Season 7

Episode Guide

Lost Vegas

S7 E1
Oct 28, 2004
Doug takes Carrie to a spa hoping to earn some credit so she'll let him go to Vegas with the boys.

Dungan Groupie

S7 E2
Nov 4, 2004
When Carrie becomes team leader in her new job, she's starts to put more time into her career by occasionally bringing work home and working on Saturday.

Furious Gorge

S7 E3
Nov 11, 2004
When Doug reluctantly goes to join an over eaters support group, he spots an abusive relationship group down the hall that serves donuts and potato chips and joins their meeting instead.

Entertainment Weakly

S7 E4
Nov 25, 2004
Doug's futile attempts to regain his comedic statue among his colleagues leave him no choice but to resort to trickery.

Name Dropper

S7 E5
Dec 2, 2004
Doug starts to panic when a colleague of Carrie's, whose name he should remember, starts to approach him to say hello while at Carrie's office party.

off-track Bedding

S7 E6
Dec 9, 2004
When Doug's parents, Janet and Joe, come to town so that Joe can attend his model train convention, Doug becomes uncomfortable with how much time Arthur is spending with Janet while his father is off playing with his prized toys.

Silent Mite

S7 E7
Dec 16, 2004
When Doug's wallet mysteriously disappears, he's convinced he and Carrie were tricked by a "little person" who picked Doug's pocket after hitting on Carrie.

Awed Couple

S7 E8
Jan 6, 2005
While Doug and Carrie are at dinner with Neal and Marcy, they are introduced to Marc and Renne, with whom they have an instant connection.

Cologne Ranger

S7 E9
Jan 13, 2005
Doug tries to convince his friends that Carrie can't tell him what to do, yet he's forced to hide from Carrie when he's wearing his new cologne that Carrie specifically told him not to wear.

Domestic Disturbance

S7 E10
Jan 20, 2005
When Carrie gets a raise, she hires Inez, a Spanish speaking housekeeper, with the extra money.

Pour Judgment

S7 E11
Jan 27, 2005
When Doug refuses to take the IPS evaluation exam, Carrie accuses him of lacking career ambition.

Gym Neighbors

S7 E12
Feb 10, 2005
When Carrie puts on a couple of extra pounds, Doug gently convinces her to accept Lou Ferrigno's offer to train both of them.

Gorilla Warfare

S7 E13
Feb 17, 2005
Carrie is shocked to discover that the line Doug won her over with was actually spoken by Erik Estrada to his dying monkey in an old, cheesy movie.

Hi, School

S7 E14
Feb 24, 2005
Doug can't get enough of his former football coach's praises and starts hanging around his old school.

Deconstructing Carrie

S7 E15
Mar 3, 2005
Doug's plan temporarily works until Carrie decides she and Doug need to start exercising more.

Black List

S7 E16
Mar 17, 2005
In an effort to prove to Deacon that he's best friend material, Doug tries to impress him with his knowledge of African-American history.

Wish Boned

S7 E17
Mar 31, 2005
What starts out as a great trip quickly turns into a nightmare as Doug and Arthur are forced to switch planes, which puts them in Pittsburgh instead of St. Louis.

Van, Go

S7 E18
Apr 7, 2005
Carrie tells Holly she'll help decorate her van if Holly will give her a ride to Lowes to buy supplies.

Ice Cubed

S7 E19
Apr 14, 2005
When a checkout girl is distracted making personal calls and accidentally doesn't charge Carrie for her digital music player, Carrie walks out the store with free merchandise.

Catching Hell

S7 E20
Apr 21, 2005
Following the mayonnaise incident, Carrie bans Doug and Deacon from the skybox and asks Spence to pretend to be her husband.

Slippery Slope

S7 E21
May 10, 2005
Doug's true intentions are revealed when he explains that in order to take advantage of the all expenses paid ski weekend, and receive the complimentary gift of a plasma TV, he and Carrie must attend a four-hour sales pitch for a timeshare.

Buy Curious

S7 E22
May 19, 2005
Doug reluctantly agrees to Carrie's idea to "flip" their deceased neighbor's house, but doesn't hesitate to blame her when the cost of the much needed home improvements start to add up.