Season 4

Episode Guide

Walk Man

S4 E1
Sep 25, 2001
Doug hires a dog walker to get Arthur out of the house.

Slight Gag

S4 E2
Oct 2, 2001
Doug's gift of Lasik eye surgery to Carrie results in her temporary blindness

Mean Streak

S4 E3
Oct 9, 2001
Doug is about to break the record at his company for the highest number of consecutive deliveries, while Carrie begins to question her decision not to play with Arthur in his annual senior center scrabble tournament.

Friender Bender

S4 E4
Oct 16, 2001
Doug has a little fender bender with Deacon and Kelly's car.

No Retreat

S4 E5
Oct 23, 2001
Doug goes with Carrie on her company retreat while Arthur is left to fend for himself at home.

Ticker Treat

S4 E6
Oct 30, 2001
Arthur gets tricked by Doug's spooky Halloween decorations and lands in the hospital.

Lyin' Hearted

S4 E7
Nov 6, 2001
When Doug accompanies Arthur to the hospital for his angioplasty surgery, Doug bumps into one of his regular delivery customers who is going in for his own medical check up and who decides to put Doug down as his emergency contact.

Life Sentence

S4 E8
Nov 13, 2001
Doug and Carrie set up a "Nanny-Cam" to keep an eye on Arthur.

Veiled Threat

S4 E9
Nov 20, 2001
In flashbacks, Doug and Carrie recall their wedding day.

Oxy Moron

S4 E10
Nov 27, 2001
After Doug has the wrong knee-jerk reaction after a rough airplane landing and he tries to save himself instead of Carrie, he must prove to her that he would take a bullet for her.

Depo Man

S4 E11
Dec 11, 2001
Carrie asks Doug to be an expert witness at her boss' trial, but then doubts her decision.

Ovary Action

S4 E12
Dec 18, 2001
Doug is having difficulty taking advantage of Carrie's fertile time -- with his parents staying at their house.

Food Fight

S4 E13
Jan 8, 2002
Carrie gets jealous when Spence's new girlfriend, Becky, recruits Doug to test her homework for the Culinary Institute.

Double Downer

S4 E14
Jan 15, 2002
Doug and Deacon's planned office excursion is doubly disappointing when no one shows up except their irritating boss, and Kelly leaves Deacon moments before they're supposed to leave.

Dougie Nights

S4 E15
Feb 5, 2002
When Doug agrees to accompany the recently separated Deacon for a night of clubbing, hoping it will snap Deacon out of his depression, Doug is the one who becomes addicted to the night life.

No Orleans

S4 E16
Feb 26, 2002
Doug and Carrie sneak off to New Orleans after promising Doug's cousins they wouldn't go without them.

Missing Links

S4 E17
Mar 5, 2002
When Carrie's firm has its annual outing at an exclusive country club, Carrie and Doug need to find a compatible couple to go as their guests.

Hero Worship

S4 E18
Mar 19, 2002
When Doug's uncle offers to financially back Doug's dream of owning a sandwich shop, Carrie becomes concerned.

Screwed Driver

S4 E19
Mar 26, 2002
When Carrie goes on a business trip, Doug winds up acting like a teenager again when his parents visit and take over the house.

Lush Life

S4 E20
Apr 9, 2002
Doug knows he's onto a good thing when he notices that Carrie lets him go off his diet and binge after she has drinks with a friend following work.

Bun Dummy

S4 E21
Apr 30, 2002
When Carrie starts wearing her hair in a bun, Doug tries to figure out how he's going to tell her that he hates her new look.

Patron's Aint

S4 E22
May 7, 2002
When Doug and Carrie's accountant make them feel guilty about their lack of charitable donations, they decide to give a large amount of money to an elementary school library.

Eddie Money

S4 E23
May 14, 2002
When Doug and Deacon win five thousand dollars in a gambling pool, Doug tries to keep his winnings a secret from Carrie, who didn't want him betting in the first place.

Two Thirty

S4 E24
May 21, 2002
When Doug has a bad toothache and winds up needing root canal, he finds out that Carrie used to have a crush on his dentist.

Shrink Wrap

S4 E25
May 21, 2002
Carrie and Doug decide to send Arthur to a psychiatrist in the hopes he'll stop driving them crazy.