jun 21, 2005
Season 3. Exploring one of the most ego-challenging subjects of all: hair.

Endangered Species

S3 E10
Jul 19, 2005
Season 3. A hard look at the fight to save endangered species.

The Best

S3 E11
Aug 2, 2005
Season 3. Skewering modern man's rampant consumerism.

Ghost Busters

S3 E12
Jul 12, 2005
Season 3 finale. Debunking the paranormal world of ghosts and phantoms.