Season 2

Episode Guide

Queasy Rider

S2 E1
Sep 21, 1999
Doug gets a motorcycle against Carrie's wishes.

Female Problems

S2 E2
Sep 28, 1999
Doug gets jealous when Carrie and the new neighbor get to be close friends.

Assaulted Nuts

S2 E3
Oct 5, 1999
Doug's in pain, physically and mentally, when he has a very embarrassing accident at work.

Parent Trapped

S2 E4
Oct 12, 1999
Doug and Carrie struggle with becoming godparents.

Tube Stakes

S2 E5
Oct 19, 1999
Doug loses his best friend and companion when Carrie leaves the garage door open.

Doug Out

S2 E6
Oct 26, 1999
Doug and Carrie take Arthur to a Mets game and get arrested.

Get Away

S2 E7
Nov 2, 1999
Doug and Carrie go away for a romantic weekend, that isn't so romantic.

Dire Strayts

S2 E8
Nov 9, 1999
Doug and Carrie's dinner party for Ray and Debra Barone goes bad.

I, Candy

S2 E9
Nov 16, 1999
Doug starts to strut his stuff when he thinks a pretty waitress likes him.

Roamin' Holiday

S2 E10
Nov 23, 1999
Doug invites Spence to live with them during the Thanksgiving weekend in order to avoid annoying guests.

Sparing Carrie

S2 E11
Nov 30, 1999
Doug's bowling team must either win a match or fire Carrie.

Net Prophets

S2 E12
Dec 14, 1999
Doug is thrilled when he gets a Christmas bonus but the thrill quickly dissipates when his investment strategy goes awry.

Party Favor

S2 E13
Jan 11, 2000
When Doug's cousin Danny pops the question, Carrie convinces Doug to volunteer to be his best man.

Block Buster

S2 E14
Jan 18, 2000
Doug's memories of his glory days as a high school football player don't quite match his former teammates' recollections.

Frozen Pop

S2 E15
Jan 25, 2000
Doug feels that his privacy is being invaded when Arthur moves from his room in the basement to an upstairs bedroom.

Fair Game

S2 E16
Feb 8, 2000
Doug catches Carrie cheating while playing board games with friends.

Meet By-Product

S2 E17
Feb 15, 2000
Carrie and Doug recall how it was far from love at first sight when they first met.

The Shmenkmans

S2 E18
Feb 22, 2000
Doug and Carrie's search for new friends who have no kids catapults them to desperate measures.

Surprise Artie

S2 E19
Feb 29, 2000
Carrie plans a surprise party for her father's 75th birthday, but her plans go awry when Doug loses the guest of honor.

Wild Cards

S2 E20
Mar 7, 2000
Doug and Deacon make an impromptu stop in Atlantic City without telling their wives.

Big Dougie

S2 E21
Apr 18, 2000
Feeling the need to volunteer his time to a charity, Doug becomes a Big Brother and attempts a 10K run.

Soft Touch

S2 E22
May 2, 2000
Doug realizes that his neighbor, Tim, has suckered him into a pyramid scheme that requires him to sell water filters.

Restaurant Row

S2 E23
May 9, 2000
Carrie bans Doug from patronizing an Italian restaurant.

Flower Power

S2 E24
May 16, 2000
When a co-worker receives flowers, a jealous Carrie realizes that Doug is no longer the Don Juan he used to be.

Whine Country

S2 E25
May 23, 2000
A coin toss will decide whether Doug and Carrie vacation in Paris or hit the open road in a Roadbird Freedom Five Thousand R.V.