Season 1

Episode Guide

Give Me A Ring Sometime

S1 E1
Sep 30, 1982
Bride-to-be Diane Chambers becomes the center of attention at a cozy bar called Cheers.

Sam's Women

S1 E2
Oct 07, 1982
Diane can't conceal her scorn for Sam's parade of beautiful, yet shallow dates, and puts him on the defensive about his taste in females.

The Tortelli Tort

S1 E3
Oct 14, 1982
The rude Ed Kellner alienates everyone in Cheers with his anti-Red Sox rhetoric. When he jibes Sam about his past drinking problem, it's more than Carla can bear.

Sam At Eleven

S1 E4
Oct 21, 1982
Cheers is abuzz with excitement when Sam's former teammates, turned TV sportscaster, Dave Richards comes to town to interview Sam for his "Whatever Happened To..." film.

Coach's Daughter

S1 E5
Oct 28, 1982
Ernie "Coach" Pantusso discourages his likable daughter, Lisa, from marrying her pompous and rude fiance.

Any Friend of Diane's

S1 E6
Nov 03, 1982
After a ruined romance with an intellectual, Diane's prim friend Rebecca confides she's looking for a fling with someone earthy. To Diane's dismay, she sets her sights on Sam.

Friends, Romans and Accountants

S1 E7
Nov 11, 1982
Norms asks Diane to fill in as his bosses' date for the firm's annual bash .

Truce or Consequences

S1 E8
Nov 18, 1982
Sam steps in as a mediator between the bickering Carla and Diane.

Coach Returns To Action

S1 E9
Nov 25, 1982
Coach feels he can't compete with Sam when they fall for the same woman.

Endless Slumper

S1 E10
Dec 02, 1982
Sam loans out his lucky cap to a baseball player who's in a slump.

One For the Book

S1 E11
Dec 09, 1982
Inebriated for the first time in his life, a timid young priest-to-be makes an amorous advance towards Diane and concludes he's not fit for the monastery. However, Sam finds a unique way to convince him otherwise.

The Spy Who Came In For A Cold One

S1 E12
Dec 16, 1982
An Englishman visits Cheers and tells tall tales of being a WWII spy.

Now Pitching, Sam Malone

S1 E13
Jan 06, 1983
A casting agent pursues Sam, offering more than just a business proposition.

Let Me Count The Ways

S1 E14
Jan 13, 1983
Sam shows his sensitive side when Diane's cat dies.

Father Knows Last

S1 E15
Jan 20, 1983
Carla surprises everyone when she announces who her baby's father is.

The Boys In The Bar

S1 E16
Jan 27, 1983
Sam's shocked when his ex-teammate comes out of the closet.

Diane's Perfect Date

S1 E17
Feb 10, 1983
Sam unknowingly hires an ex-murderer to escort Diane on a double date.

No Contest

S1 E18
Feb 17, 1983
Sam enters Diane in the annual Miss Boston Barmaid contest.

Pick A Con...Any Con

S1 E19
Feb 24, 1983
Sam tries to set up a sting to catch a crooked poker player.

Someone Single, Someone Blue

S1 E20
Mar 03, 1983
Diane proposes marriage to Sam in order to save her mom's inheritance.

Show Down - Part I

S1 E21
Mar 24, 1983
Sam's overshadowed by his charming older brother that visits Cheers.

Show Down - Part II

S1 E22
Mar 31, 1983
Sam's brother forces Diane to chose between him and Sam.