Season 2

Episode Guide


S2 E1
Apr 2, 2004
Season 2 premiere. An examination of the animal rights advocacy group.

Safety Hysteria

S2 E2
Apr 9, 2004
Season 2. The magicians examine absurd modern-day safety standards.

The Business Of Love

S2 E3
Apr 16, 2004
Season 2. The boys put love and its use in marketing under a microscope.

War On Drugs

S2 E4
Apr 23, 2004
Season 2. A skeptical look at America's controversial "war on drugs."


S2 E5
Apr 30, 2004
Season 2. Dissecting the practice of recycling; its environmental impact.


S2 E6
Aug 13, 2004
Season 2. Examining the ongoing cultural-political war on "dirty" words.

Yoga, Tantric Sex, Etc.

S2 E7
May 14, 2004
Season 2. The hosts take a barbed look at the New Age movement.

Fountain Of Youth

S2 E8
May 21, 2004
Season 2. Dissecting our quest for youth from Botox to plastic surgery.

Death, Inc.

S2 E9
Aug 6, 2004
Season 2. Penn and Teller take on the death / funeral industry.


S2 E10
Aug 20, 2004
Season 2. The hosts examine 12-step programs to see if they are effective.

Fact Or Fiction?

S2 E11
May 7, 2004
Season 2. Cracking open The Bible to skewer its most sacred claims.

Exercise vs. Genetics

S2 E12
Aug 27, 2004
Season 2. The magicians chart the role of genetics in body size and shape.


S2 E13
Sep 3, 2004
Season 2 finale. Exploring the outrageous claims of some hypno-therapists.