Season 4

Episode Guide


S4 E1
Apr 25, 2006
Season 4 premiere. The magicians examine mythological creatures.

The Boy Scouts

S4 E2
Apr 4, 2006
Season 4 premiere. Exposing the truth about intolerance and the Boy Scouts.


S4 E3
Apr 11, 2006
Season 4. Penn and Teller weigh the benefits of prostitution being legal.

The Death Penalty

S4 E4
Apr 18, 2006
Season 4. The magicians ask why our government supports the death penalty.


S4 E5
May 30, 2006
Season 4. Analyzing the use of statistics to manipulate public opinion.


S4 E6
Jun 6, 2006
Season 4. Penn and Teller set out to debunk the abstinence movement.

Pet Love

S4 E7
May 9, 2006
Season 4. The magicians expose the hilarious ways people pamper their pets.

Ground Zero

S4 E8
May 2, 2006
Season 4. Looking into the lack of progress in building a 9/11 memorial.


S4 E9
May 16, 2006
Season 4. The magicians probe reparations for relatives of racism victims.


S4 E10
May 23, 2006
Season 4 finale. Penn and Teller ask if we're ruder today than ever.