Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 22, 1998
THE KING OF QUEENS, a new comedy starring Kevin James, Leah Remini and Jerry Stiller, about a Queens, N.Y., parcel delivery man whose home is invaded by his in-laws.

Fat City

S1 E2
Sep 29, 1998
Doug is worried that Carrie has put on a few pounds since their marriage and may wind up resembling her mother.

Cello Goodbye

S1 E3
Oct 6, 1998
Doug fears that Carrie's new job is taking her away from him.

Richie's Song

S1 E4
Oct 13, 1998
When Doug finds out that Richie's wife is cheating on him, he is torn about whether or not to tell Richie the truth.

Paternal Affairs

S1 E5
Oct 20, 1998
When Doug's favorite aunt comes to visit, Arthur falls in love with her.

Head First

S1 E6
Oct 27, 1998
Doug realizes that befriending Arthur has some real benefits.

The Rock

S1 E7
Nov 3, 1998
It turns out that, unbeknownst to Doug, the engagement ring he bought for Carrie is worth a lot of money.

Educating Doug

S1 E8
Nov 10, 1998
Doug is way out of his league in an English literature adult education class that Carrie talks him into taking.

Road Rayge

S1 E9
Nov 17, 1998
Doug loses his driver's license when Newsday columnist Ray Barone, guest star Ray Romano in his Everybody Loves Raymond role, coerces him into cheating on the driver's test.

Supermarket Story

S1 E10
Nov 24, 1998
Doug, Carrie and Arthur encounter chaos at every turn when they try to do all their Thanksgiving shopping the day before the holiday.

Noel Cowards

S1 E11
Dec 15, 1998
Doug's kingdom comes under attack when his recently widowed father-in-law, Arthur, moves in rather than go to a retirement home.

Fixer Upper

S1 E12
Dec 22, 1998
Carrie thinks Spence is lonely and fixes him up with a girl from work.

Best Man

S1 E13
Jan 12, 1999
Doug discovers some of Carrie's secrets when they attend her friend's wedding.

Dog Days

S1 E14
Jan 19, 1999
The new neighbors' dog barks right under their bedroom window, keeping Doug and Carrie up all night.

Crappy Birthday

S1 E15
Feb 2, 1999
When Doug forgets Carrie's 30th birthday, he has to scramble to put together a romantic evening.

S'aint Valentine's

S1 E16
Feb 9, 1999
Arthur meets an intoxicating stranger at a singles dance.

Court Date

S1 E17
Feb 16, 1999
When Carrie gets a ticket for reckless driving, she tries to date the cop to get out of it.

White Collar

S1 E18
Feb 23, 1999
Doug's new promotion makes him miserable.

Rayny Day

S1 E19
Mar 2, 1999
Doug plays golf with his new best friend Newsday's Ray Barone, guest star Ray Romano of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Train Wreck

S1 E20
Mar 16, 1999
When Doug's new trainee turns out to be a beautiful young girl, Doug is sure that Carrie will be jealous, and when she's not, he's disappointed.

Hungry Man

S1 E21
Apr 6, 1999
Carrie is embarrassed when a hungry Doug shows up at an important social event.

Time Share

S1 E22
Apr 27, 1999
Carrie, desperate for a break, befriends the weird next door neighbors in order to get their time share in a vacation place in the Hamptons.

Where's Poppa

S1 E23
May 4, 1999
When Arthur gets to be too much to handle, Doug tries to pawn him off on his cousin.

Art House

S1 E24
May 11, 1999
Arthur moves out of Doug and Carriess house.

Maybe Baby

S1 E25
May 18, 1999
Doug and Carrie contemplate having a baby.