Season 5

Episode Guide

The Proposal

S5 E1
Sep 25, 1986
We finally found out who Sam's telephone proposal at the end of the last episode was to - Diane!

The Cape Cad

S5 E2
Oct 02, 1986
Diane follows Sam to Cape Cod in an effort to ruin his weekend with another woman.

Money Dearest

S5 E3
Oct 09, 1986
Cliff's ecstatic when his mother decides to marry a wealthy man until the groom decides to give it all away to charity.

Abnormal Psychology

S5 E4
Oct 16, 1986
Diane tries to help Lilith, the lady psychologist attracted to Frasier, to soften her appearance and surprise Frasier during their television debate.

House of Horrors With Formal Dining and Used Brick

S5 E5
Oct 30, 1986
Cliff finds a reasonably priced older home for Carla to buy that turns out to be haunted.

Tan N'Wash

S5 E6
Nov 06, 1986
The gang insists on getting in on Norm's new business investment then complains bitterly when it looks like a washout.

Young Dr. Weinstein

S5 E7
Nov 13, 1986
Stung by Diane's attitude, Sam tries to impress her by getting reservations at the most exclusive restaurant in Boston.

The Knights of the Scimitar

S5 E8
Nov 27, 1986
Diane tries to make Same jealous by flirting with one of her students.

Thanksgiving Orphans

S5 E9
Nov 27, 1986
The gang gathers at Carla's house for a Thanksgiving dinner of frozen turkey and overdone peas.

Everyone Imitates Art

S5 E10
Dec 04, 1986
Diane becomes obsessed with tracking down a poem she's sure Sam plagiarized and had published in a literary magazine that has repeatedly turned her work down.

The Book of Samuel

S5 E11
Dec 11, 1986
Woody delves into Sam's legendary black book to find a date to impress his former girl friend, who is coming to Cheers to introduce her fiance.

Dance, Diane, Dance

S5 E12
Dec 18, 1986
Frasier's effort to lighten a dance instructor's harsh criticism of Diane's efforts backfires when she decides to audition for the Boston Ballet.

Chambers V. Malone

S5 E13
Jan 08, 1987
Sam proposes to Diane again and ends up charged with assault and battery when she turns him down again.

Diamond Sam

S5 E14
Jan 15, 1987
Sam regrets trying to buy Diane an engagement ring that is a cheap imitation.


S5 E15
Jan 22, 1987
Nick vows to take Diane away from Sam when Sam defends Loretta's efforts to ditch Nick and start her own singing career.

Never Love a Goalie, Part 1

S5 E16
Jan 29, 1987
Carla falls for Eddie, a hockey goalie; meanwhile, Diane is foreman of a jury in an attempted murder trial.

Never Love a Goalie, Part 2

S5 E17
Feb 05, 1987
Eddie's career was red-hot until he started dating Carla. The defendant in Diane's murder case comes to the bar.

One Last Fling

S5 E18
Feb 12, 1987
Diane gives Sam 24 hours for a final fling before their wedding.

Dog Bites Cliff

S5 E19
Feb 19, 1987
Cliff is thinking lawsuit after a dog bites him while delivering the mail, until he meets the dog's beautiful and cooperative owner.

Dinner at Eight-ish

S5 E20
Feb 26, 1987
The regulars meet over dinner to discuss Frasier asking Lilith to move in.

Simon Says

S5 E21
Mar 05, 1987
Diane badgers a noted British marriage counselor into seeing her and Sam for a pre-nuptial session, then refuses to heed his advice.

The Godfather, Part 3

S5 E22
Mar 19, 1987
Sam flips out when his goddaughter vistas and agrees to move in with Woody.

Norm's First Hurrah

S5 E23
Mar 26, 1987
Norm elaborates on his new position with a top CPA firm and is caught in his little white lies when the gang decides to surprise him at work. Meanwhile Cliff finds a $20 note - and Woody has lost one.

Cheers: The Motion Picture

S5 E24
Apr 02, 1987
The gang tries to reassure a nervous Mr. and Mrs. Boyd back in Indiana that Woody is fine and has wonderful friends in Boston by making a home movie of an average day at Cheers.

A House is Not A Home

S5 E25
Apr 30, 1987
Diane is haunted by the memories of the couple who lived a long and happy life together in the home she and Sam have purchased.

I do, Adieu

S5 E26
May 07, 1987
Dr. Sumner Sloane returns to Cheers on Diane and Sam's wedding day to tell her that a publisher is interested in one of her class manuscripts if she can go to work immediately on rewrites.