Season 3

Episode Guide

Ludacris & Drew Carey

S3 E1
Jul 20, 2004
Ludacris proposes a new name for himself, and Robert apologizes to a hotel he's wronged.

Tracy Morgan & Tony Barbieri

S3 E2
Jul 27, 2004
Terrence casts for a Spike Lee reality show, and Niles needs help with his race experiment.

Andy Richter & Sarah Silverman

S3 E3
Aug 3, 2004
Birchum attempts to sell his war mementos, and Lloyd reserves a tee time.

Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla

S3 E4
Aug 10, 2004
The Truth needs a private investigator, and Birchum applies to be a bounty hunter.

Jimmy Kimmel & Kevin Nealon

S3 E5
Aug 17, 2004
Niles Standish recruits for his own NBA franchise, and Hadassah needs maternity clothes.

Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon

S3 E6
Aug 24, 2004
Special Ed makes a scientific discovery, and The Nemesis tracks down Lois Lane.

Bob Odenkirk & Adam Carolla

S3 E7
Aug 31, 2004
Terrence plans a prank for Johnny Knoxville, and Bobby finds a human head.

Ludacris & Kevin Nealon

S3 E8
Sep 7, 2004
Hadassah interviews an NFL quarterback for a teen magazine, and Ludacris needs some security.

Eminem & Tracy Morgan

S3 E9
Sep 14, 2004
Hadassah buys the wrong handbag, and Special Ed and his friend Special Eminem try to go bowling.

Jack and Sharon Osbourne

S3 E10
Sep 21, 2004
The Chief buys a broken dreamcatcher, and Jack Osbourne asks his mom for help.

Drew Carey & Jeff Goldblum

S3 E11
Jan 12, 2005
Cammie shops for a sturdy mattress, and Professor Fermstein pitches his lecture to a sorority.

Wanda Sykes & Sarah Silverman

S3 E12
Jan 19, 2005
Murray complains about a traumatic restaurant experience, and Hadassah needs cooking advice on a special night.

Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Kimmel

S3 E13
Jan 26, 2005
Special Ed wants to join Alcoholics Anonymous, and Spoonie Luv learns a little about peaches.

Jason Schwartzman & Hank Azaria

S3 E14
Feb 2, 2005
The Truth asks Jessica Simpson to play a charity tournament, and Crazy Yitzhak offers insane deals.

Adam Carolla & David Alan Grier

S3 E15
Feb 9, 2005
Cammie needs sexy video editing, and Terrence pitches a spokesperson gig to Michael Strahan.

Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Kimmel

S3 E16
Feb 16, 2005
Birchum has an insect problem, and Spoonie Luv promotes his homemade porn videos.

Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon

S3 E17
Feb 23, 2005
Lou interviews a potential house sitter, and Elmer loses his pacemaker at a bus station.

Bob Odenkirk & Tracy Morgan

S3 E18
Mar 2, 2005
Spoonie Luv consults a bail bondsman, and The Concierge needs help with a rodent.

Dane Cook & Brian Posehn

S3 E19
Mar 9, 2005
The Concierge charges a guest for incidentals, and Elmer wants someone to break in his mattress.