Season 9

Episode Guide

Love Is A Really, Really Perfectly Ok Thing

S9 E1
Sep 20, 1990
Robin unexpectedly returns after running out on Rebecca and the law.

Cheers Fouls Outs

S9 E2
Sep 27, 1990
Kevin McHale joins the Cheers gang in a basketball game against their rival bar.

Rebecca Redux

S9 E3
Oct 04, 1990
Sam tries to get Rebecca back at Cheers after she takes another job.

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

S9 E4
Oct 11, 1990
Rebecca's miffed when Robin's ex tells the press that she's his true love.

Ma Always Liked You Best

S9 E5
Oct 18, 1990
Ma Clavin moves in with Woody when Cliff turns her away.


S9 E6
Oct 25, 1990
Norm fights to save his favorite hangout from getting demolished.

Breaking In Is Hard To Do

S9 E7
Nov 01, 1990
Rebecca plans a surprise visit to her prison bound love, Robin.

Anniversary Show - Part 1

S9 E8
Nov 08, 1990
Diane returns to Cheers to celebrate the 200th episode.

Anniversary Show - Part 2

S9 E9
Nov 08, 1990
Diane returns to Cheers to celebrate the 200th episode.

Bad Neighbor Sam

S9 E10
Nov 15, 1990
Sam loses his cool when a restaurateur takes over the poolroom and restrooms.

Veggie - Boyd

S9 E11
Nov 22, 1990
Woody promotes a horrible vegetable drink on his first commercial appearance.

Norm And Cliff's Excellent Adventure

S9 E12
Dec 06, 1990
Cliff and Norm's practical joking put Sam and Frasier at odds with each other.

Woody Interrupts

S9 E13
Dec 13, 1990
Woody's gripped with fear of losing Kelly when she returns with a Frenchman.

Honor Thy Mother

S9 E14
Jan 03, 1991
Carla resists her mother's dying wish of renaming her son Benito Mussolini.

Achilles Hill

S9 E15
Jan 10, 1991
Sam gets revenge on restaurateur John Allen Hill by dating his daughter.

Days Of Wine And Neuroses

S9 E16
Jan 24, 1991
Rebecca reveals her true feelings about Sam when Robin proposes.

Wedding Bell Blues

S9 E17
Jan 31, 1991
Sam tries to stop Rebecca from marrying Robin after she confesses her feelings.

I'm Getting My Act Together And Sticking It In Your Face

S9 E18
Feb 07, 1991
Sam inadvertently leaves a message on Rebecca's machine that he loves her.

Sam Time Next Year

S9 E19
Feb 14, 1991
Sam injures his back while on his annual Valentine's Day date with his old flame.

Crash Of The Titans

S9 E20
Feb 21, 1991
Rebecca joins forces with John Hill to buy the bar from Sam.

It's A Wonderful Wife

S9 E21
Feb 28, 1991
Norm's wife takes a job at the restaurant above Cheers.

Cheers Has Chili

S9 E22
Mar 14, 1991
Woody increases traffic at Cheers by selling his famous chili.

Carla Loves Clavin

S9 E23
Mar 21, 1991
Cliff poses as a judge in the Miss Barmaid contest to win Carla's favor.

Pitch It Again, Sam

S9 E24
Mar 28, 1991
Sam plans to strike out an old baseball rival at a charity game.

Rat Girl

S9 E25
Apr 04, 1991
Lilith goes over the edge when her favorite lab rat dies.

Home Malone

S9 E26
Apr 25, 1991
Sam locks himself out of the house while babysitting for Lilith and Frasier's son.

Uncle Sam Wants You

S9 E27
May 02, 1991
Sam embarks on a search for a suitable mother to have his baby.