Season 5

Episode Guide

Duck Loses Her Quack/Feathers

S5 E1
Jan 2, 2007
Duck needs to teach the ducklings how to "quack" but she's lost her quack! So Little Bear, with the help of the ducklings, decides to help Duck find her quack.

The Sky Is Falling/Father's Day/Fisherman Bear's Big Catch

S5 E2
Jan 3, 2007
The sun is sleeping and the clouds are creeping. The wind is calling and the sky is falling! Little Bear has a new poem to describe a very windy day in the yard.

The Dandelion Wish/The Broken

S5 E3
Jan 4, 2007
Little Bear is chasing a dandelion fluff so he can catch it and make a wish. Duck soon sees it too, and she wants to make a wish. Cat soon wants to make a wish as well and they race to make a wish on it.

Magic Lemonade/Goodnight, Litt

S5 E4
Jan 5, 2007
Little Bear has made lemonade for a hot summer's day. When Duck discovers that it is sour, Little Bear explains it's because his lemonade has amazing powers!

First Frost/Hello Snow/Duck an

S5 E5
Jan 6, 2007
Father Bear tells Little Bear winter is on it's way and that Old Frost is coming to visit. Little Bear looks in the garden with Mother Bear for Frost, but only finds No Feet!

Mister Nobody/Who Do I Look Li

S5 E6
Jan 7, 2007
When things go missing at Little Bear's house, Little Bear suspects "Mister Nobody". But was it Mister nobody who took everything or was it Little Bear?

Pied Piper Little Bear/The Big

S5 E7
Jan 8, 2007
There are some uninvited guests at Grandfather Bear's house - lots of pesky mice! Grandfather Bear and Little Bear decide to re-enact a tale to get rid of the mice.

Lucky Little Bear/The Greatest

S5 E8
Jan 9, 2007
Little Bear is very lucky - he has found a four leaf clover! When he loses it, he's afraid he's lost his luck, so Little Bear, with Duck, chase the clover.

Wish Upon A Star/Sleepy Head M

S5 E9
Jan 10, 2007
Father Bear and Little Bear are far apart, but make a pact to say goodnight to the moon. When the moon doesn't appear, Mother Bear and Little Bear wish on a star instead.

Something Old, Something New/I

S5 E10
Jan 11, 2007
Little Bear and Emily play "Wedding Day" and decide to marry Lucy and Fisherman Bear. But first they must find Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue!

We're Lost/Little, Little Bear/Duck's Big Catch

S5 E11
Jan 12, 2007
Little Bear and Duck are very hot, so it's off to the North Pole to cool down! They come across some penguins, an igloo, and a playful polar bear, but are lost.

Little Bear Scares Everyone/Th

S5 E12
Jan 13, 2007
On a windy autumn day, Little Bear makes a mask of leaves and scares everyone he comes across. Duck, Owl, Hen and No Feet want to play the scary game too.

How To Love A Porcupine/How Li

S5 E13
Jan 14, 2007
Little Bear and Duck find a lonely porcupine who just wants to play./Little Bear tells Mother Bear a bedtime story./Little Bear helps Duck build a houseboat.

Little Bear and the North Pole

S5 E14
Jan 15, 2007
Curious about where snow comes from, Little Bear takes a compass and Duck on an adventure to the North Pole. Little Bear has seen all the signs that it's about to snow, and he can hardly wait.