Season 2

Episode Guide

Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman

S2 E1
Mar 03, 2003
Elmer calls about anal beads, and Jimmy's son has problems with soap.

Wanda Sykes & Robert Schimmel

S2 E2
Mar 10, 2003
Spoonie Luv looks into karate, and Terrence rents a candy store for Rosie O'Donnell.

Snoop Dogg & Kevin Nealon

S2 E3
Mar 17, 2003
Snoop Dogg wants to be a senator, and Little Kevin asks a librarian for a definition.

Jeff Garlin & Gilbert Gottfried

S2 E4
Mar 24, 2003
George Zucco has a testicular problem, and Terrence plans a paintball outing.

Fred Armisen & Kevin Nealon

S2 E5
Mar 31, 2003
Hadassah complains about a perfume rash on her vagina, and Birchum reports an alien abduction.

Wanda Sykes & Bobcat Goldthwait

S2 E6
Apr 07, 2003
Gladys gets glued to a toilet seat, and Niles Standish wants to be a cowboy.

Tracy Morgan & Michael Ian Black

S2 E7
Apr 14, 2003
Birchum needs swimming lessons for his twins, and Elmer complains to a park ranger.

Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky

S2 E8
Apr 21, 2003
Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew talk hip hop, and Tony Deloge needs campaign advice.

Jimmy Kimmel & Liza Kushell

S2 E9
Apr 28, 2003
Elmer wants to book a gay cruise, and Danny speaks with a rabbi about Judaism.

Tracy Morgan & Fred Armisen

S2 E10
May 05, 2003
Chip thanks a building supplies store, and Spoonie Luv needs driving lessons.

Jeff Goldblum & Fred Armisen

S2 E11
Sep 15, 2003
Professor Fermstein fosters a relationship with a co-ed, and Special Ed goes out to the ballgame.

Kevin Nealon & Jordan Rubin

S2 E12
Sep 22, 2003
Gladys offers a conjugal visit, and Niles plans his wedding ceremony.

Seth MacFarlane & Gilbert Gottfried

S2 E14
Oct 06, 2003
Elmer gets trapped in a fold-up bed, and Arthur needs a singing telegram.

David Alan Grier & Super Dave Osborne

S2 E15
Oct 13, 2003
Birchum inquires about a sea burial, and Cammie has paranormal breast implants.

Robert Smigel & Dr. Drew Pinsky

S2 E16
Oct 20, 2003
Elmer finds gay porn on his computer, and Larson needs a house sitting job.

David Alan Grier & Jeff Garlin

S2 E17
Oct 27, 2003
Cammie wants an hourly car rental, and Danny prices an engagement ring.

Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla

S2 E18
Nov 03, 2003
Gladys warns a toy store about slime, and Birchum applies to be a mall Santa.

Bob Odenkirk & Fred Armisen

S2 E19
Nov 10, 2003
Bob Odenkirk tries to overcome his speech impediment, and Niles wants to hunt the most dangerous prey.

Patton Oswalt & Kathy Griffin

S2 E20
Nov 17, 2003
Elmer plans a reunion at a brothel, and Bobby scouts a retirement home for talent.

Eminem & Sarah Silverman

S2 E21
Feb 09, 2004
The Concierge asks a guest survey questions, and Katie needs help with a book report.

David Cross & Wanda Sykes

S2 E22
Feb 16, 2004
Gladys needs breastfeeding advice, and Cammie pitches her sex education course.

Jamie Kennedy & David Alan Grier

S2 E23
Feb 23, 2004
Stompie sings to an escort service, and Wally has a bug problem.

Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon

S2 E24
Mar 01, 2004
Gladys hits the jackpot at a broken ATM, and Theo wants to adopt a kitten.

Jim Gaffigan & Fred Armisen

S2 E25
Mar 08, 2004
Jim Gaffigan offers pest control services, and Landalious applies to be a sportscaster.

Eminem & Jeff Goldblum

S2 E26
Mar 15, 2004
Eminem wants a tattoo for his 10-year-old daughter, and Jeff plans a surprise birthday party.

Seth Green & Jamie Kennedy

S2 E27
Mar 22, 2004
Birchum hires mourners for his father's funeral, and Marcia needs daycare for her wolf-child.

Wanda Sykes & Dane Cook

S2 E28
Mar 29, 2004
Gladys develops her negatives, and Tobias hones his psychic skills.

Lisa Kushell & Sarah Silverman

S2 E29
Apr 05, 2004
Special Ed professes his love for spaghetti, and Cammie wants to perform magic tricks.

Jimmy Kimmel & Fred Armisen

S2 E30
Apr 12, 2004
Jimmy Kimmel's 9-year-old daughter Katie needs booze, and Bobby looks into weight loss.