Season 4

Episode Guide

Lil Jon & Sarah Silverman

S4 E1
Jun 01, 2002
Lil Jon looks to hire a harpist for his tour, and Hadassah tries to recover her half-full juice from the mall.

Jimmy Kimmel & Steve-O

S4 E2
Jun 01, 2002
Steve-O wants to set a world record in skydiving, and Mark Thomas reports a computer virus.

Dane Cook & Chamillionaire

S4 E3
Jun 01, 2002
Chamillionaire is threatened with legal action by the lawyer of "Chabillionaire," and Maverick complains about the outcome of a fish fight.

Good Charlotte & Lil Jon

S4 E4
Jun 01, 2002
Dr. Premise looks for an assistant to help him with scientific experiments, and Hadassah tries to find something to do in Arlington.

Dave Chappelle & Seth Green

S4 E5
Jun 01, 2002
Francis orders some insulting customized trophies for his basketball team, and Elmer is upset at the sight of a bus driven by a woman.

Andy Milonakis & Ryan Dunn

S4 E6
Jun 01, 2002
Terrence calls a Catholic Church on behalf of Paris Hilton, and Wayne McClammy has a lengthy request for a tattoo parlor.

Adam Carolla & Dane Cook

S4 E7
Jun 01, 2002
Taylor from "The Real World" calls up a medieval theme restaurant, and Sav Macaulay hosts a game show over the phone.

Jimmy Kimmel & Nick Cannon

S4 E8
Jun 01, 2002
Nick Cannon tries to sell a car that someone might have been murdered in, and Birchum tries to enroll his conjoined daughters in a gymnastics class.