Season 8

Episode Guide

Pole Lox

S8 E1
Sep 20, 2005
At Doug's encouragement, Carrie reluctantly agrees to start taking pole dancing lessons, but quickly starts to enjoy the classes and begins feeling better about herself.

Vocal Discord

S8 E2
Sep 27, 2005
In an effort to save money, Doug and Carrie ask their neighbor Glenn for counseling since he happens to be a marriage counselor.

Consummate Professional

S8 E3
Oct 4, 2005
When Doug's company throws him a 10th year anniversary party, Carrie realizes that the dates don't match up.

Like Hell

S8 E4
Oct 11, 2005
Doug becomes fixated on trying to figure out why he didn't receive an invitation to the new guy's BBQ.

Sandwiched Out

S8 E5
Oct 18, 2005
As Doug desperately tries to get some type of food named after him in response to "The Deacon," he attempts to sabotage Deacon's glory by claiming that he found a mysterious object in his "Deacon" while eating it.

Shear Torture

S8 E6
Oct 25, 2005
When Carrie bans Doug from going to his hair salon, her friend points out that she's just as guilty as Doug, since she flirts with her attractive personal trainer.

Inn Escapable

S8 E7
Nov 8, 2005
When Ed and Betty, the owners of the B&B, become too overbearing for Doug and Carrie, Carrie forces Doug to tell them they are going to stay at the new Hyatt across town.

Move Doubt

S8 E8
Nov 15, 2005
When the couple next door decides to sell their home, the Heffernan's try to persuade Deacon and Kelly to buy it.

G'Night, Stalker

S8 E9
Nov 22, 2005
When the emails applauding Doug's singing suddenly stop, Doug goes back to the karaoke club in an attempt to get his fans back.

Raygin Bulls

S8 E10
Nov 29, 2005
After a quick shopping spree for some snazzy new clothes, the boys decide to check out the new nightclub in town.

Baker's Doesn't

S8 E11
Dec 20, 2005
When Doug and Carrie run into Father McDaniel at the movies, they feel guilty that they haven't been to church in sometime and sign up to help out during the busy holiday season.

Fresh Brood

S8 E12
Jan 10, 2006
In order to help convince Carrie it's time for a child, Doug borrows the baby from Danny so they can give parenting a test run.

Gambling N'Diction

S8 E13
Jan 24, 2006
After convincing his mom they could make a fortune, Doug and his mom set off on a series of smaller poker games in order to come up with the $1,000 buy-in to play in the high stakes game.

Apartment Complex

S8 E14
Feb 7, 2006
Doug and his gang rent an apartment upstairs from their favorite restaurant, but when the excitement of having their own secret sanctuary wears off, the guys stop hanging out, leaving Doug all alone.

Buggie Nights

S8 E15
Feb 28, 2006
Doug convinces Carrie that he can get rid of their bug problem and doesn't need to hire the creepy and expensive exterminator, Pete (Elliott).

Knee Jerk

S8 E16
Mar 7, 2006
When Arthur discovers that Doug is fully recovered, he blackmails him in order to get things that Carrie won't let him have.

Present Tense

S8 E17
Mar 14, 2006
Doug and Carrie can't bear to hang the disproportioned painting, which shows Doug with tremendous teeth and Carrie with a hideously oversized arm, but Deacon stops by and hangs the picture for them.

Sold-y Locks

S8 E18
Mar 21, 2006
After convincing Carrie to sell her hair to a wigmaker so they can afford to join Deacon and Kelly on a cruise, Doug realizes he doesn't find Carrie's new shorter hairdo attractive.

Emotional Rollercoaster

S8 E19
Apr 11, 2006
Doug lies to Carrie and tells her that he regrets not accomplishing more in life and that he's going to sign up for the IPS management program.

Four Play

S8 E20
May 2, 2006
One night at the movie theatre, Doug and Carrie can't decide on which film they want to see.

Hartford Wailer

S8 E21
May 9, 2006
Carrie convinces her female co-workers to blow off work and take advantage of the hotel's spa.

Fight Schlub

S8 E22
May 16, 2006
When Doug befriends Joe, a driver from Priority Plus (one of IPS' competitors) his fellow IPS drivers lose all respect for him.

Acting Out

S8 E23
May 23, 2006
Arthur accidentally starts a fire while cooking bacon and Carrie and Doug decide it is time to move Arthur into a retirement home.