Season 9

Episode Guide

Mama Cast

S9 E1
Dec 7, 2006
While buying some treats at the park from the ice cream man, Doug notices the "for sale" sign in his window.

Affair Trade

S9 E2
Dec 7, 2006
Fearing the wrath of Carrie, Doug tries to get a woman, who mistakenly thinks he's the same Doug Heffernan she just spent a romantic weekend with, to stop calling their house.

Moxie Moron

S9 E3
Dec 14, 2006
When O'Boyle checks himself into rehab and asks Doug and Deacon to fill in, Doug initially tells Deacon to take the job by himself and he'll continue to be a driver. But when he discovers that Carrie thinks he's content with driving a delivery truck for the rest of life, Doug asks Deacon to allow him to be supervisor so he can prove her wrong.

Major Disturbance

S9 E4
Dec 14, 2006
The Palmers' vacation plans are ruined when Doug frightens Major so much that he refuses to be babysat by the Heffernans. In the meantime, Arthur begins hiring out himself and friends from the senior center to ride with solo drivers so they can use car-pool lanes.

Ruff Goin'

S9 E5
Dec 21, 2006
Feeling hurt over not being invited to a block party, Doug adopts a dog just to prove to the neighbors that he's an okay guy--a decision he soon regrets. Meanwhile, Arthur falls prey to the gambling bug when trying to help Danny beat it.

Brace Yourself

S9 E6
Jan 4, 2007
When Deacon's son draws a picture of Arthur with crooked teeth, Arthur convinces Doug and Carrie to pay for new braces. However when Doug attempts to use a similar strategy on Carrie, his plan backfires. Meanwhile, when Spence is hired by Deacon and Kelly as a full-time maid and cook, Danny feels neglected and becomes jealous of how much time he's spending with his new family.

Home Cheapo

S9 E7
Apr 10, 2007
When Carrie learns that Deacon and Kelly bought a second home, she convinces Doug that they were able to afford it because they were so cheap.

Offensive Fowl

S9 E8
Apr 17, 2007
Carrie is supportive at first of Doug's cleaner approach to life, but quickly grows tired of him trying to force his new beliefs on her and having to eat meat in private.

Mild Bunch

S9 E9
Apr 24, 2007
Doug finds his high school reunion pretty boring until he reunites with his friend Jeff who's itching to relive some of their mischievous old ways.

Manhattan Project

S9 E10
May 1, 2007
When an apartment becomes available in Manhattan, Carrie finally sees her dream of living in the city coming true, but Doug has different plans and the two quickly realize they share a different out look on the future.

Single Spaced

S9 E11
May 8, 2007
When Doug and Carrie visit their priest for some marriage counseling, they run into friends who recently had a child, which causes both of them to think about adopting a baby.

China Syndrome Part 1

S9 E12
May 14, 2007
Doug and Carrie's marriage continues to be on the rocks when Doug discovers that she didn't get rid of her apartment in the city.

China Syndrome Part 2

S9 E13
May 15, 2007
Doug and Carrie's marriage continues to be on the rocks when Doug discovers that she didn't get rid of her apartment in the city.